Big Fat Quiz Of The Year: 2008


Another year, another Big Fat Quiz Of The Year. Previously, this was decent, low-grade Christmas TV fodder. You could even stand Jimmy Carr and his casual bigotry as the outing relied more heavily on the panelists, made up of, if memory serves:

  • A pre-Manuel-trouble Jonathan Ross, gamely trying to keep up with the cool kids and acting the giddy goat, managing to be funny for ten percent of the time.
  • A pre-Manuel-trouble Russell Brand, putting in a good spot in conjunction with partner in crime…
  • Noel Fielding. Noel Fielding is one of those annoying swines who personifies likability. Thus, anything with him in it is generally alright.
  • David Walliams – like Ross, trying a bit too hard, but keeping the thing afloat with enthusiasm and idiocy.
  • David Mitchell – always good quality, even when he’s in something shit.
  • Someone else I can’t remember. [update] It was the comedian and good egg, Rob Brydon.

This year, things went horribly, horribly wrong. Ross is on a forced holiday because he done a naughty on a phoneline. He couldn’t appear as a result, presumably. Brand was unavailable for similar reasons, in addition to promoting a proper career abroad. Mitchell must have been busy and Walliams is in America. Consequently, we were left with a real horrorshow. Barrels were scraped and dogshit scraped ceremoniously from shoes as Channel 4 booked, presumably whilst drunk:

  • Claudia Winkleman – that woman off Liquid News in the 90s who looks like a goth nine-year-old who’s being continuously tasered.
  • Dara O’Briain – a man who claims he’s a comedian but is actually just Irish. And, disgustingly, he can’t even spell his own name.
  • That posh man – who is infrequently funny on Have I Got News For You.
  • Sean Lock – a cracking comedian whose usually brilliant humour was sullied for the second time this year by that arsehole:
  • James Corden – why? Why, why, why? Why is this bastard even… even…. Why is he…

…I can’t be arsed.

  • Oh – and Davina Fucking McCall.

Need I go on? Does the resultant car crash even warrant description?

Does it buggery. Even the bit where the kids from a primary school do an amusingly amateurish and endearing take on an event from the preceding year fell flat, thanks to the berks on stage following the clip, hooting like gorillas and revelling in their own crap jokes. What a ruddy letdown.

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41 Responses to “Big Fat Quiz Of The Year: 2008”

  1. Tom Laird Says:

    Dara O’Briaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaaiiiaain. Why?

  2. Joanne Says:

    I usually love Dara O’Briain but he was way too quiet which gave that Macintyre cunt the opportunity to talk too much. I fucking hate Michael Macintyre. Unfunny, hideous twat. And Winkleman too. And McCall.

    Exactly where the fuck was David Mitchell this year?

  3. The Spaghetti Says:

    I believe Rob Brydon was “the other one” from last year. And jolly funny he was too.
    This year was nowhere near as good. It appeared that Dara sensed that, and was intensely bored by the end of the show.
    I fancy that Winkelman though. I know it’s wrong, but I don’t care.

  4. Nick of the T Says:

    I have it sitting on my hard drive. It may stay there for a bit.
    It was never going to be as much fun as last year for the reasons you have already stated m’lud.

    Rob Brydon is tres funny on the twatter.

    “Wossy” is in America, the little blue bird told me that.

    Has “You’ve Been Framed” been on every day? Yes.

    ITV is so shit.

  5. Dave Says:

    Jimmy Carr sold only 150,000 copies of his latest comedy DVD. That’s less than everyone on Mock the Week. Kill him.

  6. Nick of the T Says:

    Cordon will be absent for a while as he will be playing Shrek the musical in the west end……

  7. Edna Welthorpe Says:

    I am told that Michael Macintyre has been labelled a ‘key talent’ by those in charge at BBC1.


  8. The Spaghetti Says:

    No, but gabbling and having “wobbly” hair is genius. The man is pure class. Honest.

  9. ugeine Says:

    I didn’t watch as an ongoing boycott of everything involving J***y C**r, he is to comedy what Herrod was to the Bethlehem Playgroup Association. O’Brain’s alright though, his stand up was pretty solid (which is more then can be said for that smug arse JC).

    Plus, Noel Fielding is starting to properly grate on me now. I think it’s mainly overexposure.

  10. Swineshead Says:

    Why is O’Briain alright? How is pointing out the obvious, then going ‘aaaaah’ in any way comedic?

    Spaghetti – Brydon – ou’re quite right. I’ll amend that as I like Robin Brydons.

  11. The Spaghetti Says:

    I rate Dara, I have to say. And think how much time he has to spend with Frankie Boyle, surely the most embittered man in the Universe. He’s not actually joking when he says those things.

    I have it on good authority that next year’s panel will be:
    Johnny Vegas
    Nick Hancock
    Linda Barker (off that “Housewife Room Swap Challenge” thingy)
    Mr Blobby

    I probably won’t tune in.

  12. ugeine Says:

    His stand up was quite amusing. He’s got a dry, witty persona that’s quite funny. He doesn’t just point out the obvious or play on an Irish stereotype for an hour and a half in the hour and a half I saw. Quite confident, quite sarcastic and a decent helping of observational humour.

    I’ll be the first to admit he’s nothing special, but at least his stand up isn’t painful to watch, like Jimmy Carr or a few others I can think of.

    I can see why you don’t sing his praises, but I’m a bit nonplussed at why you can’t stand him so much. I’d understand general apathy, but he’s not the most annoying person in the world. He’s not even the most annoying person on Mock The Week, that would have to go to hamster boy from My Family.

  13. Swineshead Says:

    Are you all at work today? Or just sick of being at home?

  14. ugeine Says:

    At work, though taking advantage of workplace illnesses. *looks behind shoulder*

  15. Swineshead Says:

    By the way U, I can’t access your UKNova account… is it dead?

  16. ugeine Says:

    hmm, which one did I give you again? You might need a 2 after the log in name.

  17. charliemingles Says:

    As ever Swinesy old boy, you are the voice of reason sir. I also find michael mccintrye ( the posh twat who cant believe his luck) and dara o’brian irritating as fuck.

    What I hate most about Dara O’fukingbrain is how he pauses after every joke to allow the audience to laugh by going’ ‘eeeeh …’ And I mean every joke. EVERY FUCKING JOKE. EVERY FUCKING TIME. CUNT.

    (Ive just noticed sh made the same ‘ eeeh/aaah’ point. two giant minds etc)

  18. charliemingles Says:

    Can I put a word in for the top 100 most annoying comedy fuckwits: Russell Howard. he was okay once upon a time, not really funny, but quite likeable. Now hes a cocky little twat who resembles a mahogany skeleton in a boris johnson moptop. and hes not funny.


    (ah, Ive missed this high-fallutin intellectual cut n thrust)

  19. ugeine Says:

    Christ, work is dead.

  20. charliemingles Says:

    I assume youre still getting paid. so enjoy it. I cant even access the internet from work, well not legally.

  21. ugeine Says:

    Yeah, It’s better then not getting paid. Though I think I’ve exhausted the internet.

  22. charliemingles Says:

    what was claudia winkleman going on about with jon snow. Her husband obviously isnt fucking her these days. I would imagine that posh teenage girl enthusiasm coming from a middle-aged woman would get annoying after about 5 minutes though, so no wonder. Still, fuck it – id shag her up against the bins.

  23. charliemingles Says:

    Ive been very disappointed by the various christmas specials:

    Gavin & Stacey – wheras the series was genuine, uncynical and heartfelt, the special was maudling, sentimental formulaic shite.

    Doctor who – pointless and mediocre.

    The Royle family – just utter shite in every way. terrible terrible dated pish.

    Wallace & Gromit – predictable and slow, lost its charm.

    Looking forward to the jonathan creek one though. ( I live in hope)

  24. Shadow Step Says:

    “You could even stand Jimmy Carr and his casual bigotry”

    Of course if the blog owner had been to school, he would know that one is only a bigot if one means it.

  25. Swineshead Says:

    Shadow Step – it’s possible to be so bigoted that you state an ignorant belief in passing, forgetting or wilfully ignoring the fact it may offend. As a flippant joke, perhaps.

    You bloody idiot.

  26. ugeine Says:

    Just watching the end of the third season of the sopranos, and Omar bloody Little makes a cameo!

  27. ugeine Says:

    Jimmy Carr tends to skirt a fine line between bigoted jokes told in an ironic way, and inferentially bigoted jokes. It’s how he gets away with it, I think.

  28. The Spaghetti Says:

    Many a true word spoken in jest – I trot that one out whenever the GF has a dig at me, in a vain attempt to guilt trip her.

  29. Swineshead Says:

    I don’t think Jimmy Carr tells any joke in an ironic way. That would imply he has some kind of persona.

    Raising your eyebrows when you say something supposedly edgy doesn’t mean you’ve said it ironically…

  30. ugeine Says:

    Good point, SH.

  31. The Spaghetti Says:

    Only Roger Moore truly has the power of the eyebrow.

  32. Clarry Says:

    HNY all – have you checked the miserable comment from Terry on the ‘Just a thought – Children in Need’ blog?

    I’m adding ‘swear more’ to my list of resolutions to annoy him.

  33. Dave Says:

    Did anybody watch The Spy Who Loved Me yesterday? Perfection in a film can.

  34. The Spaghetti Says:

    I love Barbara Bach.

  35. charliemingles Says:

    Havent seen that for decades dave. I cant take any of the roger moore ones seriously. I watched Blood Diamonds again over Christmas. thats a good movie and its great to see leonardo de caprio turning into a proper action hero and a good actor, from that podgy faced little twat he started off as.

  36. Dave Says:

    Yeah, he seemed to grow out of a cunt (eww) from Gangs of New York onwards. Although he was decent in Marvin’s Room, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and most of all Basketball Diaries so go figure.

    Roger Moore should have played Jack in Titanic – he would have stuffed a hydrogen bomb up a shark’s arse before kicking it up the tush towards the iceberg. Or am I mixing him uo with Batman now?

    Batman should have played Roger Moore playing Jack in Titanic.

  37. ugeine Says:

    Maybe you could cast Jimmy Carr as the villain.

  38. Nick of the T Says:

    I’m upset that the Morecambe & Wise xmas show repeat wasn’t as funny as I remembered it as a sprog. The Young Ones was, fortunately.

    Shadow Step – random cunt.

  39. indy Says:

    being a fan of former bfqotys (2006 was fantastic and 2007 was very good) me and my girlfriend started to watch bfqoty 2009 off youtube two nights ago. we watched the first five minutes before we had enough. a total disaster. this sad bunch even made me wish they had called in lily allen for a comeback from edition of 2007…

  40. extremelisteningmode Says:

    The thing about these shows is that, to be funny, you need to book funny people.

    It’s like when you turn on Buzzcocks and they haven’t booked any comedians, just three musician, a presenter and an actor and you know it all falls to Jupitus and Amstell.

    Now I disagree with the Winkleman comment as I’d dearly love to bum her, but she’s not funny. Similarly that Corden abomination. Michael McIntyre just looked so pleeased to eb there, he forgot to actually add anything.

    And I felt so sorry for Sean Lock, a genuinely funny man.

  41. MsMarmitelover Says:

    Winkleman was a total embarrassment. As a woman,(judging by the tone, I guess most of your commentators are men) I just thought surely they can do better than this. There are some funny women. I know them in my real life, why aren’t funny women on tv?
    All we had was ‘totty’.

    Some of your commentators can’t spell either.

    Michael Macintyre is good imho.

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