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The Friday Question: Sport on TV

August 7, 2008

You may have seen the hideous billboards carrying grossly magnified images of Wayne Rooney’s head, proclaiming that the season starts here. You may see the sports pages suddenly expanding in size to cover even more pointless speculation regarding whether some Villa player or other player – who probably earns more in a year than some of us will in our lifetime – might move to the north of England. And you might hate it.

On the other hand you might be shuddering with excitement at the prospect of football on TV again after a pretty barren Summer, what with the Englandless Euro 2008.

Did you love Wimbledon? Do you hate the screaming boy racers in F1? Can you spend hours, using up valuable holiday pay, watching men in white jumpers hitting a gigantic testicle with a stick?

Do you like Sport on the TV?