Most Annoying People: 2008


You could be forgiven for thinking we’re cynical bastards on this site. You’d be right, to an extent. But, unlike Most Annoying People: 2008, we like to think we target the most distasteful stuff we can find on TV and have something of a cause. We’ve lost the way in the past from time to time, but essentially we’ve stuck to our guns on the stuff we despise.

The aforementioned show, on the other hand, lists 100 of the most well known people in the country and systematically strips the vinegar-piss out of them indiscriminately. It’s the neverending story of the year and in it Richard Bacon connects the featured prey with withering introductions and strange audio skits whilst talking heads give their verdict on the celebrities who’ve received the words press over the course of the year.

The Talking Heads themselves are an odd bunch. You have your usual, well-recognised cultural commentators – like Mark Frith (or whatever he’s called) – the ex editor of Heat. You have a bevy of known stand ups, less well known stand ups and other ex-Blue Peter presenters. And you also have the stars of the show. A handful of the alleged most annoying who are included in the list pop up to give their side of the story and later, confusingly, appear to comment on fellow celebrity annoyances.

The show eats itself, pukes itself up, then gathers its puke and shoves it under your nose twenty minutes later due to a lack of material. It renders you completely frazzled.

What compounds the confusion is the fact that some of them may not have annoyed you in the slightest. Speaking subjectively, Fern Britton hasn’t got my goat in the slightest this year. I couldn’t care less if she’s been passively hypocritical regarding some Ryvita. I’m not sure I’ve seen any trace of Pete Doherty in the press. Last I heard, he’d moved to the countryside and got fat. That’s not annoying. It’s advisable.

So you’ll be sitting there saying to yourself ‘Huh! Piers Morgan, eh? What a moron’ and then it’ll flick to Alistair Darling who, for my money, isn’t annoying at all. I can’t see why he’s been included. The only reason the show really gave was a painfully extended pisstake regarding his eyebrows.

This is BBC3 fare and, by their standards, is surprisingly watchable. All the same, 100 is a very high figure to try and reach, so it’s no wonder some examples fall flat. The overriding problem is that the figures who are mocked are only so high profile because the media plasters them over front pages and screens instead of real news. We wouldn’t hear about Winehouse’s terrible choice of beau if it wasn’t for the press making it the top story. Naomi playing the race card after bluffing on a jet is so far off my radar that it’s incapable of annoying me.

Who exactly is this stuff annoying, apart from around 50 talking heads in a handful of studios in London, Sun readers, Grazia readers and morons?

I’m afraid I don’t have the answer.

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9 Responses to “Most Annoying People: 2008”

  1. ugeine Says:

    Compilation lists have to be the most pointless, clichéd format there is.

    Ugeine’s top five most pointless list formats goes as follows:

    1) ‘best album / band of a certain year’

    2) ’10 things you shouldn’t do in a certain situation’

    3) ‘The Top fiftiest genre films ever’

    4) ‘top 10 Tenuous links between this cheap archive footage’ and

    5) ‘coolest people this year.’

  2. ugeine Says:

    Was there even a vague stab at some kind of qualifier, such as ‘we asked YOU the public’ or ‘we asked 50 top experts at irritance’?

  3. The Redundant Girl Says:

    I’m very fair minded – everyone annoys me!

  4. Nick of the T Says:

    Wasn’t Bacon an outed coke sniffer?

    They’re fucking annoying your coke heads.

  5. Andrew Griffith Says:

    I’m watching this at the moment and they are complaining about Madonna flashing her fanny a lot. Annoying? Well it hasn’t bothered me at all. I don’t mind a flash of MILF muff every now and then.

  6. Swineshead Says:

    Isn’t she in her seventies? Are you a pensioner, Andrew?

  7. Nick of the T Says:

    I’m now a twitter celebrity stalker and pissed.

  8. Swineshead Says:

    these shows stand or fall on the quality of the tralking heads and how funny and well-written the voice-over is. No one was even credited in the voice-over and lots of shite stand-ups no one’s heard of, doesn’t really make it.

  9. charlie mingles Says:

    sorry swineshead. I dont know how that happened. The SH name was left from a joke about a month ago.

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