Flight of the Conchords


Flight of the Conchords 

I like Flight of the Conchords. I first saw them at the Edinburgh Festival around 2002 (or maybe 2003) and laughed a lot out of my mush, so I was glad to see they’d made a splash in America and had, as a result, put together a series with HBO, a channel that usually come up with some pretty good programming. That very series is now on BBC4 and is, as hoped, very amusing. My problem’s not with Flight of the Conchords. My problem is with the BBC’s relentless advertising campaign for the series, which is about as subtle as a ram raid on a fluorescent klaxon and puts me off my dinner.

I’m glad the boys are being pushed and making lots of money, but when it comes at the expense of my sanity I feel I must do something about it. Exactly what I should do about it I’m not sure. Shout at the television perhaps, or write an ineffectual blog about my annoyance that will barely be read by anyone. Yes, that’ll do it.

I fire up BBCi to catch up with the news, read a bit of football gossip and maybe copy myself a nice Last of the Summer Wine wallpaper for my monitor and the first thing I see upon hitting their site (and it’s been like this on and off for weeks) is an advert for Flight of the Conchords – a programme which I watched last night, along with all the other fans of the show I’d assume. So the advert is pointless.

It doesn’t stop there though, obviously. There are some bloody awful inserts between shows where the Conchords themselves are forced in front of the camera without a script and made to ad lib about why you should see their show. The viewer is made to feel as uncomfortable as the performers as the desperate crap that comes out of their mouths is clearly the result of a contractual obligation. The bits of you that don’t squirm start to wince as they drop unfunny clangers, actually turning you off the idea of watching the bloody thing.

Just to curl your toes that little bit more, the announcer for BBC4, bless her, introduces it as ‘cult show Flight of the Conchords’. You can’t market it as a cult, can you? Not this soon – surely? It’s only been on for three weeks. Hardly enough time to form an obsessive fan base – in the UK anyway…

That’s not enough for the BBC. Oh Christ no! In this age of viral marketing and online teasers, BBCi want to further get in on the act, like a grandad showing off a new pound-shop walkie talkie when his grandkids have already got mobiles. I was made aware of this last night when, at the end of the show this continuity woman invites you, the viewer, to go online to the ‘Flight of the Conchords microsite’ to view clips from next week’s show. Y’what? ‘Clips’? Not the whole thing? What’s the point of watching clips of it? I want to watch the whole show. It’s only 25 minutes long to start with! If I’m looking forward to chicken kievs and chips for dinner, I don’t go eating the kievs at lunch time, do I? It’d ruin the point of dinner!

So, BBC, stop trying to ruin my dinner, or there’ll be hell to pay.

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10 Responses to “Flight of the Conchords”

  1. Swineshead Says:

    Depends on whether you’re from the North or are a child. If you’re trying to imply I’m posh then you are wrong, if I was I’d have called it ‘supper’.

    Get back to the point!

  2. Who Says:

    What’s all this fancy lunch business? Surely it’s dinner and tea, kievs or no kievs.

  3. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    The one that gets my goat is the ad for Flight of the Conchords they show immediately before Flight of the Conchords starts. Not even the guffaw value of the ‘Fanny Hill’ behind the scenes thing that usually follows this ad is enough to stop you shouting at the telly. Surely, if you’re already watching BBC 4 at 9:30 on a tuesday night, you know what’s coming up after Ripping Yarns? Especially seeing as they told you Flight of the Conchords was going to be on before Ripping Yards started as well? You didn’t get an ad for Flight of the Conchords on every ten minutes when it was on Radio 2. A liberty!

    And those fucking Charlie Brooker continuity interruption things are starting to grate.

  4. Who Says:

    Oh, I skip over the subject matter in these reviews for the little tedious everyday details and BM newsflashes – they’re the best bits. Not saying it isn’t a well thought out, well written piece and you’re totally wasting your time.

  5. Swineshead Says:

    Who – what a fascinating life you must lead

  6. Swineshead Says:

    The fact that FOTC is on at 9.30 on BBC4, Tuesdays is lodged so firmly into the front of my brain that I’ve forgotten how to walk.

  7. Dave Medlo Says:

    I’ve been wanting to watch this for a while, but mistakingly watched
    The Knights of Prosperity instead… which is a shame as now I associate Concordes with a terrible sitcom.

    I don’t pay that much attention, and I’m a little forgetful.

  8. Roszszssszzzzzzzzzz Says:

    I wouldn’t mind eating kievs for my midday meal AND my evening meal (I’ve lived up norf so long I can’t remember the proper names for meals). Does that mean I should watch it or not?


  9. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    Ideally, Bernard Matthews Chicken Kievs should be eaten with chips as a healthy main evening meal. For lunch, I suggest sausage sandwiches, bacon sandwiches, or fried egg sandwiches. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of trying to replicate the diet of Piqued – the only reason he hasn’t keeled over from eating that filth is because his stomach’s so full of drink it acts as an antiseptic chamber.

  10. Richard Says:

    I agree. I’m watching it anyway, so all this advertising is a complete waste of time and bandwidth.

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