The Apprentice 2008 – Preview Part 2


Alan Sugar 

Ok – let’s have a look at the rest…

Katie Hopkins

What’s this? You’re not allowed a second pop at the Apprentice! This ain’t the X Factor Katie – so fuck off and take your Fido Dido look with you. You bloody cheat.

Jennifer Maguire

This is the one who got all confused in the trailer, mistakenly declaring herself to be the best salesperson in Europe. Jennifer can apparently sell pieces of paper for 50 quid and make a living out of it. I’ll wager those pieces of paper are hundred quid notes. You’re not going to make a living doing that Jennifer, but you’ll make plenty of friends – you moron.

Sara Dhada

‘Naturally glamorous’ Sara ‘da-da!’ Dhada is a trained lawyer with scary eyes. She wants to follow in her father’s footsteps (he was a millionaire by the time he was 25). But we also learn she had to ‘save the family company’ at some point – so presumably his millionaire status was flagging by the time his daughter was adult. Effectively, she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps by getting rich quick then fucking it up. Great.

Kevin Shaw

‘Never trust a Kevin’. That’s what my old ma used to say to me – and she turned out to be right. Just look at K-Fed, currently framing B-Speares for insanity and child abuse. Kevin Keegan? False Geordie messiah. So I don’t trust Kevin Shaw neither – what with his ‘come on, reckon yer ‘ard?’ expression and his lop-sided quiff. You’ll never win, Kevin. Never.

Simon Smith

When Simon visits the hairdressing salon, he asks the scissor-man to make his head resemble the teardrop his last employer shed when he realised what a pack of lies Simon had presented him with. Teardrop-headed Simon is 35 and falls for little old ladies.

Michael Sophocles

The first rule of manipulation? Never say ‘I will manipulate others if necessary’. FAIL.

Helene Speight

‘Single Helene is equally at home drinking wine with the girls and having a pint watching the rugby’. So she’s comfortable drinking with anyone then. That’s an attractive quality – alcoholism. Definitely one for the ‘hobbies and interests’ section of your CV Helene…

Alex Wotherspoon

Come off it, sunshine. At least brush your hair before a televised job interview. You’re not fooling anyone with your little-boy-lost routine. I know Ambrose won the last season by being an eight-year-old in the body of a twentysomething, but surely Sugar’s got wise to that by now? Having said that, Alex manages to be single while having a girlfriend. If he can market the secret to how that works, he’ll make a small bloody fortune.

And that’s your lot. Tune in tonight to watch them hash up a pointless task. Laugh at their idiocy. Avoid pondering the fact that you’d screw it up too. Go to bed. Talk about it at work the next day. Work until retirement. Die.

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6 Responses to “The Apprentice 2008 – Preview Part 2”

  1. piqued Says:

    Helene Speight is severely bog-eyed

    She should be gassed

  2. jasespace Says:

    Your ma were bang on about the Kevin thing.

    Kevin Shields – talent wasting, binge eating, nest haired unreliable slack fecker.
    Kevin Pietersen – turncoat Springbok traitorous skunk haired wazzock.

    The list is endless. Or is that the end of it? Still, 4 untrustworthy Kevins is more than enough to make this science fact.

    I’m excited about tonight. I might buy some popcorn.

  3. Swineshead Says:

    In fact, two Kevins would be enough to justify my old ma’s little saying. Four just proves it beyond a doubt.

    Kevin Spacey – turned his back on Hollywood and ruined British theatre.
    Kevin Bacon – played a paedophile twice, albeit in fictional worlds.
    Kevin Costner – is Kevin Costner.

  4. jasespace Says:

    Kevin the Gerbil – backstabbing bogeyed rodent fuckface who shopped Roland Rat to TV AM bosses over allegations of alcohol and drug abuse…

    That’s probably enough Kevins now, eh?

  5. denise1985 Says:

    why is this prog always full of stuck up snobs.

    mummy daddy mummy daddy mummy daddy… etc..

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