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The Street

November 9, 2007

Not often you’ll see a good review on this horrible, bile-filled website, but if you saw The Street last night you’ll probably agree that it deserves a mention.

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Cracker in my time and The Lakes had that ‘orrible John Simm in it (who is probably lovely but who I can’t bear), so I’m not really au fait with Jimmy McGovern’s output, shamefully. On the strength of this I’ll have to revise that fact with a few DVD boxsets. This was bloody ace.

The Street last night featured David Thewlis, who was a revelation in Mike Leigh’s ‘Naked’ all those years ago, and who didn’t disappoint last night as a pair of identical twins. Without spoiling the plot in case you’ve recorded in on your old skool VHS or one of those infernal little Sky+ things, the story revolved around one twin inhabiting the life of his deceased brother after witnessing his death. The whole thing reeked of quality and as it was on the BBC, was uninterrupted by advertising. This meant a solid hour of quality entertainment on British terrestial television – probably a first for a good few years.

Sorry for the scant writing on WWM this week. There’s been so much unremarkable shite on, it’s actually broken a few records. Even Dragons’ Den’s become a boring, flabby titwank.