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The Friday Question: Resurrection candidates

July 4, 2008

Keggy Keegan

With the news that Five are encouraging nostlagia-tinged programming with the return of Superstars, Napoleon and I got to thinking about what other rubbish shows from yesteryear should be exhumed and paraded in a second hand manner in order to shatter our rose tinted spectacles and wistful reminisces.

Should 3-2-1 be reanimated? Perhaps with Vernon Kaye presenting and fetishising a badly made Dusty Bin-prop.

Maybe you’d like to see Crackerjack back on the box, with Miquita Oliver encouraging small children to scream the name of the show without pause for half an hour.

Blankety Blank is surely worthy of a reprise. They could get Jimmy Carr to do that – imagine the fun as he makes a joke about gypsies (again) as the collected panel of idiots all titters along.

So – what shows from days-gone-by do you reckon would be worth remaking?

Over to you…