Reverend Death



Reverend Death looked like an uglier version of Tubbs from the League of Gentlemen. This added a deeply sinister edge to what was already a deeply sinister man. Maybe.

Jon Ronson was a lot more sympathetic to him than I. To me, he was a meddling power-crazed boob using his collar as an excuse to literally play God -but he managed to remain inoffensive and there was something, dare I say it, sad and genuine about him. That was until a shrink said that he was essentially fireworking jitler inside his pants whenever he bumped someone off. But I still felt sort of sorry for him. The show was a paradox hiding in a mystery when it came to casting a cast iron opinion on the ethics of his actions.

The show was way too long and relied too much on sensationalising aspects that weren’t all that sensational if you stripped down the subject to its bare bones. Sad folks wanting to die but requiring exoneration from their religion which forbids it. Quite straightforward on the one hand.

RD did some jail time midway through the doc as the US authorities incarcerated him for possible extradition for knacking some miserable Irish spanner in Cork or somewhere. In the end they decided he shouldn’t have to face charges but it did mean that RD had to employ a member of staff to carry on his mission whilst absent.

This was a massive oversight on his part. As I had some fundamental sympathies for what RD was trying to do, sort of, it seemed that others around him were out for themselves. RD didn’t receive monies for what he did, a cassock full of goz was his reward, but the fat looney he trained to cover him while he sang the jailhouse blues was a different matter. This cunt was fucking mental.

She insisted she had her face hidden, which was probably for the benefit of the viewing public if her temper and behemoth arse was anything to go by, but more probably because this fat shit was charging her charges to kill them. Morally reprehensible at best, at worst – first degree murder. Even Jon Ronson implored her to stop what she was doing but in typical arrogant war-on-terror parlance she justified her actions to the point where one began to question one’s own sense of reality.

Largely the programme didn’t work, but if I feel that I’m sick and tired of life I’d not mind RD coming over and blowing his beans as I draw my last breath, I tell you.


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48 Responses to “Reverend Death”

  1. Clarry Says:

    Good review Piqued.

    Initially, like you, I thought what’s the harm in it, they’ve had enough and he’s helping them find a way out. However, I didn’t think that RD was offering spiritual exoneration to those in their darkest hour. What he was doing was encouraging extremely vulnerable people into taking their own lives, something which appeared to give him great pleasure, and at no time did he ask them to consider the alternatives. Quite the contrary in fact, he painted the afterlife and the journey there as an event not to be missed.

    This man literally preys on the weak, collecting souls almost and keeping a tally. Take his ‘assistant’ (forgot her name), she had originally contacted him as a client. She was a hypochondriac of the highest order and her ‘illnesses’ had caused her to feel the necessity to end it all, yet I don’t think she ever had any intention of killing herself and she’s still here making a living out of it! Although I would not be at all surprised if some of his more impressionable punters have contacted him as a ‘cry for help’ and ended up getting more than they bargained for.

    The fake suicide-by-phone recording was the worst bit. Real or not, his attitude at the end, referring to her as a whiner, beggared belief – he was irritated at her for not going through with it. Not sad, not happy but IRRITATED!

    That was quite the most extraordinary programme I have ever seen.

  2. Swineshead Says:

    Piqued helps people kill themselves every time he describes last night’s dinner.

  3. Napoleon Says:

    I certainly lose the will to live after reading about sensational food and nights out with Frank. And where’s MyFWT’s (or however the fuck he abbreviates it) gone?

  4. Swineshead Says:

    I suppose there are some things even a blogger refuses to share.

  5. george Says:

    I’ve never heard of Rev. Death nor did I watch the show, but it was a good read

  6. Napoleon Says:

    Up to a point, I suppose. I reckon that’s that question answered anyway. This show sounds shit.

  7. Clarry Says:

    It was anything but shit.

    This man is a serial killer by proxy, pretending to be nice. The fact that he wasn’t receiving monies somehow made him worse than the mad woman who does it for cash.

  8. Napoleon Says:

    I spent the night watching a load of American Dads I’d saved up on the V+. Much more fun than a creepy vicar.

  9. Swineshead Says:

    I was a bit disgusted by the whole palaver, but couldn’ t figure out why they even needed his help… they were capable of stringing up a noose after all.

  10. george Says:

    Is American Dad any good NC? I’ve been meaning to watch that for ages. Like, better then Family Guy?

  11. Napoleon Says:

    George – I think it is, on both counts. I’m sure there’s plenty would disagree with me.

  12. Swineshead Says:

    I just ate a Feast (king of ice lollies) and it had a joke on the stick. I was delighted.

  13. Napoleon Says:

    I like Feasts. I’m not sure I’d call ’em the ‘king of ice lollies’, mind.

  14. Clarry Says:

    SH – That’s the whole point surely! If they were completely set to do it, then they would simply dispatch themselves without fuss. However, they appeared to come to the Rev for advice, maybe for some kind of solace and ended up being lectured about the positive aspects of topping themselves and being coerced into doing it. Maybe they weren’t really sure… and instead of talking them down he was pushing them off the edge.

    And how can you describe a method of killing yourself (gas and the bitter poison) as being the ‘safest’. Surely a contradiction in terms!

  15. Napoleon Says:

    The best way to kill yourself is to move to Bridgend and take up an unheathy interest in My Chemical Romance songs.

  16. Swineshead Says:

    I think Piqued pointed out that they needed a priest present to make them feel they weren’t abusing their faith. I missed that point as I was out of sorts while watching. I’ve got a hideous cold, y’see?

    This cold would floor a hippopotamous.

  17. Swineshead Says:

    Feasts ARE the kings.

  18. Clarry Says:

    But the woman he visited (Pam?) with the fatigue syndrome was a Buddhist wasn’t she and he was a Unitarian? And I don’t think that every one who contacts him are coming to him because of their faith, they are going to him as they are referred to him by the other organisations who won’t touch them with a barge pole because they aren’t terminally ill.

  19. Clarry Says:

    I had a crunchie ice cream the other day, they are pretty damn good.

  20. Napoleon Says:

    I don’t agree with you. Though I enjoy Feasts, I always used to like Lyon’s Maid Toffee Crumbles more. The toffee ice cream inside was stretchy – a phenomenon I haven’t encountered in any other ice lolly. Do they still make them? I usually end up with a Twister nowadays, but would love to get my dirty paws on a Toffee Crumble again (the TRUE king of ice lollies).

  21. Napoleon Says:

    Clarry – These new-fangled chocolate bar ice lollies have sucked all the imagination out of the ice lolly industry. That said, I quite like the Mars choc ices.

  22. Clarry Says:

    Plus the fact that he wears a dog collar (when according to the leading theologian on the prog they shouldn’t) makes me think he’s trying to create the illusion that it’s about faith when it’s actually about him getting his rocks off.

  23. Swineshead Says:

    We’re talking lollies, not choc ices – remember that.

    Twisters are for five year olds, NC. You need to grow up, you infant.

  24. Napoleon Says:

    Fuck you. I like the tangy green bit, you big-nosed nonce. Hmmm, that’s a nice tangy green bit is that. Anyway, you’re the one who was delighted with a joke on his stick, you big baby.

    And choc ices are just Feasts without the stick.

  25. Swineshead Says:

    The stick’s the most important part. You can’t call a cornish pastie a liftable pie. Even though that’s what it is.

    If it’s not on a stick, I’m sorry, but it’s not up for discussion.

    If I were a baby, by the way, I’d be the best baby in the land. You’d be a teething runt.

  26. Napoleon Says:

    Up yours. Who says the choc ice ain’t up for discussion, eh? Choc ice, choc ice, choc ice.

    *blows rasperry*

  27. george Says:

    I like Magnums, they’re like a choc ice on a stick.

  28. Napoleon Says:

    Magnums are overblown choc ices too.

  29. scones with jam and cream Says:

    You haven’t even begun to experience the pleasure an icecream on a stick can give until you’ve eaten an almond and caramel choc ice from Lidl. Feast? Pah!

  30. Napoleon Says:

    Doesn’t sound as good as a Lyon’s Maid Toffee Crumble – The Mohammed Ali of the ice lolly world.

  31. Joanne Says:

    I agree with NC on both the counts of American Dad > Family Guy and that Twisters are the fucking don of the iced confectionary world.

  32. george Says:

    I might have to download some American Dad tonight.

  33. Napoleon Says:

    It shows up on FX and BBC3 all the time, George.

  34. Swineshead Says:

    *tries to write Apprentice review through workload and illness*


  35. Clarry Says:

    Might be too depressed to read it following the result. He was robbed!

  36. Clarry Says:

    *Pities SH*

  37. Ros Says:

    SH: Feasts aren’t ice lollies, they are icecreams. They have no ice lolly component at all.

  38. Swineshead Says:

    The stick. THE STICK!

  39. Clarys Says:

    Surely ice lollies – as proper – are things that don’t include ice cream? You know, ones that are basically frozen orange juice and such.

    Feasts are amazing though. I used to eat the ice cream to leave the solid chocolate bit at the end. Nom nom nom.

  40. Ros Says:

    SH – Jesus was put on a stick, was he an ice lolly?

  41. piqued Says:

    What time is my train please

  42. Napoleon Says:

    17:15. You’d best hurry up.

  43. Gilbert Wham Says:

    Mivvi Strawberry Split is the king of ice lollies.

  44. John Says:

    I’ve only got one thing to point out:

    Perhaps Rev Death is a minister.

  45. lexoo Says:

    This man is my cousin. ‘RD’ as you call him, is George EXOO. These people want him to help them. This is his life’s work and if you don’t like it, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! He’s not asking YOU to approve of what he does. He doesn’t care. And I am proud to be related to him. I think if we were all brave enough to do the things that he does, the world would be a better place for all. You can knock what he does. He is a good, kind, gentle man so don’t for ONE second knock him as a person. You people have NO idea what you’re talking about… I hope some day that I find something to risk everything for as he has done. STOP BLOGGING AND GET BACK TO YOUR FREAKING LIVES!
    -L Exoo.

  46. Swineshead Says:

    Hello L. Exoo…

    Please bear in mind the following:

    a) everyone’s entitled to an opinion
    b) everyone’s entitled to express that opinion
    c) your cousin is a deluded fruit-loop who cums white wee every time he offs another old lady.

    Now fuck off.

  47. Napoleon Says:

    I’d just like to add that this L. Exoo sounds like a kiddie fiddler to me.

  48. piqued Says:

    ‘This man is my cousin’


    Fuck off

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