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For years I laboured under the misguided belief that the poor standing of women in todays society was the fault of men; that the glass ceilings of business, the abject sexism of language and the body fascism of the media were all the result of a patriarchal world which imposed impossible standards upon them at the request of men.

For a while it looked like things were improving, but somewhere along the way it went wrong. We reached a point where being allowed to get as shitfaced as men meant equality, and where masturbating with a wine bottle on Big Brother equalled personal freedom and we suddenly went on our way again, thinking that everything was alright, and pushing the sexes even further apart in the process.

Advertising is the main culprit here – a slow socialization of roles that has become an all out war on the female image, grinding them further and further down until their behavour is a commodity and their self esteem is purchasable.

The poor standing of women in society is no longer because of men, and it’s not because of women either – it’s because of money. It’s because self-loathing is more profitable than self-empowerment and because a happy woman does not make a handful of very powerful people very rich.

I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t the normal sardonic critique usually enjoyed on Watch With Mothers, this is the nigh on communist rantings of newboy Quincy Phd. Watch the advert for Olay Regenerist above, though, and tell me that there’s not something very sinister about the whole thing.

It’s just a little advert – one in a million of the same ilk, and in many ways as innocuous as them all, but within it lays the seeds of all that is wrong with the advertising industry. It defies all sense of decency, of moral purpose – it’s cold, callous and calculated to further deflate the self-respect of half of the population.

Turn over to More4 and there’s a repeat of How To Look Good Naked; a woman is sobbing, actually breaking down in front of a mirror – holding her slightly aged stomach and spluttering that this isn’t how she’s meant to look, how she’s meant to be “slim, and young, and beautiful…”

The connection isn’t hard to see. We live in a culture where an advert with two kissing men is pulled in its first week, but this shit goes on and on and on without a single complaint. It’s state sanctioned bullying, drip-feed demoralisation and the beginnings of Olay’s move into wholesale cosmetic surgery products.

The male targeted adverts of this ilk are easy to laugh at – Pierce Brosnan saving the environment, Ewan McGregor on his bike – but when Andi McDowell talks of erasing her life-story lines it’s almost conspiratory. Before, the voiceover would say “in your early thirties” – now it’s “in your late twenties.”

Mainly, though, it bothers me that Eve Cameron, beauty journalist, would hawk this shit. I know everyone has a price, but in my ideal world she’d have a flash of conscience and realise that all she’s really doing is perpetuating an impossible and unrealistic beauty myth and further ruining the societal advancement of her own gender.

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86 Responses to “Olay Regenerist”

  1. Napoleon Says:

    Dispatches did a show on this rubbish a few weeks back, and concluded cream doesn’t reverse age. Sadly, it came as no surprise to see there’s been no dramatic slump in sales of anti-ageing cream since it was shown. Women can be fucking idiots sometimes.

  2. Quincy Phd Says:

    It’s a sad reflection of our world when we have to do tests to see if a mass-marketed faux cream filled with copyrighted natural chemicals called something like ‘antiagesitide’ and ‘biffidayoungerskinides’ will actually work…

    “Hey you! Yes you! You’re looking fucking old, you ugly fucking slapper – I can’t believe you’re only 30 and you have a few small lines around your eyes that make you look like a 90 year old strung out crack whore… you’re a fucking disgrace and no man will ever find you attractive and all women slag you off behind your back. I’ve got this magic cream though, and it’s filled with magic, and it will take back everything I’d just said and make you acceptable in socities eyes again. It only costs £65 and a small smidgen of your dignity… interested, or would you rather die of premature skin aging?”

  3. george Says:

    Good article, nice debut! It’s reasons like this that I think Bill Hicks is the reincarnation of Christ, ‘If anybody in this room is in marketing, kill yourself’.

  4. Swineshead Says:

    Pentopeptides…pentobumtides more like!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Napoleon Says:

    It’s carpet-bagging of the highest order, I agree. But are the cosmetics companies really to blame? If women didn’t lap this nonsense up, they’d stop foisting it on ’em. Funnily, the largest market for this shit is your old burn your bra, I’m doing it for m’self, sisters together, 70s feminist set. Bit of a turn around there, eh? Seems even the most intelligent women fall apart when it comes to their looks.

  6. Napoleon Says:

    ‘If anybody in this room is in marketing, kill yourself’

    Except for the advertisers who campaigned for us to buy Bill Hicks videos, of course. I imagine they were alright, and not the Spawn of Satan.

  7. george Says:

    I know there’s a lot of people that take Bill’s word as gospel, but when I compared him to Christ I was trying to point out how funny I thought he was, Napoleon. On second thoughts, the Christ comparison was bound to give that impression, so it’s my fault. Don’t worry, I understand I was quoting from a comedy routine!

  8. Napoleon Says:

    I didn’t know Christ was noted for his sense of humour, George.

  9. Quincy Phd Says:

    “Funnily, the largest market for this shit is your old burn your bra, I’m doing it for m’self, sisters together, 70s feminist set.”

    I actually had a a paragraph in the first draft of this that blamed women for selling out their own genders and not only buying this shit when they know it’s not true, but for collaborating in the creating and marketing of it too… it seemed a tad patronsing, though, so I took it out.

    Bill Hicks was right, he was always right. The problem was that he died and became a poster child for the anti-commercialism crowd (myself included) and through no fault of his own became one of his own routines… soon he will be as student wall ubitiquious as Che Guevera and his purpose will be lost forever.

  10. george Says:

    What about when he says ‘A rich man can get in to Heaven like a camel can pass through the eye of a needle,’ Napoleon? Seriously, if I could explain my own (crap) metaphor, I was comparing him to Christ because, Bill’s humour could be seen as prophetic as a lot of the jokes he wrote about fifteen years ago would still have relevance and humour if you applied them to situations today (such as the marketing thing, Iraq War, etc). Jesus also made a few predictions, which if you were the sort of person that believes in that kind of thing, you would also admit was relevant today.

  11. Swineshead Says:

    Bill Hicks was an arse with a mullet. He was all bravado and only occasionally funny.

    Amazing how the early death-tribe are idolised beyond all reasonable limits.

  12. george Says:

    I’m not going to say he’s a person whose words you should live your life by, but as a comic I think he’s one of the best, if not the best. I should know, I’ve seen at least two other comedians.

  13. Swineshead Says:

    I’ve seen a few DVDs of Hicks and he is seriously overrated. I shan’t go on about it as I know some people worship him. All I’ll say is I find that baffling.

  14. Napoleon Says:

    Hicks wasn’t prophetic! That Iraq War stuff he did? That’s because he did the routine during the First Gulf War, not because he was predicting the second one. And it’s hardly a new thing to hate advertisers.

    Like Swineshead says, an arse with a mullet.

  15. george Says:

    It’s all a matter of taste, I guess, SH. I can’t understand the reason that Jim Davidson plays to theatre sized crowds.

  16. Swineshead Says:

    I can understand that, George – it’s because the British public are largely fuckwits. Surely we can agree on that.

    I can understand you liking Hicks as well – like you say, it’s just not to my taste.

  17. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    Hi Quincy Phd,

    Excellent first entry + splendid choice of name — I am a fan of the old Quincy ME programmes!

    Totally agree about the Olay Regenerist adverts — could somebody please shove a great big fattening baguette into the over made-up mouth of Nadine Bagott (sp — I have no idea) one of the many “beauty experts” used by Olay to give credibility to their products.

    I do use a moisturiser, but only a bog standard cheapy one that will do the job as well as any expensive branded product.

    I actually logged on this morning hoping to see a review of the Duncan Bannatyne programme last night on BBC2 in which Bannatyne tried (and failed) single handedly to solve the problem of tobacco manufacturers marketing cigarettes in third world countries, especially to children, to catch their next batch of addicts while young.

    However, what could anyone actually say about that programme other than “it was good” ….. much more interesting to deconstruct one of the most sickening female dis-empowering adverts currently on TV!


  18. Quincy Phd Says:

    I’m with George on this one… he may not be a role model and the effects of his material has certainly lessened with age, but he was one of the best comedians the world has ever seen and in an age when the biggest voice of comedic dissedence against Iraq war 2 was Rory Bremner we needed him more than ever…

    …and now George Carlin has gone away the world is truly an emptier place. People like Hicks and Carlin (and also, I’m told, Lenny Bruce although I never really thought he was that good) raised themselves up above being just the joke-blowers that their profession required and actually tackled important topics and questioned the way we looked at the world… yes, I know other people do that as well, but those two did it with such style, panache and justified anger that no-one has been able to follow in the years since.

    It’s very easy to dismiss them these days – “oh nice, he’s going for the ant-advertising dollar, that’s a very strong dollar these days” – as lesser mortals have copied and diminished their quality (hello Denis Leary, how are you?) but they are very important people who should not be written off as just arses with mullets.

  19. george Says:

    Why is Dennis Leary well famous in America while Bill Hicks isn’t? Because there’s No Cure for Cancer. Baddum tish.

  20. Napoleon Says:

    I agree, Quincy. He was an arse with a mullet.

    I missed that tobacco thing. Did you catch that Panorama where they found kids making clothes for Primark? Fuck me, what a surprise that was. Who’d have thought that a company that can sell a sequined dress for £5 was using child labour in India, eh? Ho ho!

  21. Quincy Phd Says:

    Hi Sharon

    Thanks very much….! Glad you liked it, and agreed that the advert is a shocking piece of anti-female propaganda. Stay in your place, goddamit! Didn’t catch the Duncan Bannatyne show as, alas, I’m a dirty smoker and I tend to stay away from programming that questions my point of view about personal vices – that’s why I didn’t watch the Mark Thomas Coca-Cola show either. I promise to stand and criticise all that is wrong with the world and with the media, just so long as it doesn’t actually get in the way of my comfort and happiness. Sound fair?

  22. Swineshead Says:

    Quincy – bravo! Totally agree. I always thought that Bill Hicks was an arse with a mullet.

  23. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    Yes I understand if you are a smoker you would not want to endorse or review anti-smoking programmes.

    I liked the programme (obviously) because like Duncan Bannatyne I have lost one parent to a smoking related disease.

    Bannatyne becomes more and more likeable to me every time I see him in a new show (unfortunately I understand the position of “Mrs Bannatyne” is already taken — gnatch!).

    I was impressed that he briefly mentioned his former nefarious life when he compared a hotel bed to the “hardest bed I’ve ever slept on since I was in prison” and the fact that he has put clauses into his kid’s trust funds (look, of course, they have bleeding trust funds — he is mega wealthy — wouldn’t you for your off spring if you had that kinda wonga?) which, if they break, they don’t get the wonga, one of which is if they EVER smoke they don’t get the dough.

    Now to a vehement ANTI smoker like myself (my mother — or “Fag Ash Lil” as she was known at home — was the best walking advert for NOT smoking even when she was alive) this sounded like a really clever way of ensuring his kids act responsibly and that their Trust Funds come with certain standards of behaviour — it won’t be just a “come and grab it when you’re 21” kind of freebie.

    Anyway Bannatyne worship over, I will return to the beauty advert thing on next post.

  24. Swineshead Says:

    NC has already touched on this but perhaps Bill Hicks’ most famous phrase – the whole marketing/advertising critique – is utter shit.

    It’s pompous crap – dismissive and ignorant. You work in a certain industry? You should be dead. How very radical. How fucking stupid. How the fuck did he sell his tours and CDs? And posthumously, I’m sure those very marketeers were in overdrive releasing his shit to ensure his estate got a slice.

    I hate that sort of pious comedy where the joker forgets you’re meant to be laughing rather than rubbing your liberal chin while pretty much being instructed on how to live your life.

    AND he was an arse with a mullet.

    I reckon you only like him cos you’re an American pathologist.

  25. Swineshead Says:

    ‘Fag Ash Lil’!
    Brilliant. I wish my ma had a nickname like that. Maybe she does and I don’t know about it.

  26. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    I keep trying to add another comment, returning to the beauty myth thing, but I think WWM doesn’t like it when I try and add a link to another site (huh!) — it was quite an interesting site as well.

  27. Quincy Phd Says:

    Swineshead… we’ve talked about this before and I really don’t want us to rehash the same debate, but I seem to recall you arguing venimently that there is a distinction to advertising – that local, or charity, or non-aggressive marketing is perfectly fine.

    The advertising that Hicks talks about is the marketing that tells women they’re ugly, that happiness can only be obtained with commercial products, that putting your name to something for money is acceptable and that uses sex sex sex to sell everything from carpet cleaners to dental hygene.

    Also, he’s not actually suggesting that advertisers kill themselves – he makes that statement and then assesses how they would respond to it, suggesting that they’d be more interested in commercially exploiting his words than noticing he wants them dead. It’s a comedy routine – not everything has to be taken literally or else he’d have been arrested by the Catch a Preator team for saying onstage that he wants to eat underage girls out like feedbags.

  28. Napoleon Says:

    Viz touched on a similar thing with Dave Gorman’s non-The Man trip across America. Surprise surprise that the book of his travels is published by a huge American corporation. Stick it to The Man, Dave.

  29. Quincy Phd Says:

    And, incidentally, I only have an interest in him personally and it has nothing to do with my pathologist career and the fact he is a corpse. Strictly professional me.

  30. Quincy Phd Says:

    Lest we forget, also, that Hicks was barely a success in America… while he certainly relied on corporations to some degree, mostly it was him and his friends putting out very limited releases on independent labels and publishing companies…
    Of course that was years ago, when that sort of thing was still possible – now he’s dead and has no control over anything.

    And you’re right about the Dave Gorman thing – it’s liberal self indulgant tourism and is no more counter-culture than Burger King.

  31. Clarys Says:

    I work in marketing. It’s not especially thrilling….

    I think it’s this Olay advert that states at the beginning, “Women who aren’t ready for surgical procedures,” or something along the lines. I remember finding that a tad more worrying than anything else. The idea that all of us birds (at some point) want our faces opened up, pulled tight and stapled.

    However, there is a fundamental problem here. For all of the wittering some people do, there is a key point; Women Want To Look Their Best. I know that the Olay Regenerist Serum may not work (and neither do I need it, I’m 25) but if I were older, I might be tempted. I am not saying the advert is ok, and neither am I disagreeing with a lot of the points that have been made. Women have always wanted to look good, and done a few stupid things to achieve their desired appearance. Lead on the face, anyone? The idea has been around since day dot, it’s just taken a slightly more worrying turn of late.

    I hope this comes across correctly, I sense I haven’t written it very well. Whoops!

  32. Swineshead Says:

    Fair point, Quincy – you old corpse slicing dog, you.

    Sharon… you can put any link you want up – it won’t get censored.

    Clarys – women like to look their best… so do a lot of men but they don’t get intimidated by the scary adverts.

  33. Quincy Phd Says:

    I think you came across very correctly, Clarys – and you’re quite right, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good. They key line in this advert is, as you say, “for women who are not yet ready for cosmetic surgery” which implies that having your face pumped full of chemicals is not only a perfectly normal thing, but inevitable.

    Looking good for yourself or for your partner is one thing, feeling obliged to look good because a multi-billion dollar corporation, who’s sole interest is selling you beauty products, have the power to bludgeon you with their message of imperfection = failure over and over again is another.

    If you wanted to look good why not try exercise, or healthy living, or a balanced diet or any other gazillion other things you can do naturally instead of forking out cash to smear a cream you already know won’t work on your face?

    Using Regenerist doesn’t make you any younger or any more beautiful, it makes you gullible and easy to lead – which is exactly what Olay want you to be. If you actually believed you were young looking, or had perfect skin then you wouldn’t buy the product and you’d be no use to them. They don’t sell you beauty, they sell you a low self image which needs correcting.

    Oh, and you work in marketing which means you should kill yourself. Or something like that.

  34. Quincy Phd Says:

    Wow, there was a lot of “you’s” in my last reply – I meant the collective you, not the personal you as, Clarys, I’m sure you’re beautiful and have no need for such products.

    And I don’t think Sharon means she’s being censored, Swineshead, I think she means the spam patrol won’t let her post links – it’s happened to me a few times. More than 2 links in a reply counts as spam, I think…

  35. Swineshead Says:

    More importantly – this blog is where all the hip cats get the latest tunes.



  36. goodbyetoallfat Says:

    SWINESHEAD: “Sharon… you can put any link you want up – it won’t get censored”

    No I can’t — I have tried 5 times — WordPress seems to think that me being a lowly blogspot blogger am spamming you if I attempt to include a link.

    It was only to another blog (not mine) which had an interesting angle on the beauty myth thing.

  37. Swineshead Says:

    Oh. Soz.

  38. Napoleon Says:

    Beauty myth? Does that mean beautiful people are mythological? I wish I’d known, as I’ve just seen a beautiful woman on the bus. I could have told her to go back to Fairyland.

  39. dave Says:

    This blog has turned the ascendancy dial up a bit this week, hasn’t it? What the hell’s going on?

    Pretending to be a horny goat-boy doesn’t equate to genius, by the way. That’s my take. I’ve been in student bars where they silently play his stan-up as some kind of montage – try and work that one out. Silent bloody stand-up!

  40. Swineshead Says:

    Sorry Dave – what are we doing wrong? Whatever it is, we’ll try to change it, just for you.

  41. Clarys Says:

    “If you wanted to look good why not try exercise, or healthy living, or a balanced diet or any other gazillion other things you can do naturally instead of forking out cash to smear a cream you already know won’t work on your face?”

    I heartily agree. But along with the looking good part, people seem obsessed about clinging on to their youth, women in particular. We are faced with countless shelebs, always looking their best, and some of them are *gasp* over 35 and look fabulous. So we feel we have to aswell. Of course it’s ridiculous, laughable in fact, for who couldn’t look good when they have their plastic surgeon ready and waiting? But we’re lead to believe we all need to look that good, all the time, and it’s just such a depressing and unrealistic goal.

  42. Napoleon Says:

    Who’s leading you to believe this? The army of graphic designers you know go to town on every single photo they print in those fucking awful dimwit magazines women are ill-serving themselves by reading? But you know they do this, so the only one leading you to believe this bullshit is yourself.

    Here’s an idea: Stop being so beguiled by celebrities.

  43. Clarys Says:

    Do you mean me in general, or the collective?

  44. dave Says:

    I wouldn’t want to be any trouble. I was trying to say this blog’s become bloody awesome over the last two posts anyway, you defensive arse.

  45. Napoleon Says:

    I don’t know if you’re guilty of being bewitched by the idiot celebrity culture or not, Clarys. I was speaking in general terms.

  46. Napoleon Says:

    Awesome, eh? High praise indeed from our racist friend in the north.

  47. Clarys Says:

    “I don’t know if you’re guilty of being bewitched by the idiot celebrity culture or not, Clarys. I was speaking in general terms.”

    I just wanted to check before responding! I do indeed read lots of trashy magazines and lots of juicy gossip sites, but I’m quite alright being moi. I’m not whippet thin or airbrushed to perfection, but that’s quite normal. I do find celeb stuff worryingly fascinating though, I’ll admit to that. It’s my heroin.

  48. dave Says:

    I discount your drivel on here, naturally. You unfunny, burnt out fool. Hurrah!

  49. Napoleon Says:

    Cheers, Dave! Of course, I may well be a burnt-out, unfunny fool, but at least I ain’t a pasty, stunted, pug-ugly dwarf with an inferiority complex. At least I don’t waste my time writing a blog for the sole purpose of entertaining John Q. Wagonwheel. And thank Christ I’m not the sort of character to get himself a reputation as a dyed-in-the-wool racist shitbag, meaning everything I try to say on other people’s sites is dismissed out-of-hand as racism, you racist.

    At least I ain’t them things, eh Dave? Dave?

  50. george Says:

    “Here’s an idea: Stop being so beguiled by celebrities”.

    Brialliant! That reminds me of my fool proof plan to end world hunger. Below is the memo I copied to various world leaders:

    ‘Here’s an idea: end World Hunger.’

    I’m eagerly awaiting my Peace Prize.

  51. Swineshead Says:

    Sorry Dave.

    *checks last two posts for unintentional racism*

  52. dave Says:

    NC- True. Arse.

  53. Swineshead Says:

    Here’s an idea: stop knife crime.

    That was the Boris manifesto that bewilderingly got him into power.

    And where’s my Routemaster, you big, fat, blonde twat? Time’s ticking.

  54. Napoleon Says:

    Except ending World Hunger isn’t an easy thing to do, George. Stopping being beguiled by celebrities, on the other hand, is an relatively simple matter of not watching celebrity faff on TV, stopping buying a couple of magazines, and ceasing to be interested in them. That takes a couple of minutes – ending World Hunger a slightly taller order.

  55. Napoleon Says:

    Stop knife crime? That got him in? So what was Ken’s idea? Switchblades for under-fives? Free guns?

  56. george Says:

    True, Napoleon, but surely it’s not that simple? I mean adverts due convey a sense of meaning that’s not recognised consciously? You
    strike me as an intelligent person, you probably understand Barthes’ Mythologies argument better then I, so I won’t patronise you by explaining it to you.

  57. george Says:

    Again, sorry for my crimes against English. I might re sit secondary school.

  58. Napoleon Says:

    What psychobabble is this, George? Of course it’s that simple! You either carry on being completely beholden to celebrities, or you don’t. What’s so fucking hard? Here’s a scenario for you:

    Worried that you don’t look as fabulous as celebrities A, B & C as you look at images of them in a gaudy tittle-tattle magazine?

    Well, stop fucking worrying about it and stop looking at the celebrities.

    Can I make that any simpler for you?

  59. george Says:

    Alright then Napoleon, I’ve put down the magazine. Now, I’m getting on with my day outside the world of celebrities. Except I’m not, as I’ve just walked past a bus with an advert showing that smug shockwaves cunt who’s apparently got himself a girlfriend because his chin is well smooth. I know that bullshit, so I ignore it and turn on television. Ah, it’s those smug twats at Holyoaks winging about how they can’t stand their supermodel girldfriends. So I’ve turned the channel, flicking through I acknowledge that there’s maybe about four adverts for beer showing guys that look better then me dicking about and having fun drinking, but I know drinking is harmful so I turn off the tele and fuck about on the internet for a bit. What do I see? Some other smug bastard who’s up to his neck in pussy because he’s got a nice car. No problem, I’ll have a bowl of cereal. But the cereal has that ex cricket person on the back showing me how lovely his life is now he’s healthy and shitting bran.

    Want to solve this fixation with celebrities? Easy, just ignore the magazine, the internet adverts, the television adverts, the billboards, the television programmes, newspapers, shops selling aspirational items (IE all of them) the gym, the cinema, the pub, the nightclub, most of your friends, renounce all of your former hobbies and spend your time with your fingers in your ears in a box.

  60. dave Says:

    George – Poke your eyes out with a stick.

  61. george Says:

    Cheers Dave!

    Should I use a normal stick or the authentic hand crafted organic stick 5000?

  62. Swineshead Says:

    No, George. Just get rid of that inferiority complex that tells you you’re not as good as that thick as two short planks twat from Hollyoaks. Those people in the adverts are arses!

  63. Swineshead Says:

    Good idea Dave – George – I find the 5.5″ coffee stirrers we have at work (classic round end finish) tend to do the job of eye stabbing quite well.

  64. Napoleon Says:

    Or for an alternative reality, try my world:

    Go for a walk, see an advertisement featuring a man and a woman. Ignore it, as you have no interest in owning whatever the product is the random man and woman are trying to sell you. Go home, turn on the TV, watch the news instead of badly-written tripe like Hollyoaks. Hear a report on the continuing situation in Zimbabwe, and thank your lucky stars you don’t live in a violent nightmare land full of machete-wielding maniacs. Switch over and watch four adverts featuring men with muscles. Ignore the muscles as you, too, have muscles like most men would if they bothered to exercise regularly. Turn on the internet, see a man up to his guts in pussy, realise that car’s not his, that pussy isn’t his, indeed, the clothes he’s wearing aren’t his either. Be totally unaffected by the fake pussy/car/muscles/clothes man. Eat some cereals, notice Ian Botham is on the pack, be completely indifferent to the fact he’s married and healthy – lots of people are, after all.

    So, want to solve your fixation with celebrities? Grow up, stop being jealous of muscles, muscles getting pussy, and flash cars, stop being jealous of the fact somebody bothered to talk to a member of the opposite sex long enough to form a relationship with them, ignore adverts for stuff you don’t need advertised by people who are just other human beings like you, not gods, do some fucking exercise, read a book for once, and get some friends who want to talk about something other than what shit they saw on E4 last night.

    OK, George?

  65. george Says:

    *takes notes*

    Can we solve world hunger now?

  66. Swineshead Says:

    ‘get some friends who want to talk about something other than what shit they saw on E4 last night.’

    ‘ang on… he’s hanging around the wrong blog if he’s to stop doing that.

  67. dave Says:

    What though, Perry, if you’re a young kid or a teenager? What if they sit up in their rooms listening to Alishia Keys and Christina Aguilera, sobbing about the fact they don’t look like Charlize Theron, or that Longoria bird?

    George is a pitiful mess of a man, but can’t we please think of the children?

  68. dave Says:

    I wasn’t talking about me. Honest.

  69. george Says:

    Yeah, I am pretty pitiful.

    *applies lipstick*

    do you wanna fuck me?

    I wanna fuck me.

    *Goodbye horses starts playing*

  70. Swineshead Says:

    Perry’s right, but he ignores the fact that advertising by it’s very nature demands our attention. It does take an iron will to ignore it but once you’ve developed the ability it gets stronger. And we’ve all developed the ability, to an extent. Talk to any pensioner and they’re probably completely oblivious to what Olay Regenerist even is… in fact, I’m not sure I have a clue what it’s meant to be. Some sort of wrinkle cream?

    Pentopeptides clearly don’t actually exist.

  71. extremelisteningmode Says:

    Those adverts do make me glad I’m drinking myself to death and that caring about your skin, as a neccessary by-product of that course of action, goes right out the window.

  72. Joanne Says:

    Agreed. I just took an informal poll and nobody in this room has ever seen a pentopeptide.

    http://thebeautybrains.com/ they’re pretty good for investigating the science behind beauty products and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

  73. Napoleon Says:

    Joanne – Could you ask the folks in that room if they’ve seen a Bifidus Digestivum?

  74. Joanne Says:

    Haha sorry, I’m in a different room now so it would not be a fair test. Also, I’m the only person in this room. For what it’s worth, no, I have never seen a bifidus digestivum.

  75. george Says:

    I have.


  76. Swineshead Says:

    Could someone plug us over on that website (I’m looking at you Joanne)…
    Go on – give them a link to this post, they’ll like it. They’ll want to touch it.

  77. Mikey Says:

    Great new blog for those interested in football.


    Any chance of a review of last nights program, “Personal Services”?

  78. Swineshead Says:

    I didn’t see it… too busy catching up on that Criminal Justice thing on BBC1… great acting, dodgy plot.

  79. Swineshead Says:

    And, for another thing Mikey, where in blazes have you been? We’ve been worried sick.

  80. Mikey Says:

    Ha ha!

    Am planning England’s World Cup victory for 2010!

  81. Mikey Says:

    Personal services was one of those hideously dreadful programs that just had to be watched. It’s on the Ch4 website for viewing and also believe is repeated on Sunday.

  82. Swineshead Says:

    What was it about?

  83. Mikey Says:

    A couple of would be business people hiring a PA. People making idiots of themselves, zeitgeisty.

  84. Swineshead Says:

    Christ – sounds awful. I should watch it.

  85. Mikey Says:


  86. Joanne Says:

    Plug? I don’t know them. I just admire their science-y brains.

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