Twenty Ate Days Later


28 Days 

Yes, ‘ate’.

I saw it again last night on Film4, but instead of occupying my usual position in the lounge I was reclined in my bed with wines and grass like a fucking KING.

Anyway (I was naked, ladies) it hasn’t aged well and had some classic ‘British Movie’ cock-ups.

Firstly, the contemporary soundtrack. Sheer luck for the producers – Dave Brock of Hawkwind wouldn’t have two beans to rub together to sue for plagiarism, the budget of the production of said plagiarised tunes is clearly lacking, as is technical know how, the resulting din wouldn’t sound out of place performed by a sixteen year old in the first term of Brit School. Then suddenly a song by Granddaddy appears…! Mental.

Secondly the haircut of the just-missed-being-beautiful black lady… It wasn’t made in the 80’s was it? No. Yet she looked liked she’d just been turned down for Bananarama. Judging by the way it had been coiffured, spiked and gelled she’d no more survived a pandemic than I had, lolling in my bed and sucking back on a fat bifter.

Now we get to the leading man. Apart from his Vidal Sassoon transformation midway through the film, there was woeful lack of characterisation at the end when he goes on a mad killing spree, at about the same point at the plot descends into twaddle. Quite honestly, despite the makeovers, up until the point that Christopher Ecclestone appears (and despite outclassing all the acting talent in one fell swoop) the film was engaging, and in places genuinely gripping.

We are led to believe that he can take on a bunch of fully armed up soldiers (stripped to the waist I hasten to add, it’s fucking cold and raining, he’ll catch his death) who he despatches brutally without necessity. And lets be honest, the Ecclestone character made a fair point, putting aside the plot-driven ‘I promised them women’ referring to the gormless lascivious troops who seemed to increase and decrease in number at will, if there was only one woman left in the world it’s fair to assume that the whole future of the human race depends on her.



Of course I am, friends

So, nice idea, a good effort with sections of imposed belief-suspension (London Cab driving over a pile up?) and some thrilling shots of an abandoned London, it’s largely let down by the end, and I don’t find that acceptable.


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11 Responses to “Twenty Ate Days Later”

  1. swineshead Says:

    Definitely dated and yes the ending is shit, but when you criticise the music are you slagging Mogwai? I bloody hope not, they’re ace.

  2. piqued Says:

    In that case Dave Brock should sue Mogs way or whatever the fuck they’re called

  3. Rosszszsss Says:

    The man had a nice face though.

    Mogwai are shit, they are so shit they can’t even think of words for their songs and even if they did they would sing them like this “NURRRRR DURRRRNURRRRRR URRRRRRRR”

  4. swineshead Says:

    Ros, I think you’re horrid.

  5. keith annoyed Says:

    It’s not Mogwai, it’s Godspeed You Black Emperor.

    Ros, you are a feelystein.

  6. swineshead Says:

    Yeah – quite right Keith. I was wrong, and Godspeed are great too.

  7. Ros Says:

    I am not a feelystein, I am right. It say so on

  8. piqued Says:

    The Hawkwind song in question is ‘Golden Void’ by the way

  9. iszfr Says:

    Good site!!!

  10. Will Says:

    “A nice idea”? It was ripped straight from the miniseries Day of the Triffids (with rage-infected monkeys instead of man-eating plants from outer space of course).

  11. piqued Says:

    Day of the Triffids was a mini series?

    I though it was a fucking book by John Wyndham

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