The Friday Question: Opening Music…



A show’s theme tune often defines it. Eastenders wouldn’t be what it is without that striking piece of synth magic, latterly recorded as ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ by Anita Dobson, because it scanned. Similarly, Coronation Street relies on the moaning horns it opens with, instilling warmth in the pensioners and students who watch it. Emmerdale probably also has a theme tune, but I can’t be sure as I never watch it. Because it’s rubbish.

Sitcoms also have had some crackers. I’m thinking of Dexy’s singing ‘Because of You’ at the start of the generally awful Brush Strokes, or the wailing jazz mess that sees Bottom in.

Then you’ve got drama – Minder with Dennis Waterman singing the feem toon, B-B-Bread, that intensely unfunny bittersweet scouse comedy-soap, with the lyrics everybody inexplicably remembers.

In my startlingly attractive eyes, the best ever theme tune featured on Dear John, the barely remembered sitcom in which a divorcee struggled to find love among a cast of stereotypes.

What about you? Does the rousing, clattering orchestra of Black Beauty get you going? Maybe it’s the ominous computer purr of the Crimewatch jingle that sets you off? Or you might be the type who gets off on the hard-rocking music that accompanies the snooker…

What’s the best TV theme music?

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183 Responses to “The Friday Question: Opening Music…”

  1. charliemingles Says:

    first in. nothing to say but … wahoo!

    off to bed now.

    nighty night old pals. hope youre all happy.


  2. Interceptor Says:

    Probably not good to admit it, but I have a thing for those awesome 80s US ‘Super Vehicle’ tunes, particularly Airwolf, but the personal fave goes to the barely remembered (for good reason) ‘Hardcastle & McCormick’, a riot of gurning bubble permed he-men, engine noises, and barely concealed homo/autoerotica that manages to out cock-rock anything Motley Crue have ever penned, and even has lyrics (crap ones, but they’re in there).

    (Incidenatally has anyone else noticed how many shows have titles that scan over the music? Corrie is a good one to test this theory with)

  3. Office Pest Says:

    Erm.. The Sweeney, or The Avengers.. er dunno I’ll have to think about that a bit. Good question. The Avengers, I’ve just decided. No, wait, Dr Who, though. The proper version done by Delia Derbyshire mind you. Hmm…..zzzzzzzz

  4. Office Pest Says:

    Then again, perhaps Hawaii 5-0, UFO or Thunderbirds… No. It’s The Avengers. Final answer Chris.

  5. beth Says:

    ‘Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads’
    ‘White Horses’

  6. Do I not like that! Says:

    beth…White Horses is wonderful…innocent days, Uncle Hugo etc…..

  7. Do I not like that! Says:

    but the best ever opening theme has to be….

  8. Do I not like that! Says:

    without doubt the best opening theme is,

  9. Do I not like that! Says:

    Hawaii 5-0 without a doubt, nothing comes close.

  10. Swineshead Says:

    Office P – YES!

    So many shows’ theme tunes scan with the titles. Corrie is a classic as you can sing it in a whiney northern roar, and eastenders is like a jigsaw singalong, where the fractured syllables brilliantly compliment the many-note melody.

  11. The Pelvis Says:

    Got a big soft spot for the Bergerac theme tune. Reminds of trying to cram all my homework in on a sunday night. Quite dewy eyed about That’s Life for the same reason……

  12. Do I not like that! Says:

    Talking of eastenders, accidentally watched a few minutes of it last night, no idea what was going on whatsoever, but was intrigued with this train/sparks visual effects (district line I presume or overground section of the central line). How new is this? It’s laughable.

  13. The Spaghetti Says:

    Knightrider. Or Dukes of Hazzard.

  14. The Spaghetti Says:

    Or Miami Vice. Or Magnum PI. Defo from the 80’s, whatever it is.

  15. Simon Says:

    Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy – The Eagles, “Journey of The Sorcerer”

  16. fourstar Says:

    Minder, without a doubt.

  17. Swineshead Says:

    How can you ‘accidentally’ watch Easties, DINLT?
    Did you trip over the coffee table, land on the remote, crick your back and find yourself stuck in position whilst Janine tortured Jack?

    ‘Accidentally’ my aaaaaarse.

  18. Do I not like that! Says:

    Those links did not load first second or third try ….and now they are there.
    Strange. Sorry for the apparent over statement.

  19. Ashby de la Launde Says:

    Hitch hikers, genius that is.

    I say any old school, parping sitcom music of the Terry and June blend, and latterly Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  20. Nick T Says:

    I won’t bother trying to post links….

    All Creatures Great and Small music, wonderful. Fantastic jazzy hi-hat 3/4 of the way through……

    The digest thing was jolly good eh? EH?

  21. Swineshead Says:

    I’m going to sort this bastard problem with links OUT.
    Bear with me.

  22. Swineshead Says:

    The hi-hat…an essential couple of cymbals, so difficult to master. They’re the reason I gave up learning the drums as a child and took to smoking teenth after teenth of cannabis.

    For me, they are a CYMBAL of my misspent youth.

    *falls over from trying too hard*

  23. Napoleon Says:

    You’re all wrong, of course. The best opening theme tunes are:

    Thank You For Being A Friend – The Golden Girls
    That’s Livin’ Alright – Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

    And that Dexy’s one Swineshead mentioned.

  24. Von Says:

    Can I just add that the worst theme is the audio shite spray that is Star Trek: Enterprise.

  25. Swineshead Says:

    Ah – the Golden Girls one makes me smile and lust over American pensioners.

    And you would see the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say thankyou for being my frieeeeeeeend.

  26. Napoleon Says:

    It’s another one that everyone knows the words to, despite the show being shit on a shit-shovel.

    I’d also like to add that the theme tune to The Greatest American Hero is both excellent, and the cheesiest song ever written:

  27. Swineshead Says:

    A good choice. And it was used on Seinfeld to good effect…

    William Katt who played The Greatest American Hero – isn’t he Carrie’s date from the film Carrie?

  28. Napoleon Says:

    There’s a girl on Trisha at the moment who sounds like a female Johnny Vegas.

  29. Swineshead Says:

    She does. Just switched over. Her mum looks like Jim Bowen in an Andy Warhol wig.

  30. Napoleon Says:

    I think you may be right there. I wish I had his Paul Nicholensian hair.

  31. Napoleon Says:

    Good to see you’re settling in to the home worker’s lifestyle, Swineshead.

  32. Swineshead Says:

    I’m just getting used to it. It’s a slog, that’s for sure. I can’t even be bothered to make a cup of tea.

  33. Who Says:

    Would it be REALLY wanky of me to point out that ‘Breaking Away’ is the opening tune and ‘That’s Livin’ Alright’ is the closing tune to The Pet? Yes, Who, you are wanky. Anyway I likes both so I’m in agreement with Nappers, as usual.


  34. Napoleon Says:

    I’ve just had a poo. Now I’m going to read through the advert-riddled free paper with a fag and a cup of coffee. Then it’ll be lunchtime.

    I can barely keep up with the break-neck pace some days.

  35. Nick T Says:

    Trying to find the ACGAS music….oh god

  36. Napoleon Says:

    Is it? I don’t remember that, Who. Mind you, I’ve not seen Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (the original series) for going on twenty years.

  37. Napoleon Says:

    What the fuck’s that animals video about? Is it just animals? I only got as far as the rabbits. Somebody doesn’t start fucking these animals, do they?

  38. Nick T Says:


    Jazzy hi-hat at 48 seconds

    *shines nails on cuff*

  39. piqued Says:

    No question. Murphy’s Mob -70’s kids TV show. Still remember every word/chord some, er, 15 year later…

    The lead singer was Gary Holton widely known for being Wayne in Auf Wiedershen Pet. He died of too much horse in 1985

  40. Nick T Says:

    No Naps, it just made my jaw drop….

  41. Nick T Says:

    Good god!

    More jaw dropping on Trisha!

  42. Swineshead Says:

    An oldie but a goodie. That’s hobo style. Yes?

  43. Swineshead Says:

    When will our mate stop sleeping with strangers?
    Married men and drunk blokes just use her for sex.

    Thanks Trisha, for bringing these people to my attention. You have enriched my life.

  44. Who Says:

    Ah, nostaglia. It keeps turning up on one of them cable channels.

    Bomber needs a woman, Bomber does.

  45. Nick T Says:

    Where would one buy a studded woolen top like that?


  46. piqued Says:

    Murphy’s Mob?


    *waves Murphy’s Mob flag*

  47. Hemmerfru Says:

    Silent Witness, because the operatic singer sounds like she’s going ‘He’s got horsey legs’ right at the start.

    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – surely the first time most youngsters heard ‘ip’op. Especially in Norfolk, loike.

  48. Swineshead Says:

    Fresh Prince is a good one.

    And the Neighbours theme which seems to mutate every time they get a fresher cast in, updating without modernising.

    *jumps in outdoor pool before smiling with family*

  49. Napoleon Says:

    I don’t remember Murphy’s Mob.

  50. Swineshead Says:

    Nappers – I think we’re too young to remember any of Piqued’s favourites, they’re all from the 50s.

  51. piqued Says:

    I did put a link up, it’s possible you might…

  52. Nick T Says:

    It flew under my radar too Naps

  53. Napoleon Says:

    Oh right. I didn’t realise Murphy’s Mob was off of the ’50s. You forget Piqued’s so bloody old. Must be that teenager’s haircut / wig.

  54. piqued Says:

    ah har har.

    More than likely you’ll remember it NC…

  55. piqued Says:

    Music for The Professionals was cool too

    Whatever happened to Lewis Collins? He was a right tool

  56. Swineshead Says:

    Speaking of greying/receding hair, how are you wearing yours these days, Nappers?

    Mines a straggly mess of dread.

  57. piqued Says:

    Well you saw me on saturday SH

    *has sense of humour failure*

  58. Napoleon Says:

    I don’t remember it, Piqued. I didn’t bother turning up on this earth until the 1970s, so sadly I missed out on the Happy Days-style delights of the shows of your youth such as I Love Lucy, The Phil Silvers Show and Murphy’s Mob, daddio.

  59. piqued Says:

    Oh. I’m not Nappers am I


  60. Nick T Says:

    I may be the oldest here.

    *flashes bus pass*

  61. Napoleon Says:

    Short back ‘n’ sides, Swineshead.

    And by the way, the only receding bit of my hair is my widow’s peaks, and they’ve remained in exactly the same place for five years. So you can bloody well forget any jokes you were about to make about my bald head, I reckon.

    *has similar sense of humour failure*

  62. piqued Says:

    how about this then? Eh?

  63. Napoleon Says:

    Nick – You can’t surely be older than Piqued. He remembers when it was all fields.

  64. Nick T Says:

    What is wrong with wordpress TODAY?

    Has someone fed horlicks to the donkey that powers this rubbish?

  65. Nick T Says:

    You mean it’s NOT fields anymore?


  66. Napoleon Says:

    It’s fucking up no end today. I can’t be doing with WordPress and its ‘OOOOOPS! Looks like you’ve already said that!’ and its ‘You’re commenting too quickly! Slow down!’. At least Blogger doesn’t bark orders at or pass the blame on to its readers. A pain in the arse.

  67. piqued Says:

    It’s shit innit

    I’m trying to post the theme for The Professionals and it’s not working

    (you remember Murphy’s Mob Nick?)

  68. Swineshead Says:

    Blogger’s ugly. Sorry if you’re having problems – though it may be closer to home…

    (You’re a doddering old mess)

  69. Napoleon Says:

    Blogger’s ugly? It is if you choose one of the ugly templates. The one I use looks the same as this one, just with a sidebar.

  70. Swineshead Says:

    We’re moving soon anyhow…

    So – plans for the weekend? Any ass-kicking?

  71. Napoleon Says:

    I’m going to kick some ass, yes. Y’self?

  72. wolfdisguisedasmonk Says:

    My money is on a 90’s kids cartoon, OxTails or Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads xx

  73. Napoleon Says:

    OxTails? Never heard of that. Bloody kids.

    WDAM – Get your bloody hair cut.

  74. Swineshead Says:

    I’m planning on kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. Sadly, I am all out of bubblegum.

    I will also be finishing the most fiendish flat pack chest of drawers you’ve ever seen and eating chips.

  75. Napoleon Says:

    I’m going to Bradford.

  76. piqued Says:

    Me too

  77. Napoleon Says:

    You’re going to Bradford? What day?

  78. piqued Says:

    August 1982, it was raining

  79. Napoleon Says:

    Oh, ha ha. I was going to offer to buy you a pint, you scabby little man.

  80. piqued Says:


    *lip trembles*

    I’m just going to sit down in the other room for a bit

  81. Nick T Says:

    I’m off to Soho on the morrow.

    £32 return, they should pay me!

  82. piqued Says:

    *distant sound of sobbing*

  83. Nick T Says:

    Murphys Mob….1984 kids show…I was 20….I was out working….pups..the music is rubbish too.

    *whistles Double Deckers theme*

  84. Nick T Says: ZZZZZzzzzz

  85. Nick T Says:

    The Winner

  86. Swineshead Says:

    I’m about to tuck into an enormous round of beans on toast – with a mug of tea. So that’s a healthy 8 out of 10 for today’s Lunch Race.

  87. Napoleon Says:

    I’m right browned off, I am.

  88. Swineshead Says:

    I think you’re right, WordPress is knackered.
    I can’t click any links in my dashboard.

    Balls. BALLS.

  89. Napoleon Says:

    I just got a message up saying the website has a programming error.

  90. Swineshead Says:

    One day the whole internets will get a programming error, and then where will we all be, eh? Eh?

    Answer me that.

  91. The Spaghetti Says:

    Doing this, very very slowly, by post?

  92. Napoleon Says:

    I’ll just go outside and do something less boring instead.

  93. Swineshead Says:

    ‘Less boring’? I’m afraid that offers you an overload of options.

    As for doing it by post – if you’re postman’s anything like mine you’ll become convinced you’re the only person on the planet as nothing ever arrives from the outside world.

  94. The Spaghetti Says:

    Napoleon – you mean shoot people, don’t you?

  95. Napoleon Says:

    If only it was legal, Spagolioni, alas, alas.

  96. ugeine Says:

    Go up to anybody my age and go ‘iiiiiiiiiiiiiin’ and I bet you they will follow with ‘West philedalphia born and raised, in the playgorund is where I spent most of my days’ and the recite the whole thing in under a minute. Fresh Prince of Belair’s theme was the daddy.

  97. ugeine Says:

    chillin’ out max and relaxin’ all cool and shootin’ some b ball outside of THE school

    when a couple of guys who were up to no good started causing trouble in the neighbourhood, I got in one little fight and my moms got scared and said ‘you’re moving with your aunty and uncle to belair’.

    You get extra props if you can remember the middle bit with the mum that was taken out of subsequent series.

    Seriosuly, when my generation rules the world, tihs will be how we decide the new prime minister.

  98. Nick T Says:

    I’ve earned $4 in 24 hours for doing ‘nowt.

    These google ads are indeed the shit!

  99. Von Says:

    Fresh Prince FTW. Also I higly recommend the theme to Action Force. And Transformers.

  100. Nick T Says:



  101. Napoleon Says:

    Go up to anybody my age, Ugeine, and go, ‘Weeeeeeell’, and you can bet your left testicle they’ll follow with, ‘The world don’t move to the beat o’ just one drum; what might be right for you, may not be right for some!’. Diff’rent Strokes’s theme was the daddy.

  102. ugeine Says:

    Yes, Props. You wouldn’t understand, grandpa.

    *rollerblade jumps over Nick T*

  103. Napoleon Says:


  104. Von Says:

    Diff’rent Strokes. Amazing. Every day on Sky One, when I got home from school.

  105. Napoleon Says:

    Sky One? When you were at school? Born in a stately home, were we?

  106. Nick T Says:

    Explain “Props” homie?

    *makes gang sign with fingers*

    Do they say that on the Kelly Monteith Show?

  107. Von Says:

    Nope, just had the kind of parents who substituted parenting with multi channel TV. A decision which has led me to become a meeja div and comment on this particular blog.

  108. piqued Says:

    This new guy just started here called Michael Eaton, so to make him feel at home I went up to him this morning and sung ‘Eton Michael, Eton Michael’ (a la Jam song)

    I don’t think he got it

  109. The Spaghetti Says:

    I used to work with a guy called Adrian. When he walked in the office, we’d all shout “Aaaaaaaadriannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!”, Rocky-stylee. He got it, but didn’t like it.

  110. Napoleon Says:

    Von – Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, eh? Eh, your lordship? Devilled kidneys for breakfast, followed by a spot of huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’? With your Sky TV?

    *doffs cap*

    It’s not for the likes of me to question my betters.

  111. Napoleon Says:

    I used to work with a bloke called Michael J Fox. I used to rib him something chronic about it … until he pointed out that he was the actual Michael J Fox, and I was his co-star Christopher Lloyd and we were filming Back To The Future III.


  112. Do I not like that! Says:

    Oh yes…Cheers theme….
    “Making your way today takes everything you got
    Taking a break from your worries, sure would help alot…etc”

  113. ugeine Says:

    Nick: It’s like Kudos. Also, sorry, but going to have to kill you for making the wrong gang sign – WWM is officially crips territoy.

  114. Von Says:

    Frenchie – Good. Glad we got that sorted.

  115. Nick T Says:

    *gets hand cramps*

  116. piqued Says:

    “Making your way today takes everything you got
    Taking a break from your worries, sure would help alot…etc”

    …by getting utterly pissed out of you head, basically

    What sort of a message is that to ‘the kids’ eh? They should take it off air at once!

    *writes to Daily Mail*

    *joins BNP*

  117. The Spaghetti Says:

    Don’t worry, drinking in the Cheers bar makes you move to Seattle and have a complete character transplant.

  118. Nick T Says:

    “Tossed salad and scrables eggs”

    What the hell was all that about?

  119. Napoleon Says:

    I liked the blue ones best. Mind you, I never understood why raspberry flavour was represented by the colour blue. Fair enough, your strawberry took the red colour, but couldn’t they have made the raspberry one a darker red? Or a pinkier red? Or something?

  120. Nick T Says:

    *types comment*

    *submits comment*

    Nothing happens….

    *submits comment again*

    “oops, you have just submitted this comment*

    *headbuts screen*

  121. Do I not like that! Says:

    oh yes another…I’m on firing on all cylinders here…
    Theme from MASH.

    btw it should have “Making your way in the World today takes everything you got…” etc.

  122. Napoleon Says:

    Nick – I had that. It kept telling me to slow down. Who at WordPress decided we needed telling off when something pops into our head too quickly after the last thing popped into our heads?

    Next you’ll get a message saying, ‘WordPress has detected you’ve not brushed your teeth yet. Off you pop – you can comment when you get back, there’s a good lad.’ Bastards.

  123. Do I not like that! Says:

    This comment may reappear….

    It should have been “Making your way in the World today takes everything you got….” etc.

    Theme from MASH.

  124. Napoleon Says:

    It reappeared.

  125. Do I not like that! Says:


  126. The Spaghetti Says:

    Bullseye!! I may have to play it on the pub quiz machine.

    Moooo! Everyone likes a bit of bully. Except when the machine’s swallowed my quid.

  127. Do I not like that! Says:

    Van der Valk!

  128. The Spaghetti Says:

    Original Grange Hill

  129. ugeine Says:


  130. The Spaghetti Says:

    Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha!

  131. Napoleon Says:

    Nick Berry’s version of ‘Heartbeat’ is much better than Buddy Holly’s version of ‘Heartbeat’. What happened to Nick Berry? Is he dead?

  132. The Spaghetti Says:

    No, but Heartbeat is. Hooray!

  133. piqued Says:

    Nick Berry had a massive jaw

    That’s all folks

    *zig zags off to Looney Tunes music*

  134. Napoleon Says:

    Had a massive jaw? This doesn’t look good …

  135. piqued Says:

    Good Lord, young man in office caught by middle-aged colleague watching Two Girls One Cup…


  136. Do I not like that! Says:

    The Theme from Taxi was a poignant little tune.

  137. ugeine Says:

    Piqued: Shit! What possessed him to do that?

  138. Napoleon Says:

    Fired on the spot, eh? Bit harsh.

  139. piqued Says:

    I don’t know Ugeine, he’d been here for 2 weeks, done fuck all apart from drink coffee and it transpires, watch filth

    Said colleague (she) was very upset, sort of the last straw really

  140. Napoleon Says:

    If I was a boss, an employee would have to be either caught watching child porn or sawing the head off another colleague before I’d sack ’em. That’s why I’m not a boss.

  141. piqued Says:

    It’s a bit much though, minding your own business and suddenly witnessing a naked girl barfing up plop into another girls mouth

  142. piqued Says:

    ..oh, said colleague has been given the afternoon off!

  143. Napoleon Says:

    Like I say, they’d have to go further than that with me.

  144. piqued Says:

    I’d go all the way with you NC

  145. Nick T Says:

    What if you were actually appearing in 2G1C?

    Is that a sackable offence?

  146. Napoleon Says:

    You’re a disgrace, Piqued.

  147. piqued Says:

    A disgrace?

    I’m not, I’m very clean, and very, very hard…


  148. Steve Says:

    It’s gotta be The Racoons. Nothing better than getting up at 6am as a kid on a Saturday to watch AM TV.

  149. piqued Says:


  150. Von Says:

    One word. Ducktails.

  151. Nick T Says:

    Two words Duck Tails

  152. Rodti Says:

    Not only does the theme from “University Challenge” sound like it was accidentally created by a drunken madman with a kazoo lodged in his throat as he clambered through a cymbal factory in the dark, but it is also one of the most uniquely challenging pieces of music to make love to. Better still, anyone committed enough to actually achieve a shivering sexual denouement during the opening credits would immediately be greeted by the horror of Bamber Gascoigne’s face in close-up.

  153. Von Says:

    Another word. Spelt correctly. Ducktales.

  154. Von Says:

    “one of the most uniquely challenging pieces of music to make love to. ”

    I think the ending of the Red Dwarf music is quite good for muscial accompniment to climax.

    “dunna na na na

    “dunna na na na


  155. Napoleon Says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘DuckTales’?

  156. Von Says:


  157. Napoleon Says:

    That’s rubbish sex music. Everyone knows the best tune to bone a pussy to …

    “Hold on! Did he just say ‘bone a pussy’?”

    … is ‘Atmosphere’ by Russ Abbot.

    What? What? What did I do? WHAT DID I DO??

  158. Von Says:


    (wondering if this will be a repost as WP is acting the arse.)

  159. Rodti Says:

    “Russ Abbot.”


  160. Nick T Says:

    It was either Russ Abbot or RussAbbot

  161. Napoleon Says:

    I said ‘Russ Abbot’, didn’t I?


    Yes, yes I bloody well did.

  162. Rodti Says:

    “I said ‘Russ Abbot’, didn’t I?”

    Indeed you did. Don’t do it again. EVER.

  163. Napoleon Says:

    Russ Abbot.

  164. piqued Says:

    Him and his ‘madhouse’

    They were all completely ‘mad’ on that show, ah haRhahahahP

  165. Nick T Says:

    He used to wear big suits just like that David Byrne.

  166. Rodti Says:

    “Russ Abbot.”


  167. Napoleon Says:

    I liked C.U. Jimmy – his uncannily accurate Scotchman. And his Basildon Bond – a secret agent named after a pad of writing paper from the olden days.

  168. The Spaghetti Says:

    What’s the beef with Russ Abbot??

  169. Ali Says:


  170. Napoleon Says:

    I have no beef with Russ Abbot. I watched every single one of his Madhouse shows.

    Mind you, there were only four channels in them days.

  171. Nick T Says:

    The Black Abbots, that was them.
    Strangely, all white…..

    Laterz homies….

  172. piqued Says:

    I only used to watch it in case The Mighty Atom bent over

    Fucking Gorgeous

  173. ugeine Says:

    Loved the email thing, by the way. Nice touch, that.

  174. Napoleon Says:

    E-mail thing?

  175. Swineshead Says:

    The Digest thing I sent out, he means. He’s being sycophantic, the young pube.

  176. Clarry Says:

    I aren’t got one yet.

  177. Nick of the T Says:

    I got one, I mentioned it in my first missive.
    No one ever reads my stuff, horsie bum fucks.


  178. Bright Ambassador Says:

  179. Bright Ambassador Says:

  180. ugeine Says:

    *googles sycophantic*

    Alright then, it was so incredibly shit I literally vomited my spine on to my desk.

  181. Bright Ambassador Says:

  182. jasespace Says:

    Bit late I know, and probably already mentioned but –


    Killer theme tune. That scream at the start still shits me up.

  183. Marchelle Brewington Says:

    Nice content admin.

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