Invisible Monkey Movie


Hollow Man
Watched Hollow Man this weekend pissed out m’mind and farting like a tramp. Thoroughly enjoyed the disappearing monkey but then it all got a bit rubbish when Kevin Bacon (who you may remember played a paedophile in Flatliners) vanished. That said, I did like it when he killed the dog and raped the bird with nice big knockers (though some anal penetration shots wouldn’t have gone amiss). The blonde couldn’t act to save ‘er fucking life, mind, and neither could the big lunk who’s dad gets shot in Westworld. Bacon dies in a lift-shaft after being burnt anyway, and killing a fat man.


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4 Responses to “Invisible Monkey Movie”

  1. swineshead Says:

    I fear your heavily tongue in cheek remark about the rape scene might increase traffic from google for all the wrong reasons…

  2. happybunnygirl Says:

    i thought kevin bacon was a paedophile in sleepers? flatliners he was haunted by nightmares for being horrible to a little girl.

    hollowman was shit though.

  3. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    I just assume Kevin Bacon’s a paedophile in everything

  4. ihave1000mice Says:

    Anyone see the Christian Slater sequel. Now that was pants.

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