NewsGush – Russell Resigns, Tabloids Triumph


Just to draw a line under this sorry saga (and if you haven’t been in the slightest bit interested, I apologise for the recent Brand-related news triptych), the last few days of complete stupidity and insanity have ended with Russell Brand quitting his post at the BBC. 

Taking the bullet for his friend, Jonathan Ross, in other words. Let’s not forget that it was the older of the two who blurted out the initial offending sentence.

I suppose, in some senses, Brand has also taken the hit on behalf of the BBC who, it has to be said, have behaved like disorganised buffoons throughout this farrago. They shouldn’t have put the recording out in the first place. They should have organised a public apology on behalf of all parties immediately and they should have ignored all the tabloid speculation.

But the real arseholes in this Kafkaesque trial by second hand information are – as usual – the tabloid press. Without the Mail picking up on the story and hypocritically running it endlessly (thus, presumably, adding to Mr Sachs’ embarassment) and without printing tittilating pictures of the supposed ‘fuckee’, this wouldn’t have reached the ridiculous heights it broached.

The Sun also went crazy with the story – as did all the tabloids including those with a more limited circulation – your London Lites, your citywide Metros. All expressing outrage whilst regurgitating the point of Mr. Sachs embarassment. Bizarre, eh?

To compound the weirdness, it seems Georgina Baillie has now signed up with Max Clifford – a day or so after he dumped Katona as a client. Some people are admiring of the girls guile and pluck. From where I’m sitting, it looks suspiciously like she’s exploiting the situation for personal gain. Exploiting her grandfather’s initial embarassment and milking this fabricated ‘shame’ for all its worth. I can’t believe that, by now, she’s still red-faced. Not with all those offers coming in.

The other aspect of this so-called scandal that makes it so very 2008 is the way information spread. Without Youtube, without messageboards and blogs, people wouldn’t have formed an opinion so quickly. The replay wouldn’t be available, so unless you’d taped it it’d all be hearsay.

It’s impossible to quantify whether this made the situation worse for the presenters and the BBC, but it certainly intensified the atmosphere. The web was alive with chitter and chatter and gasbag opinion. Mail readers suddenly found reason to comment on the Guardian messageboard. The papers and their websites couldn’t keep up with the bloggers who were formulating opinions left right and centre – and this aspect of the incident is something we should expect to see a lot more of in the future.

All in all, the ultimate tragedy of the whole affair is that, as a result of a very silly, vaguely amusing and massively ill-considered gag, the conservative element in the press and in the blogosphere has somehow managed to force the hand of the BBC using the most questionable tactics imaginable. They’ve also managed to make one of my favourite podcasters – a genuine talent, I feel – resign over what amounts to very little. I think that’s depressing.

It seems one squawking idiot can’t change a thing, but multiply him by a few thousand using the latest technology and soon enough you won’t be able to hear yourself think.

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263 Responses to “NewsGush – Russell Resigns, Tabloids Triumph”

  1. Toothed Varmint Says:

    Well, there’s at least one positive outcome out of all this ridiculous mess – I like Russell Brand now. And I’m not the only one, I suspect.
    I wasn’t going to watch Ponderland (didn’t watch it last time around) but now I’m there, oh yes.
    Channel 4 must be smiling.

  2. Toothed Varmint Says:

    Ross, on the other hand, is still a twat. Even a bigger one, if anything.

  3. Swineshead Says:

    Ponderland’s first series was very amusing. Thursday’s set to be a good night for comedy actually – and Brand is stand in team captain on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I believe – good timing!

  4. Swineshead Says:

    I feel a bit sorry for JR, to be honest. I don’t much like his style but this isn’t about the incident, it’s about his salary and ubiquity.

  5. Dave Says:

    Even Jamie Theakston has an opinion on this matter. JAMIE THEAKSTON!

  6. Toothed Varmint Says:

    Salary, ubiquity and a certain lack of charm, I find. I don’t know, I’ve never liked him all that much. Bring back Barry Norman!
    Still, what happened to him and Brand was wholly undeserved.

  7. Barry Norman Says:

    One could say Ross is in a bit of a ‘pickle’. One could say…

  8. wally bazoom Says:

    As we all know from Alan Partridge, Ross was technically a guest on Brand’s show and the latter failed to control him. ‘Read the smallprint on your cone-tract’.

    In all seriousness though, it is a significant worry that the moral centre of all this has been dictated by the Daily Mail, a line which everyone has seemingly fallen in with.

    If anyone should be sacked, shouldn’t it be the show’s producer who cleared the segment for broadcast? (I’ve not been following the online debate, but I reckon I’m probably the last person in the country to make that point).

  9. Toothed Varmint Says:

    Don’t knock Jamie. He does a very professional voiceover job on all these Motorway Cops shows that are constantly on BBC1. His voice is like a motorway scenery – just passes you by unremarkably.

  10. Dave Says:

    Don’t you also think that Ross’s shtick will be forever tated? He thrives on controverialism (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but everytime he makes a sly remark about a celebrity people will be reminded of this case. He doesn’t speak for the public anymore, if ever he did, and that shakes his status somewhat.

    Perhaps he can join Richad and Judy on that new telly channel ‘Watch’, or whatever. Dave have too much class to employ him, I fear.

  11. Toothed Varmint Says:

    Blimey, Barry’s quick…

  12. Dave Says:


  13. Swineshead Says:

    With detachment, how bizarre is it that Andrew Sachs’ is at the epicentre of a media shitstorm…

  14. ugeine Says:

    The funny thing is, as and avid fan of shitheads, I’ve followed the Sun, The Daily Mail and their screaming, hysterical readers decrying ‘political correctness’ because they feel they’re not allowed to tell racist, homophobic or generally dirty jokes in case somebody is offended. I read one comment on The Mail website that said something along the lines of ‘I’ve been bought up on a diet of Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown but this is too far.’ The sheer hypocrisy of the tabloid readers is amazing.

    So why is everybody getting so worked up then? It’s an opportunistic character assassination, that’s what it is. You can tell The Daily Mail could not stand Russell before this all kicked off. Long scruffy hair, talks openly about drugs, his sexual encounters. As for Ross, he is the face of the BBC, so it’s obvious they wanted to give him a good kicking.

    I’m worried about what this means for the BBC. TV is regulated heavily, the press isn’t, so if the press wants to start another smear campaign against the BBC it will most likely do more damage. What does this mean when the BBC’s license fee is renegotiated in 2012? If public Service Broadcasting ends, in this day and age, and the BBC chases ratings for advertising figures rather then putting out quality stuff, people en masse will switch to the internet for their television. Not legal sites either; illegal downloads. This could be the Franz Ferdinand moment for British television.

  15. Do I not like that! Says:

    If a broadcast is perceived to be in bad taste, does it really matter how many people were originally listening, and that the problem came to light only because of reporting to a far wider audience? Even if only one person was listening, but the broadcast did not meet the standards required does this excuse it?
    Think about Big Ron who resigned immediately, though different circumstances…..standards were breached.

    As you say the real problem with the brand/ross incident is who on earth okayed it? And don’t forget YOU own the BBC.

    BTW 4-4.

  16. Swineshead Says:

    Mikey – Ron Atkinson broke the law. He made a racist comment.
    How did RB and JR break the law?

    Been advocating on behalf of the devil long?
    Are you a satanic slut?

    The law wasn’t broken and this is a case of sensibilities being offended, not legality so the two don’t compare in any way.

  17. Do I not like that! Says:

    Did he break the law?

  18. ugeine Says:

    I was waiting for somebody to compare this to racism…

  19. Do I not like that! Says:

    This is not a comparison to racism. This is a comparison of broadcasting standards.

  20. Dave Says:

    Dunno, but all these comments about opportunism and the green-headed monster hit the nail on the head, to my mind.

    *runs off to find lynch mob ONLY because it would amuse me if Ross lost his job*

  21. Swineshead Says:

    Broadcasting standards wherein one case pertains to racism. Mikey – go up to a black copper and make a racist comment. See what happens.

    Of course racist abuse is against the law you tit!

  22. wally bazoom Says:

    The law isn’t a measure of morality, though. That’s what this, and Ron Atkinson, is actually about. I think. It’s a who watches the watchmen situation, as usual.

  23. Dave Says:

    Go up to a female office and claim you had the sex with her, by same logic.


  24. Toothed Varmint Says:

    I actually agree with the view that this story’s so huge because we’re all fed up with talking about the credit crunch.
    We must talk more about the credit crunch!

  25. Do I not like that! Says:

    Then why wasn’t Big Ron prosecuted?
    I suggest the whole use of language is the context it is used. It depends who uses the language and in what context. Both cases were inappropriate.

  26. fourstar Says:

    Don’t mention the 4-4.

  27. Swineshead Says:

    Because the footballer didn’t press charges, probably. But I take Wally’s point that the difference doesn’t excuse Brand in the slightest. It does prove that both instances are massively different and you should stop using Big Ron as a comparison.

    Dave – office politics are even more constraining than broadcasting standards… let’s not get into that here!

  28. Swineshead Says:

    fourstar – feel free to mention the 4-4.

    Nothing amuses me more than the sweet irony of a team celebrating a draw like it’s a win whilst still rooted to the arse-end of the premiership. Ho ho ho!

  29. Dave Says:

    I shagged a filing cabinet once. You could say I defiled it.


  30. Do I not like that! Says:

    Perhaps the comparison is not all that useful, but they do have in common, broadcasting audiences and inappropriate language.

    As I think we all agree the real crux of the matter is who on Earth okayed it?

    It is amazing the change in a team’s fortunes within 5 days and a change of manager.

  31. ugeine Says:

    Fucks sake, comparing informing somebody that you have shagged their granddaughter to saying ‘he comes from the school of lazy fucking n*****s’ is retarded. ITV is governed by public service broadcasting regulations. Part of these regulations, the equality and diversity policy, state that you can’t racially abuse the license payers. Surprisingly enough. However, the first example isn’t sexism. He’s informing the granddad he’s had consensual sex with his granddaughter. The only thing this would conflict with is the watershed. It was broadcast after nine, so it didn’t.

  32. Swineshead Says:

    It is amazing Mikey. But it could also be the honeymoon period many managers instil – that immediate impact Zola infused for two matches before losing three on the trot. Good luck Spurs against Liverpool, eh…?

  33. Swineshead Says:

    I used to put all my mitsubishis in a filing cabinet.



  34. Swineshead Says:

    Ugeine – I agree wholeheartedly – but it was tasteless and sadly there is no gauge for the nation’s moral sensibilities.

  35. Dave Says:

    What? Mitsubishis as in the car or the pills – or what?


  36. Do I not like that! Says:

    Liverpool aren’t playing particularly well and are getting jitters already from their view from the top. I can see a Spurs result.

  37. Swineshead Says:

    The pills… sorry, that joke’s only funny if you took a lot of ecstacy in the mid 90s.


  38. Swineshead Says:

    I think we all know Spurs won’t finish bottom. They won’t be relegated, they won’t have the pressure of aiming for a UEFA cup place and Harry will be firmly entrenched for the start of next season. In the meantime, all the fans can hope for is Arsenal not winning anything. Again. The sad bastards.

    Harry’s good at keeping teams afloat. As for major trophies he’s won in his managerial career, we can count them on one….


  39. Dave Says:

    I thought they were Blue Mitsubishis. They were, like, the craziest ones to take.

    But I’m a new rave warrior and you’re an old timer.

    I can imagine you in an old people’s home ‘back when I was a lad we could only get 1 pill for a fiver, and that was if we were lucky. And we had to make it last as well. Kids these days don’t know they’re born.’

  40. Swineshead Says:

    £7.50, if I remember rightly.
    Then they plummeted at the turn of the millenium.

    Of course, they were much stronger in my day and this was all a field.

  41. Mr Chipz Says:

    Great post Swineshead. Was discussing this with Piqued last night, we’re on the edge of a new age of Puritanism. While no big fan of either Ross or Brand I think them at the BBC should be fucking ashamed of themselves, I expect no better from the tabloids or the cunts who base their opinions on their shitty opinions.

  42. Swineshead Says:

    Why thankyou, Chipz. I suppose it was inevitable that the rise of instant amateur publishing would result in more idiots than reasonable folk being taken seriously.

  43. indy Says:

    well. this is supposed to be an happy occasion. let’s not bicker and argue ’bout who shagged who…

    ok. replace ross. shame about brand’s apology though. he should have went to sachs and then let him (sachs) tell the world that there has been an excuse. but sachs and family would not probably do that under the regime of clifford.

  44. indy Says:

    saw dead set ep 1 and 2 last night. pretty pretty good. the dixon bainbridge character is a bit over the top but otherwise very entertaining.

  45. Swineshead Says:

    In news that’ll no doubt warm all your hearts, I’ve just been given a free ticket to go and see Arsenal vs Fenerbace next week for free. Free. No fee.

  46. Dave Says:

    I miss the days when I got the free ticketz for Champions League an account of working at Old Trafford. You’re an arse, SH.

    I got a free ticket to see The Wildhearts next month, it means nothing to me now.

  47. Dave Says:

    Oh, and I’m constipated.

  48. Swineshead Says:

    Christ, are they still going? I used to like them in a sort of stinky Senseless Things sort of way.

    Dead Set’s got its plusses and minuses – I’m enjoying it mind. Review on Monday I think.

  49. Dave Says:

    Yeah. I only like them because the lead guy’s called Ginger and it makes me feel like I’m not alone, as a ginger, in this bleak, cold world.

  50. Napoleon Says:

    Ooooooo … I’ve a sore ‘ead. I should never have gone to the pub to watch the footy – they sell BOOZE there.

    Anyway, I was with you on this until you called Brand a ‘genuine talent’. He isn’t. He’s just a silly sod for resigning over a storm in a tea cup

  51. fourstar Says:

    Swineshead, I hate you. I have a £10 ticket to see our kids play Wigan though, which might be more fun 🙂

    And Georgia Baillie looks dirty.

  52. indy Says:

    i’m ginger too. you are not alone, mate.

    say it loud etc

  53. Dave Says:

    Silence, Indy. Wait until the day of the rising…

  54. Swineshead Says:

    You’re strawberry blond, indie – all swedes are blondes. Like Jeffrey Dahmer, even though he wasn’t a swede.

    To be fair, NC, I did mark that out as my opinion – which basically means ‘delete as applicable’. Glad you liked the rest anyhow.

  55. Swineshead Says:

    ‘Indy’, not ‘indie’.


  56. Napoleon Says:

    My ‘ead’s POUNDING. I blame Jonathan Ross for this.

  57. Napoleon Says:

    I’ve just read that ‘How A Lesbian Works’ in this month’s Viz. Love the idea that a lesbian’s diet consists of whipped cream licked off another lesbian’s tits.

  58. indy Says:

    thanks for the advice nap. i have only had my lesbians for one month and i have fed them with chocolate sauce. i’ll swap they’re diet to whipped cream only from now.

  59. Nick of the T Says:

    Meeeesta Fawwwwwltie

  60. Swineshead Says:

    I enjoyed last month’s Jimmy Hill (As You’ve Never Seen Him Before)…
    The ‘Chinnio’ segment where Jimmy runs away with the circus made me burp my balls up.

  61. indy Says:

    Nick of the T: totali agree.

  62. Clarry Says:

    Indy and Dave – I support you in the fight against gingerism as my husband is of the red head variety. I heart red hair (but not so keen on the see-through variety of gingers).

  63. Swineshead Says:

    ‘Well – seeing as it’s out there I may as well make my granddad sick’

  64. indy Says:

    i’m a lucky man. my girlfriend supports gingers by dying her hair red and sporting the early ’80ies a annie lennox hairdo. miracle of love? you bet.

  65. Napoleon Says:

    That girl is the living embodiment of the word ‘integrity’.

  66. Swineshead Says:

    She truly is.

  67. Napoleon Says:

    I like that advert for a free Bond MP3 player – ‘For Your EARS Only’. Smashing.

  68. Lord Milky Says:

    The Metro was quite amusing today – ‘ “I’m really happy with the investigation. Me and my granddad are both really happy because it could have damaged our reputation permanently” , the 23 year old Satanic Slut said.’

    She seems like a lovely girl, worries how her Grandad doesn’t deserve any of it as he’s a nice old man, then she goes and sells her sex confessions to The Sun…

  69. Swineshead Says:

    Her kiss and tell is actually far worse than Brand’s was. Ridiculous.

  70. Dave Says:

    I fully endorse her grabbing at thousands of pounds for a few days work. Play the game.

  71. Dave Says:

    And she could hardly not offer her support to her gramps regarding this matter. She probably either doesn’t give a sod or quite like the attention. Sluts do…especially the ones with lovely the boobies and Gothic makeup. Goths are great.

  72. Swineshead Says:

    Dave misses the point and lands in the ‘idiot’ puddle again. Good work Dave!

    Don’t you see the blatant hypocrisy? The disgusting similarity between her actions now and Bran’s on the radio? Difference is Brand did it for a laugh.

  73. Dave Says:

    I was making my own point, not your point. My own.

    She has the tits of a well-fed fruit bat and that’s as valid a thing to say as anything.

  74. Napoleon Says:

    I love tits too, Dave. In fact, if I ever achieved the sort of mega-stardom of Brand, Ross, Andrew Collins or Wolf off of Gladiators, my love for all things titular would be splashed all over the tabloids in a series of lurid kiss ‘n’ tell articles.

  75. ugeine Says:

    Brilliant article. Read it, you shits.

  76. ugeine Says:

    Like it says, this has bugger all to do with Brand and Ross and more to do with taking a swipe at the Beeb

  77. Napoleon Says:


  78. piqued Says:

    There’s some on the radio Nappers

  79. Lord Milky Says:

    These ‘outraged of Willow Lodge’ types bleating on about ‘I don’t pay my license fee for this rot’ seem incapable of realising that in dragging Thompson in off his holidays and this going all the way to the BBC Trust, they’ve actually caused a shed load of money to be spent that could have gone on something they like, such as ‘Coming of Age’.

  80. Napoleon Says:


  81. ugeine Says:

    I’m going to wait 6 years until the BBC is forced to become a commerical station. In these six years, I’m going to get the information on everybody who buys the Mail. Then, in another six years (2020) I’m going to go round to their houses, point out how our television network is basically a poor mans American Network television, then cockslap them. All of them.

  82. Quincy Phd Says:

    Just thought I’d say what an excellent article this is, SH – you’ve excelled yourself. To the point and accurate. Bravo.

  83. Swineshead Says:

    Thanks Quincy – and good work on solving that case involving punks n’ drugs.

  84. fourstar Says:


    I just spat coffee on my monitor. Again.

  85. Napoleon Says:

    I don’t think Quincy solved those murders. I reckon he’s got Columbo tied up in a back room, and he’s forcing him to solve crimes that Quincy then takes credit for. A similar thing’s happened to Jessica Fletcher – chained to a bed and made to solve stuff for that twerp Dick Van Dyke.

  86. charliemingles Says:

    good piece. Im also a fan of russell and sad to see him go.

  87. Napoleon Says:

    The commercial radio stations’ll be champing at the bit to sign him up. Then, when this nonsense has been forgotten, he’ll go back to the BBC. For previous examples of this, see: Richard Bacon, Angus Deayton and the late, great Kenny Everett.

  88. charliemingles Says:

    I think Russell resigned for a combination of two contradictory reasons:

    He felt genuinely sorry and wanted to make amends ( his nice side)

    He felt aggreived and under attack, so decided to throw his toys out of the pram – ‘Let’s see how your ratings do without old russ!’ (his petulant childish side)

    Anyone, who is a regular listener to the show will know that these sides to his character pretty much make up the man.

  89. Napoleon Says:

    So he didn’t resign because Messers Shadgrind, Goutgringe and Prole needed him back at his desk filling in an enormous ledger with a quill?

  90. Swineshead Says:

    Well put Charles, he is a contradictory character.

    I wonder how this affects the forthcoming ‘revolution’ he’s planning?
    Was Radio 2 his Golgotha?

  91. Napoleon Says:

    His Golgotha? You’re comparing him to Christ?

  92. Swineshead Says:

    He consistently compares himself to Christ for comic effect. This comment was for Charles, who would’ve seen the reference…

  93. Do I not like that! Says:

    My solution to this problem is to put Fawlty Towers on BBC1 forthwith for the next twelve weeks, so we can all have a good chuckle and live happily ever after. (Except wossy who must be put in the public stocks and sponges thrown at him).

  94. Napoleon Says:

    Ha ha ha! Comparing himself to Christ for ‘comic effect’, eh? Genius! Tell me, does he ever compare himself to the Prophet Mohammed for ‘comic effect’?

  95. charliemingles Says:

    I saw the reference swinesheads. thanks for calling me charles by the way. it makes me feel all grown up.

  96. charliemingles Says:

    how does the land lie with collins napoleon? I feel your only course of action is to resign forthwith.

  97. ugeine Says:

    He compares himself to every religious icon, Napeoleon. It’s a 1,500 hour sketch but by jove is it worth it.

  98. charliemingles Says:

    As SH mentioned over at collins’ house last night, Matt Morgan must be really pissed off. he could have seen this coming a mile off.

  99. Swineshead Says:

    Ha ha ha! Comparing himself to Christ for ‘comic effect’, eh? Genius! Tell me, does he ever compare himself to the Prophet Mohammed for ‘comic effect’?

    He has done, but the Mail didn’t take issue with that, funnily enough.

  100. Napoleon Says:

    Swineshead – Then fair play to him.

    Mingles – I keep being proved wrong about Collins. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t abandon my fight against him, and go gunning for that rat Stuart Maconie instead.

  101. charliemingles Says:

    maconie would just kick the shit out of you. hes not nearly as fluffy as collings.

  102. Napoleon Says:

    You reckon? He’s only about three foot tall, ain’t he? Alright, that’s ball-height … but he’s not going to do any serious damage if I wear a box, is he?

    A box and shinpads, thinking about it.

  103. charliemingles Says:

    Hes not that short I dont think. PLus all that hillwalking and listening to terrible 70’s freeform jazz rock for the freakzone tends to toughen you up.

  104. Napoleon Says:

    They should cut out Brand’s heart, write the word ‘TRAITOR’ on that heart, put the heart back in, and then he can walk around for the rest of his days knowing he’s got the word ‘TRAITOR’ written on his heart.

  105. Napoleon Says:

    I thought he was short? I’m not sure I believe you, Mingles.

  106. charliemingles Says:

    I think hes fairly short. But radcliffe is the really short one. hes virtually a midget, I believe.

  107. charliemingles Says:

    apparantly: theres a hero, if you look inside your heart … you dont have to be afraid of what you are.

    thats reassuring. especially if youve just had your legs blown off by a landmine.

  108. Dave Says:

    It’s like telling the landmine victim to climb his own Everest.

  109. Napoleon Says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning a landmine in some sort of online board game type thing.

  110. Andrew Collins Says:


    Oh, I remember treading on a landmine when I was a boy, even though you can visibly see I do have the two legs, they were both blown off in THE SEVENTIES when I was a lad.

    I have not just watched a video about landmines thirty seconds before saying this about my 51st favourite things, landmines. I love landmines.

  111. charliemingles Says:

    If you call that new board game HERO – Im in!

  112. Napoleon Says:

    Shows how much I know. I’ve just found out that Dead Set programme doesn’t follow the usual convention of going out weekly, but instead goes out daily. I wasn’t that enamoured of it, but was prepared to watch part two to give it a proper chance. Seems I can get fucked with my old-fashioned way of thinking about telly schedules – thanks, E4.

  113. charliemingles Says:

    Im quite enjoying dead set actually. better than I expected.

    Did anyone see the national television awards last night? I wondered where john macain was getting his doddery old fuckwit coaching from. its trevor mcdonald. what a useless article.

  114. Napoleon Says:

    Mingles – It was going to be called ‘Andrew Coperation’, but I’ve now called a cease fire on Collins after finding out he’s nicer than St. Francis of Assisi crossed with Princess Diana and bunny. Instead, my new game will be called ‘ Stuart Macoperation’.

  115. piqued Says:

    I can see how you missed that NC as everytime Dead Set was mentioned the 4 words ‘broadcast over consecutive nights’ hit it in the rear so hard the show almost became entitled ‘Dead Set broadcast over consecutive nights’

  116. charliemingles Says:

    anyone else love the shitting in a bucket scene as much as i did?

  117. piqued Says:

    Me, I got rock hard

  118. Napoleon Says:

    I haven’t actually seen it advertised anywhere, Piqued. I only heard about it on here – I record anything worth watching on the commercial channels so I don’t have to watch the adverts. You lot should have made it clear on ‘ere that it was going out on consecutive nights, I reckon. You’re to blame, all of you – especially that crouchbacked monstrosity with his ponderous bloody essays about food, drinking and Conservative Party ‘Nazis’.

  119. ugeine Says:

    Napoleon, just watch it on demand. It’s what I do, my living room’s non smoking so I hardly ever watch TV on a real TV. The last thing I used to watch was MOTD but that’s online as well now.

    (Despite this, I still pay for Virgin Media)

  120. charliemingles Says:

    that wasnt really wot I meant like piqued – but thanks anyway.

    We’d probably best not discuss this any further, I think Swineshead is planning a big review of this on monday.

  121. charliemingles Says:

    Is anyone aware of a way I can watch peaches geldof’s excretable new documentary about setting up her own magazine. they were discussing it on the word podcast this week and it sounds unmissable.

    its on a channel I cant get on freeview (MTV1) and is not on youtube.

  122. piqued Says:

    NC, I’m hardly responsible for vast gaps in your knowledge am I?

    (‘no’ is the answer)

  123. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – I don’t know if I can be arsed now. I feel betrayed.

    Here! According to the BBC News site, Lilly Allen is preparing to make her comeback. Well thank fuck for that, says I. We’ve suffered the vacumn created by her abscence for far too long, I reckon.

  124. Napoleon Says:

    ‘Vast’ gaps in my knowledge? I don’t know if I’d describe not knowing a silly zombie programme on a shit digital TV channel went out on consecutive nights as a ‘vast’ gap in my knowledge. I’d describe it as not seeing an advert.

  125. ugeine Says:

    I understand, Napoleon. They changed Blue Peter from 3 – 5 nights a week and I couldn’t adapt. Mainly because of the piano lessons but I still se your point.

    DOes anybody know of any way I can cancel my virgin tv service about 2 months after signing?

  126. piqued Says:

    I wouldn’t


  127. charliemingles Says:

    Anyone see the National TV Awards last night? No? good. It was really really shite. One good bit was david tennant announcing hes resigning as doctor who:

    any suggestoins who could replace him?

  128. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – I think you have to cut off and send them one of your hands.

    Piqued – You wouldn’t because you’re a blithering idiot.

  129. ugeine Says:

    Russell Brand is free I hear.

  130. Napoleon Says:

    Mingles – A block of wood? The cardboard tube from inside a toilet roll?

  131. ugeine Says:

    Right. Can anybody tell me how to tie a parcel one handed? And time is a fctor here, I’m feeling a bit faint.

  132. charliemingles Says:

    they had the old blue peter team on that last night Napoleon – valerie singleton, peter purves and john noakes. noakesy looked like hes gone senile.

  133. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – Russell Brand would be rubbish as Doctor Who. A show of such towering importance (to eight year old boys, wearers of cagouls and paedophiles) needs an actor with genuine gravitas. Somebody like Danny Dyer, say?

  134. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – I’ve just read in my Virgin Media bumf that it’s a foot you need to cut off, not a hand. Sorry about that.

  135. charliemingles Says:

    I mention brand ugeine in my post:

  136. Andrew Collins Says:

    Keith Allen for Dr Who.

  137. Napoleon Says:

    On an entirely different subject, was that thing about Mark Almond drinking so much jism he had to be hospitalised an urban myth? I only ask because I watched an independent arthouse movie last night where up-and-coming actress Sasha Gray drank gallons of the stuff, and she seemed alright.

  138. Dave Says:

    Keith Allen, I agree.

  139. ugeine Says:

    Honest mistake Napoleon.


  140. Swineshead Says:

    Dave – stop pretending to be someone other than yourself or I’m fucking banning you, it’s not remotely funny.

    First and last warning.

  141. charliemingles Says:

    Stephen Merchant for the new Doctor Who – obvious. hed be fucking superb.

  142. charliemingles Says:

    I thought it was quite funny actually SH. its dave trademark – like brucie wth his catchphrases and that weird effeminate kick he used to do.

  143. ugeine Says:

    You can tell if the same person is posting under different names, you know.

  144. Swineshead Says:

    Barry George for Dr Who.

    Everyone deserves a 2nd/3rd chance.

  145. Napoleon Says:

    He’s been doing the same thing on my site, the bastard. He managed to make Andrew Collins look like a humourless, law-threatening misery-guts until the real Andrew Collins showed up and proved that he isn’t. It’s part of the reason I’ve given up and gone gunning for Stuart Maconie instead.

  146. Napoleon Says:

    Independent arthouse actress Sasha Gray would make a good Doctor Who. She would add much-needed glamour to the role and – boy! – can she swallow one bucketload of jism!

  147. Lord Milky Says:

    Russell Tovey was mentioned by someone connected to Doctor Who. He has jug ears though so may not get it.

  148. Napoleon Says:

    Or, if Sasha’s not to your taste, how’s about this fella?

  149. charliemingles Says:

    nice photo napoleon.

  150. Napoleon Says:

    Or maybe these two?

  151. charliemingles Says:


  152. charliemingles Says:

    that last one is fucking hilarious

  153. Napoleon Says:

    It’s Dog Van Dyke!

    (I’ll stop now)

  154. charliemingles Says:

    middle one was the best. those two shold have their own show solving crimes.

  155. piqued Says:

    How about a real Doctor playing Doctor Who? Perhaps Dr. Ahmed in Tooting, don’t know if he can act mind you…

    Btw, which institution granted Doctor Who his doctorate? I don’t know of any Timelord courses, personally I think it’s a fucking sham

    I bet he doesn’t even have an O level

  156. charliemingles Says:

    he went to thunderwood I believe:

    You can get anything there. in about 5 minutes.

  157. Napoleon Says:

    Piqued raises an interesting point. It would be nice to see Doctor Who behind a desk in a surgery dispensing prescriptions for once, instead of gallivanting about the universe fighting truly awful examples of cheap CGI. We had a doctor in our village who would have been perfick for the role … though he would have to curb his inclinations to look at your cock and balls every time you came to see him with a sore throat.

  158. piqued Says:

    for NC

  159. Nick of the T Says:

    Watch the freedom of the independent

    Ranty and sweary and funny

  160. Napoleon Says:

    That was rather nice, Mingles. I achieved a doctorate in Human Resource Management in seconds. What a wonderful world the internet is (apart from all them videos of women sucking donkey cocks and Al-Kayeeda botched executions).

  161. charliemingles Says:

    you can get a degree in them too napoleon. did you watch the clip piqued put up. that inyerviewer woman is a bit of a hypocrite is she not.

    Poor wee sasha. you suck a couple of thousand cocks on film and suddenly youre the antichrist. its political correctness gone mad.

  162. Napoleon Says:

    That mother really put fair Sasha in her place, didn’t she just? I’ll wager she’ll think twice the next time she’s confronted with twenty men’s parts after that drubbing.

  163. Napoleon Says:

    Mingles – I know. What this mother fails to appreciate is Sasha has a natural talent for swallowing ten inches of throbbing man meat whilst a musclebound, grunting bugger takes her up the dirtbox. This mother woman would deny the world this singular young lady’s talents on the flimsy excuse that her own daughter ended up a crushed and broken shell. It’s political correctness gone mad.

  164. Do I not like that! Says:

    Having solved the brand/ross pickle (FawltyTowers to be on BBC1 forthwith), I have now come up with the ideal candidate for Dr. Who.
    Eric Cantona.

  165. piqued Says:

    I know, when you actually see these blue films all the actresses look very happy to be engulfed in streams of liquid beef. It’s political correctness gone mad

  166. Napoleon Says:

    My owner robbed me of my dignity!

  167. Napoleon Says:

    Piqued – Exactly! Sasha looked like the cat that had (literally) got the cream when those twenty men unloaded their butter into her mouth in that independent arthouse production I watched yesterday for research purposes. It’s political correctness gone mad!

  168. Dave Says:

    A French Dr Who? Never.

    Robin Cook’s corpse on strings would be my choice.

  169. charliemingles Says:

    I havent seen any of sashas work, but i shall be supporting her from now on.

    What with this and brand going too – you know what this is a typical example of dont you ..?

  170. Napoleon Says:

    One for the fellas …

  171. Napoleon Says:

    Mingles – Political correctness gone mad?

  172. charliemingles Says:

    indeed it is napoleon. how did you guess.

    Great photo that last one.

  173. Dave Says:

    A stand-up I watched the t’other week made a good joke about political correctness gone mad. Ha ha!

  174. ugeine Says:

    Political correctness never just pushes it a bit, does it? Or maybe overstretch the mark a little bit? Just goes straight for the mad.

  175. Napoleon Says:

    Sites such as T’n’A Flix and Tube8 display some of Sasha’s finest arthouse installations in a grainy, streamed format you can watch when the missus has retired for the evening. The internet has to be thanked for introducing so many more men to the wonderful world of independent cinema.

  176. Clarry Says:

    Liquid beef? Yuk!

  177. charliemingles Says:

    its the new thing dave. all the hip young dudes are saying. this political correctness thing – apparantly it hath verilly goneth mad.

    *selects a real ale from the bar*

  178. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – No, it doesn’t. It careens into lunacy at the drop of a hat. Did you know that in my town they’ve only gone and banned Christmas in case it offends the Yogic Flying community? You couldn’t make it up!

  179. Do I not like that! Says:

    There was a French Federation starship Captain, of the Enterprise no less.
    So why not a French Dr. Who? We need a Frenchist list!

    Who ahh, Can – To – Na. !!

  180. Napoleon Says:

    Clarry – Come on, love. Don’t tell me you haven’t taken a few doses of that special medicine we doctors call ‘liquid beef’? I assume you know it’s a scientifically proven cure for sore throats? And fevers? And malaria, bad joints, gout, hangovers and wind?

    And cancer?

  181. Napoleon Says:

    What’s this about the French?

  182. piqued Says:

    In the light of recent press, Andrew Sachs

    You could call him Dr. Que?

  183. Dave Says:

    Most people confuse political correctness for health and safety though

    ‘they’re putting safety rails on mugs of tea incase we fall in, it’s political correctness gone mad!’

  184. charliemingles Says:

    I knew it cured cancer NC. But thanks for passing on those other cures.

    But prey! what has kept this information from getting into the public domain sooner …?

  185. Napoleon Says:

    Surely Sachs is only capable of playing a capering monkey man who’s continuously being kicked around by a tall, bad-tempered man with an awful wife? I don’t seem to recall seeing him do anything else.

  186. piqued Says:

    Mmm, you may have a point, seem to recall that was a bit, well, racist too… we don’t want sorts like that playing the good Dr.

    Who else?

    Russell Brand?

  187. Napoleon Says:

    I thought it was public knowledge, Mingles? I’ve been prescribing my other half 10ccs of fresh spangle (to be taken twice daily) for years now, and she’s never had a day off work in all the time I’ve known her. She does, I’ll admit, look at me with pure poison in her eyes every now and again … but nobody said medicine didn’t have side-effects.

  188. charliemingles Says:

    My own suggestion of the excellent stephen merchant appears to have been overlooked. kirsten over at mingles HQ suggests matt berry. hed be very interesting.

  189. ugeine Says:

    Hang on, isn’t hysterical overreaction over a poor taste joke a hallmark of political correctness gone mad?

  190. Dave Says:

    The Christmas special will be called ‘The Next Doctor’, so perhaps we’ll find out then.


  191. charliemingles Says:

    its the original snake-oil napoleon. the miracle cure-all.

  192. Clarry Says:

    It’s just a revolting turn of phrase. I couldn’t believe my ears the other night on ‘Embarrassing Teenages Illnesses’ – one girl, when asked what euphemism she gave her monthly blight, said she called it her ‘dripping burger’. Frankly, I find that hard to believe, and stomach!

  193. Clarry Says:

    It’s just a revolting turn of phrase. I couldn’t believe my ears the other night on ‘Embarrassing Teenage Illnesses’ – one girl, when asked what euphemism she gave her monthly blight, said she called it her ‘dripping burger’. Frankly, I find that hard to believe, and stomach!

  194. Swineshead Says:

    dripping burger


  195. Swineshead Says:

    It’s just a revolting turn of phrase. I couldn’t believe my ears the other night on ‘Embarrassing Teenage Illnesses’ – one girl, when asked what euphemism she gave her monthly blight, said she called it her ‘dripping burger’. Frankly, I find that hard to believe, and stomach!

  196. Napoleon Says:

    Piqued – Unless I missed a meeting, Spaniards are still the same race as Englishmen, aren’t they? I think you meant to say ‘xenophobic’ there, didn’t you?

    On the subject of health and safety, did you know that I should have fire exit signs above my doors because my home is also my workplace? You really, really couldn’t make it up.

  197. charliemingles Says:

    in fact, I remember my great-grandfather going round the country in a covered wagon selling the stuff in bottles for a fortune. they hung him up from a lamp=post and chopped off his goolies.

    Even back then in 1903 – political correctness was starting to go at least a little bit mad.

  198. ugeine Says:

    Mingles – Two brilliant suggestions that would make me tune in week on week.

  199. Napoleon Says:

    Hello? Is WordPress fucking up again?

  200. charliemingles Says:

    Why, a harmless old man cant even travel round the country selling his spunk in bottles as sure-fire cancer cure these days.

  201. Napoleon Says:

    Mingles – He sold the stuff in bottles? I don’t know about that! As a medical man, I’ve always advised my female patients to partake of this wonder drug fresh from the source. Surely bottling it would cause it to lose some of its potency?

  202. Napoleon Says:

    I, too, have been stripped of my dignity.

  203. Clarry Says:

    ‘Hey mum’

    ‘Yes darling?’

    ‘When you go to the supermarket could you get me some sanitary towels, my burger’s dripping’.

    *stunned silence*

  204. Napoleon Says:


  205. charliemingles Says:

    That was probably his mistake Napoleon, indeed. thats possibly why they hung him up and chopped off his knackers. If hed only thought to offer the cure direct from source, hed probably be alive today.

    its often the case with these maverick scientists though. they just dont think these mundsane practicalities through.

  206. charliemingles Says:

    keep these photos coming napoleon. superb.

  207. ugeine Says:

    NP: What if you hired somebody, got a bout of Soap-Opera-Amnesia, forgot you hired anybody, started cooking with a chip pan, got attacked by a bear, ran out the house and found that your Amnesia had caused the death of your co-worker? DISASTER, that’s what.

  208. Napoleon Says:

    They taught me that on day one of my medical degree, Mingles. I believe day two covered the medical benefits of spooge emptied all over a patient’s hair, face and tits.

  209. piqued Says:

    slideshow is worth a look

  210. Clarry Says:

    Plus, why on earth would a teenager who is too embarassed to go to the doctor with their scabby fanny or dire case of knob-itis, find it any less embarrassing to reveal it to the nation via this prog? I don’t geddit, but tune in without fail.

  211. Napoleon Says:

    Do they actually show scabbed-up fannies and rotten cocks, Clarry? If so, that’s a fucking disgrace, and the Daily Mail should be made aware of it immediately.

    Those pumpkin things are very good, by the way.

  212. daveselectricblanket Says:

    I remember speaking to a girl who announced that when she got excited it was mayonnaise on a kebab.

    I never spoke to it ever again.

  213. charliemingles Says:

    pumpkin sculptures are excellent. not as good as the dogs in costume though

  214. ugeine Says:

    ‘itchy fanny’ ‘dripping burger’ These are the four words which have made me realise homosexuality is the way for me. Cheers, Clarry.

  215. Napoleon Says:

    This is a work of genius!

  216. ugeine Says:

    Turner prize that dog.

  217. Dave Says:

    I would have liked to have seen that dog dressed as Captain Hook – 5/10

  218. Napoleon Says:

    King of the Kennel

  219. Clarry Says:

    Yes, NC, they ACTUALLY show them. In full technicolour. One boy on Monday’s show had thrush and they showed it close up, with the foreskin pulled right back. Put me right off my tea…

    Ugeine – I very much doubt normal women use these phrases, they’re reserved for young adults who wish to appear ‘ker-azy’ or that they don’t give a fuck. Burger is not a word women tend to use when referring to their fannies.

  220. Napoleon Says:

    Clarry – C’mon, sugatits, say some more o’ that filth! The cannon’s charged and ready to fire ‘ere …

  221. charliemingles Says:

    Apologies if this is old news, but Ive just heard that george lamb/ray davies interview.

    now THIS IS FUCKING OFFENSIVE. What a fucking smug talentless twat lamb is. he should have been sacked on the fucking spot for this:


  222. ugeine Says:

    ‘One boy on Monday’s show had thrush and they showed it close up, with the foreskin pulled right back. Put me right off my tea…’

    Fuck it, I’m going Morrissey.

  223. Napoleon Says:

    Can’t you sum it up for us, Mingles? I can’t be arsed with these bloody YouTube clips.

  224. Napoleon Says:

    What does Morrissey do, Ugeine? Is he like Dave? Pushing stuff up his own arse and wanking in the dark?

  225. ugeine Says:

    Well, he hates foreigners, NP. But, aside from that, he’s celibate. However, with a face like that I don’t think it’s his decision…

  226. Dave Says:

    At least I don’t dress up as an 18th century rifleman, taking to the streets raping diseased vagabonds.

  227. ugeine Says:

    Dave, you do that most Wednesdays.

  228. Dave Says:

    I only did it the one time, and that was after a Libertines gig so it was obligatory.

  229. charliemingles Says:

    Napoleon – it can be summed up by the phrase: george lamb is as ever a smug talentless cunt, who pointlessly irritates a perfectly nice middle-aged man.

    worth listening to if youre needing to get yourself all wound-up for some reason.

    theres very few times I owuld advocate extreme violence. but please everyone listen to this and then tell me you wouldnt want to kick the little fucker into next week.

  230. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – You’re missing one important point here: Morrissey has money. Women are like bloodhounds when it comes to a man’s bank account; they can smell money from miles away. Morrissey’s boot-ugliness hasn’t left him bereft of female company – it’s the fact he’s a MISERABLE TWAT that’s done that.

  231. ugeine Says:

    Napoleon; That’s far more logical. I suppose you can close your eyes when he’s in the buff but you can’t close your ears for all the time he spends bitching about veganism and the like unless you surgically sow them up.

  232. Dave Says:

    Go listen to your pointless crap, NC. We Manchester folk will isten to the real music – eh?

    Go watch a fucking pantomime with chords.

  233. Swineshead Says:

    Charles – I did a review of Lamb’s podcast over here…

    …just in case you fancy a read.

  234. Napoleon Says:

    Ray can take it. He’s had to put up with his brother for decades, after all.

    So far I’ve managed to hear none of this George Lamb fella’s stuff. I don’t know if I want to besmirch my perfect record by listening to the clip you posted.

  235. charliemingles Says:

    I think I read that already SH. It was just this particular interview I was alluding to:

  236. Napoleon Says:

    Dave – Did I have a go at the man’s music? No! You just jumped to conclusions, didn’t you, you freaky little bum onion?

  237. Clarry Says:

    I heart Morrissey, he’s not ugly and he’s not a miserable twat. So there!

  238. Napoleon Says:

    Clarry – You’re a woman, and women have the worst taste in music in the world. Your opinion on Morrissey is voided by your sex, I’m afraid.

    Now c’mon, sugatits, let’s hear some more about dripping beefburgers – I’m seconds away from jizzing ‘ere.

  239. Swineshead Says:


  240. charliemingles Says:

    Napoleon: that comment was accidentally cc’d to Clarry’s grandfather.

    I expect your resignation on Swinesheads desk first thing tomorrow morning.

  241. Napoleon Says:

    I’ve been riding at the top of the sexist list since the day it was founded, Swineshead. Are you saying I’m being put on some damnfool secondary list now?

    You look like a buzzard.

  242. charliemingles Says:

    hes right about womens music taste though

  243. Napoleon Says:

    Mingles – I was thinking of issuing this apology after I’d spent four hours making my hair look messy and my clothes look fashionably rumpled,

    “Oooo, missus! I’m, like, awfully MORTIFIED that I, Napoleon, ‘ave, like, gone and offended Clarry’s grandfaaaver, and all that. I didn’t fink my foughts frew, did I? Didn’t fink ’em frew because I’m a frabtious bumpkinated dingle-dangler what don’t know what’s coming out of ‘is mouth from one minute to the next. Mind you, I ‘ave to say, in my defence, that I did find what I said very funny. NAY! NAY! AND THRICE NAY!”

  244. charliemingles Says:

    very moving

  245. Napoleon Says:

    I believe it sets the right tone, Mingles.

    What’s that?

    They found it flippant, did they?

    Hmm …

    *throws toys out of pram*


  246. Napoleon Says:

    Hello. The boss of Radio 2’s resigned now.

  247. charliemingles Says:

    for real? fuck me.

  248. charliemingles Says:

    im off to watch the news then and then the zombies.

  249. goerge Says:

    CM: I lasted about 10 seconds of that interview but that twat made me want to vomit. I might try and get to the offensive stuff later, but as a radio personality he’s a cunt. I can’t believe they let him near a set of vocal chords, let alone an actual radio show.

  250. goerge Says:

    Just went onto i player to watch the new buzzcocks, and it’s not there. So I go to wikipedia and it says the fucking thing has been postponed. Why? What fucking damage can a fucking programme recorded six fucking weeks ago broadcast after the watershed do to the nation? Is Brand suddenly so vulgar that even the sight of him sends several thousand middle england cunts into convulsions of self righteous anger? Is he going to jump out the fucking screen and start insulting their grandparents?

    Oh, no, it’s because the BBC’s way of dealing with this matter is to just bend over. Does it even matter if it’s rational any more? Let’s destroy all previous footage the BBC holds of Jonathan Ross! Let’s let everybody that was outraged at this whole shit storm kick Russell in the balls, one by one!

    To think, a week ago I found one of them kind of funny if a bit annoying at times and the other one a semi decent host of an alright chatshow and a kind of listenable radio presenter. I think my estimation of them has gone up tenfold simply because of the way they’re been treated.

    At least Russell Brand’s next stand up should be funny.

  251. Swineshead Says:

    I hope he doesn’t use this as a Howard Stern career arc… that’d stink.

  252. indy Says:

    taking a risk here but this “debacle” – is this to be compared to the US culture wars (coast vs inland, liberal elite vs rednecks and hockey moms)? is this a rural “silent majority” front against “overpaid arrogant immoral london media types”?

  253. goerge Says:

    Thanks to the BBC and the size of our country I don’t think we could ever get that polarised. Plus, I live in Northampton and I’m not a media type. It’s just a plain old moral panic.

  254. goerge Says:

    Guess who’s calling for the end of the BBC! Makes a change from fabricating crap about health and safety laws and obsessing over gay people.

  255. goerge Says:

    What will they do when the Torys get in?

  256. Badger Madge Says:

    Peeved that for some reason, I forgot to post this on ~BMTV as well as my FB blog…

  257. John Q Wagonwheel Says:

    Disgusting though it is when a licence fee-financed network censors according to tabloids, I confess I have no sympathy for a pair of cocks who produce little of merit and whose careers are more likely to be forwarded by the publicity than hindered.

  258. Swineshead Says:

    Fair enough JQW, I’ve tried to keep my opinion of Ross and Brand to the side throughout this as it’s irrelevant – I’m just glad a consensus is being reached that they shouldn’t have been suspended and shoul’ve been made to apologise sooner to nip it in the bud. The BBC should’ve handled this better by looking after their employees, timing things right and sticking their Vs up at the fucking Mail.

  259. John Q Wagonwheel Says:

    Yar, naturally it’s my opinion that they’re cocks. Some good folks might bring them home for tea with their grannies. It’s that bird wot he shagged what needs stringing up and burning, YEAH?!£

  260. sol Says:

    Swineshead incorrectly commented at 9:44 yesterday that Ross and Brand did not break the law.

    They violated Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1998, Section 43 of the Telecommunications Act 1984, Section 92 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, (all of which may possibly be bundled into one offense) and Section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986. And all of this unrelated to the fact that it was also broadcast.

    That they got paid to do it takes it to a whole other level of impropriety. It is not a matter of censorship. Why should they be entitled to break the law and be paid to do it just because someone else might find it entertaining?

    It is not the fault of the Daily Mail that they did this. The Mail and other newspapers (and surely you have seen it in all the broadsheets as well) just brought it to the attention of the license fee-paying public.

  261. Swineshead Says:

    Thanks for the correction Sol. I maintain it’s a petty offence, and if it wasn’t on the radio the police would not have taken it seriously. They haven’t taken it seriously and it was on the radio. What do you make of that?

    I’m not defending it and never have, mind you.

    All the same, the Mail has proved itself hypocritical by printing even more salacious stories about Sachs’ granddaughter than anything Brand discussed. That stinks.

    It’s one thing being a childish idiot who gets paid too much, it’s quite another to be part of a machine that’s using underhand tactics to derail a fine institution because they represent a threat to commercial interests.

    Brand may have broken a petty law, I won’t dispute that – but I think you should know that you’re defending the indefensible. Look further than the swearing and the idiocy and you might just see that you’ve just aided a bunch of misguided blabbermouths who themselves are (possibly unknowingly) assisting the publishing industry in an attempt to bring down the BBC.

    Say hello to Littlejohn for me, and let him know he’s a cunt.

  262. sol Says:

    I think the reason the police didn’t get involved was because Andrew Sachs made no complaint. The police do get involved in obscene phone call cases that do not have anything to radio or celebrity. These cases are difficult to prosecute because of paucity of evidence.

    I don’t deny or defend the Mail’s hypocrisy. We are all hypocrites at times. They are just trying to sell newspapers.

    I don’t know Littlejohn, but if I did, I would pass on your well-wishes.

  263. Swineshead Says:

    Fraudulent thieves are ‘just trying to make money’ Sol – what kind of excuse is that for their behaviour?
    They’ve incited mania to sell papers. They’re irresponsible distorters of the truth.

    This was a badly thought out gag that reached a stupid level of idiocy. I don’t approve. But I also don’t think it’s worth sacking people over a silly mistake.

    There’re plenty of things on the BBC I don’t approve of, but the fact that I think George Lamb is an idiot doesn’t mean I’m going to stop paying my licence fee. If it wasn’t for the mail milking this, nobody would’ve known or cared and Sachs, Brand and Ross (not to mention background staff at the BBC) would all have been better off. Georgina B, The Mail and News of the World will all PROFIT from it. Funny that, eh?

    Don’t blindly believe (or pretend) that this isn’t about weakening the BBC. If you do, you’re an idiot.

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