Songs From The Shows – The Soaps


Ever noticed how theme tunes are constructed so that you, the viewer, can sing along at home?

We have.

That’s why we bring you the first outing in a pointless series called Songs From The Shows, in which Napoleon and myself aim to illustrate how to join in when your favourite theme songs kick in.

First up – The Soaps. Here’s Coronation Street:

Can you see how it scans and marries into a thing of beauty?

Let’s have a listen to Eastenders:

Amazing, ain’t it?

Any requests?

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42 Responses to “Songs From The Shows – The Soaps”

  1. indy Says:


  2. Napoleon Says:

    Even being a part of the magic doesn’t diminish their beauty for me. We may have just caused the whole course of western culture to lurch off in a new direction.

  3. indy Says:

    there was a swedish show that did a “orchestra version of hollywood soundtracks cd commercial” sketch where a pompous opera singer was singing they name of the movie over for instance the star wars, the indiana jones and the god father soundtracks. can’t find it on youtube. it’s a shame.

    i give you this video from the same show for compensation:

  4. Napoleon Says:

    If all World War Five involves is a man in S&M gear fucking a skeleton from behind, I think we can all count ourselves lucky.

  5. ugeine Says:

    Damned work browser. Whatever this is, the fact I don’t know what it is , is crap.

  6. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – It’s not crap, it’s two works of musical art.

  7. Napoleon Says:

    Oh, hang on. You meant it’s crap you can’t hear it, didn’t you? Sorry about that, you turd.

  8. ugeine Says:

    Yes, the fact that I can’t view this video is crap, you shit.

  9. Napoleon Says:

    Is it just me, or does Iron Maiden’s Janick Gers look like what Harry Enfield’s Kevin the Teenager did when he grew up?

    (If this link doesn’t work, it’s the reveal image thing on the front page of the entertainment section of BBC News)

  10. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – You arsehole. So how come you can’t hear these masterpieces? Ground under the fascist boots of THE MAN, are you?

  11. Swineshead Says:

    Everyone appears to have fled upon hearing our radical reworkings of cherished tunes… the bastards.

  12. ugeine Says:

    If by that you mean contributing something to society other then musings on sandwiches, yes I am.

  13. Napoleon Says:

    Contributing something to society? The likes of you? What is it? Community payback or sex-offender’s litter-picking rehabilitation day?

  14. indy Says:

    hey! musing on sandwiches? i was going on about a ciabatta! excuse me!

  15. Napoleon Says:

    Swineshead – I imagine, like Ugeine (who’s emptying bins on the order of the court), most folk can’t hear our magnum opusses because they’re at work. Expect a flood of praise and possibly a Grammy award later this evening.

  16. ugeine Says:

    ‘Community payback or sex-offender’s litter-picking rehabilitation day?’

    … You know me better then I know myself.

  17. Napoleon Says:

    I like to think the worst of people, Ugeine.

  18. indy Says:

    np: hah hah! you think of people! you care! hahahaha!

  19. Napoleon Says:

    Indy – Up yours! You’re a bummer, d’ye hear? A BUMMER!

  20. indy Says:

    np: you are a bummer!

  21. Napoleon Says:

    I’m the bummer? I don’t think so, you bummer. YOU’RE the bummer! BUMMER!

  22. indy Says:

    np: ok. i’ll let you win this time then.

    see y’all tomorrow!

  23. indy Says:


    *makes annoying car noises while running away*

  24. Napoleon Says:


  25. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Swineshead has a lovely voice, he should do his own cassette series of nursey rhyme classics.

    Napoleon’s voice provokes fear in a man.

  26. Napoleon Says:

    My voice sounds like an angel’s, you cheeky bastard! Alright, it’s an angel with terninal lung cancer, but it’s an angel nonetheless. You wouldn’t know a good voice if it kicked you up the arse, Dave.

  27. ugeine Says:

    I REALLY wasn’t expecting that.

    Very good!

  28. ugeine Says:

    I’ve been doing this since i got in.

    Great fun.

  29. Secret Squirrel Says:

    I’m on Mrs Nicks’ work comp and it has no speakers!
    Will listen whenI get home from playing guitar to youths in Portsmouth. I will hopefuly be drunk on Deperados, a wonderful French lager plavoured with tequilla! A kind of South American snakebite.

    Ribba Ribba!

  30. Edna Welthorpe Says:

    I think that first one might just single-handedly save ITV.

  31. ugeine Says:

    ‘playing guitar to youths in Portsmouth.’


  32. Nick of the T Says:

    They loved it!


  33. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Swineshead – You have such a beautiful, well innunciated southern voice that I’d happily say you’re potentially the Derek Griffiths of our time!

    And if you haven’t heard of him, here are some of his masterworks…(

    Every word you utter is a lullaby.

  34. Sue De Nymh Says:

    Excellent! – I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this.

    The following gets sung most evenings in the De Nymh household
    “Emmerdale Faaarm!
    It’s Emmerdale! Emmerdale Faarm!
    Emmerdale Faaarm!
    Oh Emmerdale! Emmerdale Faarm!
    Emmerdale Faaarm!
    Yes, Emmerdale! Emmerdale Faarm!
    Only now they call it Emm errr Dale!”

    I had my own version of Coronation Street which was similar to yours but the last line was
    “Oh yes it is. Coronation Street!”

  35. Napoleon Says:

    Dave – Seeing as Swineshead is older than you are, it’s a fair bet that he’s heard of Derek Griffiths.

  36. ugeine Says:

    I was in halls with someone who would rap over theme shows when we’re watching tele.

    He wasn’t very good.

  37. Napoleon Says:

    Ugeine – I doubt this person had the lungs to properly belt out the name of the show over its theme tune. It’s all in the lungs, see?

  38. Swineshead Says:

    I have heard of Griffiths. Grew up with the bloke. He was on pretty much every kids TV show.

    Sue – feel free to record yourself singing along to Emmerdale (use a Youtube clip) and then send me the recording, I’ll dub you over and you can join the Nappers/Swine cacophany. Deal?

    Nick – Hollyoaks is a BRILLIANT idea. Please record yourself singing along to it and we’ll do the same for that.

    Nappers – we’ve got out work cut out.

  39. ugeine Says:

    Oh, his effort was embarrassingly impotent compared to this, Napoleon. And when I say he used to rap over the theme shows, I mean just any old bollocks rather then chanting the name.

  40. Sue De Nymh Says:

    Swineshead – you do not want to hear me sing. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Feel free to do your own cover version if you like.
    Whilst you’re at it, you could try the theme tune to the ancient BBC current affairs show Nationwide.

  41. Swineshead Says:

    I’m already considering the Snooker.

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