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Songs From The Shows!

March 6, 2009

Just to round the week off, regular reader and useless lump, Nick of the T’s had a pop at singing a few theme songs with the title of the song cleverly inserted, as we suggested the other day.

Using only a bedroom recording studio and his own idiocy, Nick’s recorded us:


Bless This House:

And Sunday afternoon favourite and ridiculously overlong in this version, The Antiques Roadshow:

Much obliged Nick.

Readers: Stand by for more Songs From The Shows from Napoleon and Swineshead next week.

Have a good weekend.

The Friday Question: Horse Flogging

March 6, 2009

Artwork by BP Perry

Morning, everyone!

If you work from home, you’re a housewife, you’re old or, like in WWM reader Dave’s case, you’re sat staring into the black hole of despair that is unemployability after being caught reading WWM at work, you’ll know all about daytime TV.

This is the filthy dumping ground we daytime skivers get to enjoy while all the proper folk are at work. And what a dumping ground it is: antiques shows, cookery shows, gardening and DIY shows, laughing at poor people shows and, of course, kids in hospital shows that tug at our wastrel heartstrings.

But is that it? Is that all the bloody choice we get? Surely there are other things daytime TV could flog to death in the way it has cookery, antiques and DIY? What about stamp collecting? Or flower arranging? If something as banal as cooking can be turned into television gold, aren’t the possibilities endless?

So come on, WMMers! Let’s have your brand new daytime TV ideas. We want the subject, the format (for instance, is it a quiz, a panel show, a ‘challenge’, etc.) and, of course, what legendary daytime TV presenter you’d want at the helm.

My money’s on Dickinson. For everything.