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NewsGush: Strictly Come Dribbling

September 22, 2008

Here’s some news for you from the BBC Website

Former EastEnders star Phil Daniels has become the first celebrity to leave BBC One hit Strictly Come Dancing.

Daniels and partner Flavia Cacace were voted off the dance show after performing a waltz.

The judges gave them just 20 points and the viewers’ votes failed to save them from landing a place in the bottom two, then the dance-off.

It’s sad when your heroes seem to droop into the light entertainment or reality TV hinterland. I’ve never seen Strictly Come Dancing as the original Come Dancing used to be the show I most deliberately avoided as a child. Sexless, orange women in sheer dresses that only reveal thick tights and androgynous, tangerine men with rictus grins dancing to music your Nan likes. The stuff of nightmares.

So let’s commend Mr Daniels for getting out early (presumably with his full fee) and let’s curse the Eastenders bosses for killing him off too early. And let’s think of Daniels the way he should be thought of… as Jimmy from Quadrophenia.