Help! My Dog’s As Fat As Me!


Fat fucking dog

I arrived at the bottom of the BBC3 barrel by chance, only to find executives scrabbling around with a shit-scraper, trying to grind out a title that hadn’t been used before from the stinking dregs of their channel’s previous content. Freaky Eaters had been a new low. I was interested to see how low they could go. When I was browsing the schedules and saw the title ‘Help! My Dog’s As Fat As Me!’ I thought for a second that someone who writes the mini-reviews in the back of the TV Guide had suddenly been gripped by an overwhelming realisation about their own lives and that this was not, in fact, a dire new attempt at television-making and more a cry for help.

I was wrong. The show is one of the not-so-recent-any-more phenomonen of does-what-it-says-on-the-tin TV. Through tear-filled eyes I tried to switch the television off before my mind was blighted by the blindingly predictable events that were doubtless about to unfold. Through the opaque wash of saltwater I saw something about a weigh-in where the combined weight of owner and dog are measured against recent scale-based humiliations. I saw dogs being inspected for contours. I saw women crying and refusing to speak to the cameras. I saw a huge mound of furry blubber being fed a Big Mac. I saw a huge mound of furry blubber’s dog eating the same meal.I saw a morbidly obese labrador squeaking out a hideous fart, clearing the room of cast and crew. I began to smell the odour. Screaming in agony, I reached the television set and booted the off button just before the point where my brain was about to burst.

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3 Responses to “Help! My Dog’s As Fat As Me!”

  1. moochy Says:

    I didnt watch that programme and now I know why. How can people do that? It’s bad enough doing it to themselves.. and their kids.

  2. Clair Says:

    I half-watched this – I am such a saddo. My mate thought I was making it up, but sadly, it was all true. And all so predictable – fat bloke feeds fat dog lager, not that fat pub landlady feeds dog too much and is a snippy little cow; woman feeds baby-substitute dog too much. And presented by an overly-camp man with a dachsund. Only five more weeks. Even I won’t be watching.

  3. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    That’s one fat-assed dog.

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