Just A Thought – EastEnders


Have you noticed anything familiar about the storyline that’s unfolding in the Jackson household at the moment? No? Then let me enlighten you …

1999 – Carol Jackson returns to the square with a new man in tow called Dan. Carol has had several children, all by different fathers. Carol is blissfully happy until she discovers Dan has been fucking about with her daughter behind her back. The shit hits the fan.

2008 – Bianca Jackson, daughter of Carol, returns to the square with a new man in tow called Tony. Bianca has had several children, all by different fathers. Bianca is blissfully happy until she discovers Tony has been fucking about with her step-daughter behind her back. The shit (presumably) hits the fan.

A coincidence? A lesson to us all that the child is destined to repeat the mistakes of the parent?

Or just the lazy sods that write EastEnders recycling exactly the same fucking storyline a decade later and hoping nobody will notice?

You decide.

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55 Responses to “Just A Thought – EastEnders”

  1. Badger Madge Says:

    yup it’s lazy innit. altho bianca was older than whitters, so, i’m sure the ‘writers’ would argue that way difference (and controversy) lie… whatever.

  2. The Tombstone Says:

    I never noticed but yeah they are exactly the same. Maybe they’re just trying to show that she’s turned out just like her mother. In the laziest way possible.

  3. extremelisteningmode Says:

    Must mean we are due the ‘pornography shouldn’t be sold in shops as it is degrading to women’ storyline too.

  4. Goerge Says:

    Was it was as controversial the first time?

  5. The Tombstone Says:

    No because Bianca was legal.

  6. Napoleon Says:

    It’s not particularly controversial this time, to be honest. It’s difficult to see this new fella Tony as a paedophile because:

    1. Everyone and his dog keeps calling him one when he isn’t. Paedophiles pray on prepubescents, not teenage girls.
    2. The girl he’s seducing is clearly 18, so it’s hard to see him as much of a monster.

    If they’d wanted to be controversial, they’d have had him go for Bianca’s younger daughter. Now that would have been brave.

  7. The Tombstone Says:

    Yeah but he said he fancied her when she was 12. And he only went out with Bianca so he could one day fuck her, I think so anyway I haven’t actually watched a full episode of the saga.

  8. The Tombstone Says:

    Plus got to remember it’s a pre-watershed soap so they can’t go too mad.

  9. Napoleon Says:

    He may well have done, Tombstone. It doesn’t change the fact it’s very hard to believe this storyline when the girl looks like she could be in university. My other half watches that Smallville garbage, and it’s the same deal – I’m supposed to believe these chisel-jawed ubermenschen and their pneumatically enhance supermodel girlfriends are kids at school, am I? They all look like they should be holding down office jobs and keeping up with mortgage repayments.

  10. Napoleon Says:

    Then make it post-watershed or don’t do it at all. It makes a mockery of whatever issue this is supposed to be. Stick to Calum eyeing up Stacey’s tits in future, that’s my advice.

  11. The Tombstone Says:

    There lies the whole problem with soaps, they can’t be as dramatic as they’d like to be because of the watershed but today’s drama hungry public want sex, proper fights and swearing.

    The only thing you could do is put on a seperate show after hours like Hollyoakes did.

  12. Napoleon Says:

    You could, but I don’t think I’d particularly want to tune in late night to watch an unpleasant paedophile story. I just wish they hadn’t bothered. It’s even more unenjoyable than Gus being tortured.

  13. Who Says:

    Calum? Have they let him off the love island to do the shagging again?

  14. The Tombstone Says:

    I’m in agreement that paedophilia and Eastenders are two things that didn’t need to cross paths, ever. I do have a soft spot for Sean Slater though so didn’t mind him torturing Gus.

  15. Napoleon Says:

    I’d give his Auntie Mo a seeing to she’d not likely forget in a hurry.

  16. Goerge Says:

    The funny thing is they can make a ham-fisted attempt at ‘exploring important issues’ at peak time when children are watching, meaning it’s quite ok to bury a husband, torture a person or imply child abuse, but if you show a mayonnaise advert before the watershed that shows two men kissing suddenly it must be banned because it will corrupt the innocence of youth.

  17. Swineshead Says:

    Mo Slater, NC? As in ‘Little’ Mo?

    You’re an animal. You’re no better than Trevor.

  18. Napoleon Says:

    Big Mo, Swinsehead. Big old Mo.

  19. piqued Says:

    The chap in the pic for this post, I remember him –in fact he was one of the reasons I stopped watching it, his acting was so bad

    Didn’t he have sort of a film career before ‘Enders?

  20. Swineshead Says:

    He was in Cliffhanger with Sly Stallone.

    Sadly I didn’t have to check that.

  21. Napoleon Says:

    I remember him in Cliffhanger. Stallone does for ‘im.

  22. piqued Says:

    That’s it, waste of skin that bloke

  23. daveselectricblanket Says:

    London’s rubbish. Watch Corrie for real drama. I can’t believe how ardently you impose the north south divide on this blog. Not one bit.

  24. Swineshead Says:

    He looks a lot like Jack Branning, now I think of it.

  25. piqued Says:

    I could picture him all in white like a girl with mountains behind giving it all the apples and pears

    Not even Guy Ritchie has used him, which must be more insulting than being told your winkie is smaller than a mouse turd

  26. Napoleon Says:

    I live in the North, Dave. I thinking you’re confusing the North/South divide with us all thinking Coronation Street is SHIT.

  27. The Tombstone Says:

    Corrie? Drama? This was the last Corrie I saw – Norris bought some nice white sheets. Him, Vera and Emily talked toot for a while and then he found an envelope in her drawer. Inside the envelope were funeral instructions. No one died, just an envelope was opened.

  28. daveselectricblanket Says:

    NC – You’re not from the REAL north. Your opinion doesn’t count.

    TS – That’s because it’s kitchen sink. It’s about the real world – none of these gangsters or child groomers.

  29. Goerge Says:

    Too right it’s ‘real’ drama; occasionally I see a few of the cast for that show and I think somebody’s filming a new reality tv show called ‘face like a slapped arse’.

  30. Napoleon Says:

    Dave – I’m from Bradford. I think you’ll find that’s further north than Manchester. You soft southern jessie.

  31. daveselectricblanket Says:

    I stumble into them on a daily basis. They’re horrible bastards.

  32. The Tombstone Says:

    But I already have a kitchen sink to look at whenever I choose. I’d like some entertainment please. And not even you were entertained by Norris buying some sheets. Although saying that I hate all soaps. I only watch Hollyoakes properly, even though I hate it.

  33. daveselectricblanket Says:

    Fair play then, NC. The Bradford Bulls are rubbish though. Do you care?

  34. The Tombstone Says:

    I’m in the Midlands. Is that good or bad?

  35. Napoleon Says:

    Not in the slightest, Dave. Can’t abide rugby, you poncified southern fairy.

  36. Goerge Says:

    I live in England’s Pancreas.

  37. Swineshead Says:

    Even if Coronation Street was populated by cockneys, it’d still be shit.

  38. The Tombstone Says:

    I was no good at geography or science so I’ll guess Swindon?

  39. Goerge Says:

    Northamptonshire, Tombstone. Close. Where abouts are you from, my midlands brethren?

  40. The Tombstone Says:

    Coventry. Former home of the car industry, now home of criminals who used to work in car factories.

  41. Dave Says:

    As long as you don’t live in Essex or Kent you’re okay by me, I will endorse you happily.

  42. Nick T Says:

    Southampton, the clues in the name.

    Soft as a moistened monster munch

  43. Mikey Says:

    On blogger you can have a widget that you can put on the blog that shows the geographical location of all the hits. It does not work on WordPress.

  44. Nick T Says:


  45. Mikey Says:

    I found my self in ASDA today. Some quite good bargains.

    Box of 240 PG Tips for £3.00.
    Box of 180 PG Tips for £3.17.

  46. The Tombstone Says:

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would you spend more for less bags?

  47. Dave Says:

    Poundland for teabags. End of.

  48. The Tombstone Says:


  49. Napoleon Says:

    Poundland? What do you get there? Tea dust in bags?

  50. Dave Says:

    TS – Finn? Nah, Indian.

  51. Dave Says:

    NC – Typhoo 200 packs for a-pound-a-pop.

  52. Mikey Says:

    Typhoo is for girls. Put the ooh in Typhoo..no respecting builder would drink Typhoo.

    PG Tips that’s what this country is built on.

  53. Dave Says:

    I wasn’t saying it was my favourite tea, I’d go for PG tips as well. But we’re talking value per brew here and Typhoo’s a brand leader at a pound for 200.

    I’m quite partial to Yorkshire tea too.

  54. Mikey Says:

    They grow tea in Yorkshire?

  55. Matt Says:

    I can’t look at him without thinking of London’s burning. What was his character called? “Technique”? or was it Vaseline?

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