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The Friday Question: Your Own Radio Times

January 9, 2009

There’s been a fair amount of decent TV on this week, for my money. My evenings have kicked off with the BBC’s The Diary of Anne Frank which has surpassed expectations in terms of quality.

Masterchef, May and Clarke on top of an above-mediocre CBB have provided enjoyment in the schedules – a rarity indeed.

It made me ponder what the ultimate TV schedule would involve. An evening is limited to a maximum of five hours viewing (we’re imagining this is a school-night), so how would I cram 5 hours of fun into such a limited space? Here’s my take on this challenge. I’m imagining I’m coming to all the programmes fresh – new episodes of each show:

7.00Eastenders: I know it’s usually on later, but this is a game, alright? A perrenial evening favourite – unremarkable but, for me, unmissable.

7.30 – The Apprentice: An hour of smart, manipulative, hilarious television that makes a hypocrite of the viewer and a screaming fool of the contestants. Reality TV par excellence.

8.30 – The Wire: An episode from season three or four would fit the bill perfectly. I don’t really need to explain this one.

9.30 – Twin Peaks: Something filmic but beautifully condensed into weekly hour-long slots. Still amazingly weird and radical even watching after all these years.

10.30 – Curb Your Enthusiasm: Some absurd, rich Americans acting like idiots for half an hour should clear up the surreal residue that Twin Peaks smeared the screen with.

11.00 – Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends: The Gangsta Rap one is still my favourite, so it’d have to be that episode. The ‘Six foot two in my Compaq’ rhyme that Louis ‘spits’ makes me jiggle jiggle.

Midnight – BEDTIME!

That’s me… I wonder how your evening will unfold?

Show us what’s in your personal Radio Times.

(Thanks to whoever made the Youtube vid at the top – it made me piss myself laughing)