The Apprentice 2009 – Episode 1



Put names to faces over here.

Down to business then, and unless you’ve been hiding under a desk for the past fortnight, you’ll know that The Apprentice 2009 began last night.

The first episode’s always absolutely rammed with information, stuffed with soundbites and edited to within an inch of its life in order to make candidates more memorable. Add to this the presence of fifteen blustering braggarts running around like confused toddlers and you’re left with a dizzying hour. As a result, some candidates slip under the radar totally – this week Paula, Kimberly and James barely got a shot – and it’s easy to figure out who’ll be in the firing line when things inevitably go cock-up.

That’s fifteen braggarts rather than the sixteen that should have turned up – we were told early on that one chap had ‘bottled it’ – which gave Sir Alan Sugar an opportunity to berate them before they’d even done anything and bang on about the pressure involved in the world of business – which is patently bollocks because business is all about meetings. Streams and streams of meetings, like turds bobbing on an acrid canal. Meetings about how other meetings went and meetings to arrange more meetings. Business is as banal and uneventful as breakfast in a Basingstoke B&B and as unpressurised as a lingering, dispersing fart.

He also declared himself to be a violin and the potential Apprentices ‘bongo drums’. A clumsy metaphor which might’ve worked if they were about to form a busking collective and earn money on street-corners like corporate minstrels, but in the event they were ordered to set up a cleaning firm – boys versus girls.

But what to call the teams?

‘Genesis’, one man suggested, not realising that it sounds like the name of a gay gymnasium. ‘Empire!’, decided the boys. ‘It’s distinctly British’ they said, forgetting years of oppression and imperialism in one foul swoop.

The girls went for ‘Ignite’ – but if you were able to work out the process by which they came to that conclusion from the barking rabble their voices became, you’ve better ears than mine.

Howard led the boys, because he was up for it – even stating his credentials after he’d got the job – whilst Mona led the girls simply because all the others were too daunted by the task, gaining some credit in the viewers mind from the off. Some more soundbites, ‘ I’m a rough, tough, cream-puff!’ particularly sticking in the mind for its emptiness and stupidity, and then we were off in those cramped cars they whizz around London in.

As team leader of the boys, Howard was up against the broken-headed, immediately obnoxious Phillip Taylor, who made a terrible first impression. Where Howard was reasonable, if a bit wet, Phillip – with the face and accent of an irate Jimmy Nail – was an annoying berk. He sniped behind Howard’s back and led off some of the boys to clean cars using methodology that’d require them to actually work hard – an almost fatal error. They could have collapsed on the job if Howard hadn’t turned up later after a stint as the shoe-shine kid, getting berated by old folks in a shopping centre, and organised their onions.

Now – rule one of car-washing is clearly ‘close doors and windows when hosing’. I didn’t get pocket money if I didn’t clean the car, so the directives are lodged in my grey matter like most people have a system of morality. Where others have ethics, I have a system of squeegee holding techniques. So the boys’ haphazard attempts at scrubbing vehicles – five men on one car – were mind-boggling for me.

But nothing boggled quite so much as the girls’ decision to spend 200 quid on cleaning materials. This was their entire budget – and they could have got by with seven buckets, as many sponges and two or three shammy leathers.

When they finally picked up their products they were a mess of skirts, legs and cleavage – so it came as no surprise that a blushing Nick, with steamed up spectacles, used a ‘spanking’ metaphor to describe how they’d get on come judgement day.

It’s easy to mock these ’empty business suits’ retrospectively the way Sugar does, relentlessly, and if I’d have taken part I’d have probably gone and hidden from the scary men. But it’s always nice to see that the mistakes of past series are completely forgotten in the midst of a new task’s chaos. Team leaders are ignored and strategies are flushed down the bog as boys and girls wobble around with a headrush, ballsing up every thing they think they should have done.

The best moment in the girls’ non-campaign had to be when the mighty Mona, a woman who speaks as though she’s constantly reporting a fire, told the owner of a garage that he was wrong about his own budget. The viewer was forced to watch with an uneasy mix of repulsion at her arrogance alongside a weird affection for her childlike approach to negotiation. She was so clearly out of her depth it was a wonder Nick – as Apprentice lifeguard – didn’t pluck her out, give her a towel and condemmn her to the changing room.

And on the boys side of the fence, special mention must go to Ben Clarke and Majid Nagra. Ben, simply because he looks like a hybrid of Tommy Carcetti and Teddy Ruxpin; Majid because he fancies himself as a bit of a wag – sexist jokes followed by non-sexist disclaimers.

Incidentally, Rocky must be ignored for now – he’s clearly only there for a laff, like, la.

Come the end of the task, it seemed obvious that the girls, particularly after Debra’s mental breakdown, would fail. And thus it came to pass.

Empire were sent off for a cocktail night – cue a stolen scene from Bachelor Party – while the girls went off to bicker some more, then return home, where Kate Walsh managed to flirt with seven men simultaneously. Hot cha!

In the boardroom, the delightful Yasmina was never going to be in any trouble and it was clear Mona would drag Anita and Debra in with her for the showdown. Anita visibly crumbled as though the volume around her was causing her head to implode, while Mona’s shrill voice combined with the slime-dripping sarcasm and snickering of Debra, making the scene almost indecipherable. Turns out that Mona and Debra despised each other, Anita got caught up in the crossfire and the poor, hapless girl was inevitably fired.

Clearly Debra should’ve gone – what with her being a terrifying android from Essex – but if you want a fair round this early on you’re watching the wrong show. Anita was considered chaff and so has been sorted from wheat.

As a result, we have weeks of Debra-footage to contend with in the meantime. Aren’t we lucky?

Next week:
Those crazy contestants will take on corporate catering for ‘City slickers’.

(Presumably this was filmed before everyone went home from the City with their redundancy letters, and back when people could afford to buy lunch rather than bring in thir own peanut butter sandwiches)

All of last year’s reviews are here.

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115 Responses to “The Apprentice 2009 – Episode 1”

  1. Napoleon Says:

    I’m pleased Anita got the boot because I didn’t fancy spending the next few weeks reeling in horror at her bulldog licking piss off a nettle face.

    That’s not sexist.

    Also, anyone else notice that the blonde speaks into a mobile phone by moving her mouth across her face to get nearer to it? Weird.

  2. vones Says:

    I counted 6 ‘At the end of the day’s but ony one figure over 100%. I made a chart.

  3. Napoleon Says:

    There were loads of ‘at the the end of the days’, but not enough ‘basicallys’, and hardly any ‘know what I means’. A poor showing.

    Mona’s (not ‘Monna’) blustering bravado before going in to the boardroom was amusing in light of her being in tears when she got in there. Couldn’t stand her. I hope she’s next to get the boot.

  4. TheIglooKeeper Says:

    It’s a great show and would be improved only if every one of them got sacked, sycophantic bullies every one of them. Line every one of them up against the wall and shoot them. Which wouldn’t make for such a good programme and would probably fall foul of OFCOM but – i’m a born winner, you don’t get anything for coming second, failure isn’t an option for me, i’m a quick learner and determined bla bla bla DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY.

  5. TheIglooKeeper Says:

    I said ‘every one of them’ too much there didn’t I?

  6. Napoleon Says:

    It would make a refreshing change if just one of them displayed the natural self-deprecation displayed by most British people. They all seem to have the can-do attitude of Yanks. This is wrong.

  7. Sue De Nymh Says:

    This year’s applicants all look like monged-up mashups of all the contestants from the previous years.

  8. Swineshead Says:

    Apart from Phillip, who looks and sounds like Spender.

  9. myopiniononstuff Says:

    The two lads serving cocktails at the end were in Britains Got Talent! I got served by them a couple of years back in a bar called Label in Manchester. Does that make me a high flying winner?

    Something to do with washing cars for pocket money as well…

  10. Napoleon Says:

    He sounds like Spender, yes, but looks about as much like him as you do, Swineshead. I thought he was alright. Indeed, I’m throwing my hat in the ring this early and saying he’s going to win this.

  11. Swineshead Says:

    All he needs is a broken nose and he’s Nail. Who’s up for administering the killer blow?

    He was a cock in last night’s episode.

    As for predicting winners, I’d wait till 1.30 when the post arrives asking who’ll win it – otherwise others might nick your choice…

  12. Ashby de la Launde Says:

    Whoever it was out of the girls who said ‘I like windows’ is my favourite.

  13. myopiniononstuff Says:

    I couldn’t get my brain to write a review so I did this instead.

  14. Napoleon Says:

    I didn’t think he was a cock. That team leader bloke struck me as a cock. Him and Mona.

    And he looks nothing like Spender, broken nose or not.



  15. Telemachus Says:

    I do not think Philip will make the final 5. He seemed to be always criticising his colleagues, in the cab he was perhaps unknowingly, creating a clique by complaining the team leader would not shut up. At the car wash, he was taking the role of “I’m the only one who knows how to wash a car..”, and gave asides to the camera on how useless everybody was.

    Best bloke was the old chap in the shopping centre, putting them all to rights.

  16. Swineshead Says:

    You should rewatch it, perhaps – he was the root cause of everything that went wrong for the boys. I bet you were drunk.

  17. Napoleon Says:

    I wasn’t drunk, I didn’t think he was a cock, and it didn’t go that wrong for the boys considering they won the task. If anything was wrong, it was that seven men couldn’t work out they didn’t all need to be cleaning the same car at once. “Too many cooks,” as the wise and uncocklike Phil pointed out.

    You’re wrong, Swineshead. WRONG.

    And he doesn’t look like Spender.

  18. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Delegation, delegation, delegation, that’s what you need!
    If you want to pass the test, and you want to FIRE the rest,
    then delegation’s what you need…

  19. fourstar Says:

    I second Nappers; yes, Philip was criticising his colleagues but that was because he ended up single-handedly polishing a fleet of black cars whilst they minced about checking their hair in the wing mirrors.

  20. Napoleon Says:

    See? Fourstar’s on my side. The rest of ’em didn’t know their arses from their elbows. Even Rocky – whose successful career in business is already beginning to unravel into a pack of lies, I note – failed to impress.

  21. Swineshead Says:

    You’re unnecessarily forceful today, Napoleon. You’ve hurt my feelings.

  22. Napoleon Says:

    Who the fuck calls a kid ‘Dia Rhea’?

  23. Swineshead Says:

    (I’m right by the way – watch it again you idiot).

  24. Napoleon Says:

    I’m not being forceful. I’m merely countering your guff about my favourite Apprentice, Phil.

    Debra’s got Eric Idle’s face.

  25. Swineshead Says:

    My favourite is Yasmina – not for her winners potential, I ought to add.

  26. Napoleon Says:

    You’re not right, you’re wrong. Face it, chief, you’ve backed the wrong horse, and now you’re turning to insults in a desperate attempt to save face. It’s the tactics of a scoundrel, Swineshead.

    Watch it back. You’re WRONG.

  27. fourstar Says:

    Of course, when Philip is team leader he will almost certainly try to do it all himself and Sirrallun will sack him for not delegating.

  28. Telemachus Says:

    Phil’s tactic (mistakenly) is to undermine the project leader and to play the “I know what I ‘m doing, nobody else does card….”

  29. Napoleon Says:

    Is Yasmina the blonde one with the moveable mouth?

  30. Telemachus Says:

    Phil’s tactic (mistakenly) is to undermine the project leader and to play the “I know what I ‘m doing, nobody else does…” card.

  31. Napoleon Says:

    There’s a bloke on Trisha whose son went on the radio and nailed his ball bag to a desk.

  32. Nick T Says:

    Just watching the last bit now. I can’t be arsed with the whole show.
    I like the black lady, the team leader. The rest are just bitches. BITCHES

  33. Napoleon Says:

    Mona? She was fucking awful.

  34. Swineshead Says:

    No, Yasmina’s the nice one with the fringe. The blonde one was Kate…

    (I’m right about Phillip, I think you might benefit from watching the programme back to confirm that you’re wrong).

    I’m not backing anyone this year, I’m too frightened. Last year I declared that Alex would win, and look where that blody got me.

  35. Swineshead Says:

    Mona was alright. Bit of a cultural clash with the others. South Africans tend to shout instead of speak – you get used to it.

  36. piqued Says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Kate spoke on the phone her entire mouth shifted over to the ‘phone’ side of her stupid face…

    I too am relieved that the one with the face like Predator has gone, though the one with the Klingon forehead should’ve really been given the boot.

  37. Swineshead Says:

    Napoleon noticed that Piqued, a fair few comments ago.

    I’ve got to go and do stuff now. Have fun, and I’ll be back later.

  38. Napoleon Says:

    Goodbye, Swineshead. I’d watch the show back to see how wrong you are, by the way.

    Because you’re wrong.

  39. Nick T Says:

    I have podcasts to publish….

  40. The Apprentice 2009 - The Preview! « Watch With Mothers Says:

    […] (Edit – it actually is here now – Ep. 1 reviewed over here) […]

  41. Swineshead Says:

    *has rewatched show already and is definitely right*

    *unlike Napoleon ‘wrong’ Cockaparte*

  42. piqued Says:

    So he did. I read the review and posted without checking comments.


  43. Swineshead Says:


  44. piqued Says:


  45. Napoleon Says:

    *rewatches shows*

    Hmmm … thought so. I’m 110% right.

  46. Swineshead Says:


  47. Napoleon Says:



  48. TheIglooKeeper Says:

    Kate looks like one of the bad bitched (not sexist) from Hostel. Someone find images and post links comparing the 2, I can’t be arsed.

  49. Badger Madge Says:

    Swines is right.

    Team leader bloke would have made more money if he’d stayed in the station polishing shoes, instead, Twat bloke cocked up the car thing by ignoring his Leader’s advice and doing the inside and outside (thus wasting time). He should have also told his other team mates to wash different cars instead of all washing the same car.

    As leader of the sub team, he cocked up his part, forcing the Team leader bloke to abandon his post, thus ALMOST cocking it up for the guys. Had the girls not spent their budget (well done, ladies) they’d have been shafted and Twat bloke would have been fired (hopefully).

    Twat bloke had it in for his team leader from the start and took every opportunity to bitch and bring him down.

    Sorry haven’t posted on here for a while. Ed has been away FOR THE WHOLE ISSUE so I’ve been straddling both his job and mine. Grrrr.

  50. Napoleon Says:

    That’s not true, Badger. The lads offered a car valeting service – that’s inside and outside the car. It’s hardly Phil’s fault if the other idiot didn’t think of this until he turned up later after polishing some shoes for pocket money.

    And a monkey could edit a magazine, by the way. A MONKEY.

  51. Napoleon Says:

    Plus, I don’t see how they cocked up. Unless it was a mirage, wasn’t that the boys celebrating their victory at the end of the show?

  52. Badger Madge Says:

    Yes but could a monkey write, sub, plan AND edit a magazine all whilst also trying to do all the admin for it. ALL IN 9 DAYS???????

    i don’t fucking think so.

    the boys offered valeting WHICH WAS IGNORING WHAT THEIR LEADER TOLD THEM TO DO. that was their mistake. if they’d done what he said and failed, it would have been his fault. because they did what THEY wanted, had they failed, he was within rights to point the finger at them.

    dangerous. and stupid.

  53. Badger Madge Says:

    it was a hollow victory. they won because of the girls’ fuck up. not because of any kind of business brain on their side.

  54. Napoleon Says:

    Yes, a monkey could do that.

    Perhaps the foolish team leader should have said something when Phil was on the phone offering a car valeting service? He didn’t, thus making the boy’s catastrophic victory his fault.

  55. Badger Madge Says:

    he did. the last thing he said before they fucked off (before they did the deal) was “don’t wash the insides.”

    the door slammed and twat-face took the piss out of him.


    i hate you. and i am NOT a monkey.

  56. myopiniononstuff Says:

    I think the girls should have all worn tight white t-shirts and frollocked with each other with frothy water and those hoses they couldn’t operate properly. That’s where their victory would have come from, it’s the tried and tested law of car washing.

    Mmm… Lorraine Tigh in a wet T-shirt…

  57. Telemachus Says:

    Phil is basically a “You don’t want to do it like that…” sort of bloke. The old chap in the shopping mall was Phil in the future.

  58. Napoleon Says:

    They won because one of their decisions was not to spend the entire budget they were allocated. Typical of women to miss the point and spend their whole shopping budget. Just because you’re given £200, girls, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it all.

    You seem to be making out the women were superior somehow. They came across as fuckwits to me. Fuckwits who didn’t know how to win something a monkey could have won. A MONKEY.

  59. Swineshead Says:

    Nice to see Napoleon being proved wrong in my absence. He’d do well to watch it again, I reckon.

    How’re you reading my thoughts when I’m not even at my computer?

    *collapses in the street*

  60. Badger Madge Says:

    Yes the girls are fuckwits. As Myopinion said, as soon as they heard the task was washing “stuff” they should have donned white t-shirts and denim shorts and stood outside a supermarket with buckets of soapy water. Sralan would have yelled at them but he’s a sexist anyway and they’d have won, so fuck it.

    I still reckon the boys would have made more money shining shoes for a fiver a go (it doesn’t take long to shine shoes) than washing 7 cars for £100 or whatever.

  61. Napoleon Says:

    Badger – He should have said that before Phil made the phone call offering a valeting service, not when he was on his way out the door. That’s his fault, not Phil’s.

    A monkey would have spotted that error. A MONKEY.

  62. Napoleon Says:

    Swineshead – I think you’ll find you’re wrong.


    Yes, that’s right.

  63. piqued Says:

    I think Sir Alan should win, he’s got something the others don’t have

  64. Badger Madge Says:

    Nappers – Phil’s problem is that he leaped before he looked. He went off on one. He didn’t stop and think. Lots of knee jerk reactions going on without planning.

    He’s the monkey.

  65. myopiniononstuff Says:

    And what’s happened to that cafe the losers are sent to? Was it just me or did the place look like its gone bust? Can’t be many builders about now.

  66. Napoleon Says:

    Badger – The planning’s the other fella’s job. He planned nothing. He just let good old Phil get stuck in without curbing his innate enthusiasm. That’s not Phil’s fault – it’s bad management from the monky leader.

  67. Napoleon Says:

    Dave’s right. That cafe looked to have been stripped bare.

  68. Nick T Says:

    Those women were shit at washing cars…..

  69. myopiniononstuff Says:

    I agree, Nick. And did you hear the mouth on that woman saying ‘we can wash your car like girls and not stinky men’.

    As a male I feel offended. If it wasn’t for stinky men we wouldn’t have cars – we’d all be riding ponies adorned with rainbows and kittens.

  70. Napoleon Says:

    They were, Nick. They were shit at everything, frankly. And one of ’em looked like an Oompa Loompa crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

  71. Nick T Says:

    That was a dumb move Dave. Mentioning “stinky men” infront of a stinky man is plain stupid. I wouldn’t let them wash my feet let alone my posh motors.
    I thought women were meant to be good at washing and stuff….

  72. Napoleon Says:

    Only in a domestic sense, Nick. Washing cars is hard manual labour that needs the elbow grease of a man if it’s to be done properly.

  73. Telemachus Says:

    If it really were 200 quid to clean a hummer, that would be a good job to have.
    I reckon you could do one in a few hours. A grand a week, not bad!

  74. Napoleon Says:

    They ended up getting £40 per vehicle, didn’t they? Even that was outrageous considering the company’s usual contracter was doing it for £20. I’d have booted ’em out of the door.

  75. myopiniononstuff Says:

    NC – But an extra twenty per car for exposure on one of the biggest shows on TV? That’s the only reason these arsehole contestants get anywhere on this show.

  76. Nick T Says:

    I’ve looked into having my car valeted and the cheapest I could find was £70. They didn’t valet though did they.

  77. Telemachus Says:

    It had to be a bit prearranged didn’t it?

    Is it normal just to ring a garage/carhire place and get a job just like that washing cars. They must have been given a list of likely starting places.

  78. Telemachus Says:

    Nick…fifty quid and I’ll check the oil water and tyres as well.

  79. Nick T Says:

    Will you butter my iced bun?

  80. Napoleon Says:

    Telemachus – You’re probably right. I used to wonder just how spontaneous were the phone calls to builder’s merchants on Challenge Anneka.

  81. Nick T Says:

    Lets not forget this is telly eh. Smoke and mirrors.

  82. Napoleon Says:

    I’m looking forward to next week’s show when we get to see them supposedly getting up, dressed and ready to roll in twenty minutes. Always a favourite of mine.

    Did somebody say they’re not doing an abroad one this year? Or did I dream that?

  83. Telemachus Says:

    Did somebody say they’re not doing an abroad one this year? Or did I dream that?

    Yes that is correct, also emphasis on British produce. I thought protectionism was NOT the way forward in the current economic climate.

  84. myopiniononstuff Says:

    The Trump one? That’s still going strong and is, for my money, far better than the UK version. A) It’s dumbed down and B) It has a MUCH bigger budget so the tasks are far cooler.

  85. Badger Madge Says:

    apparently the tasks this year are also going to reflect the current economic climate(TM)

  86. Nick T Says:

    Big Issue?

  87. Napoleon Says:

    Ye gods! My thumb slipped on the tap and I’ve managed to concertina the skin that sits at the side of the nail right down to the bottom of the nail. It smarts, it does. SMARTS.

  88. breeks Says:

    naps – man up.

    afternoon all. i’ve been WERKING HARD.

  89. Napoleon Says:

    Breeks – Man up?

  90. breeks Says:

    naps – yeah.

  91. Napoleon Says:

    What’s that supposed to mean?

  92. breeks Says:

  93. Napoleon Says:

    Insecurities? Unfullfilled responsibilities? What the fuck’s this blather? I cause m’self a couple of seconds of pain, and suddenly I’m not fullfilling my responsibilities as a man? As usual, Breeks, you’re talking out of your arse.

  94. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Like SPAM up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. breeks Says:

    meh. i mostly meant this one_

    1. Man Up 590 up, 96 down
    Don’t be a pussy, brave it, be daring.
    “Hey man, finish this bowl.”
    “No dude, I’m baked as it is.”
    “Come on pussy, man up.”

    but clearly the other ones tweaked an emotional nipple. maybe time for some therapy?

  96. Napoleon Says:

    They tweaked no emotional nipple, thanks very much. I brought them up as examples because they have absolutely nothing to do with what happened to me. Plus, some tommyrot written by Americans about not eating a bowl of something bears no relevance to flaying the skin off your thumb. You’ve linked, effectively, to nothing, Breeks.

    Still, half marks for trying, sweetheart.

  97. piqued Says:

    ‘Ye gods! My thumb slipped on the tap and I’ve managed to concertina the skin that sits at the side of the nail right down to the bottom of the nail. It smarts, it does. SMARTS.’

    Yo, you need to so, like, get with the whole ‘love yourself’ programme, brother

    Hey! I know of this hip cool daddy-o called Jesus, yeah, you may of heard of him? Well he’s a friend o’ mine, and yeah, he’s, like, your friend too

    Wanna meet him?

    Hey Jesus, buddy, c’mere

    *unzips fly and tries to ram nob into NC’s screaming mouth*



  98. Napoleon Says:

    No thanks, Piqued. I just stuck a plaster on it.

  99. breeks Says:

    i think, if you were youthful and stuff, you’d have appreciated the ‘bowl’ to which the definition refers, is one related to the use of drugz.

    i like it when you call me sweetheart.

  100. Napoleon Says:


  101. breeks Says:

    so what?

  102. breeks Says:

    (can we stop?)

  103. Napoleon Says:

    Can if you like.

    I’m drawing grotesque ’70s wallpaper, by the way.

  104. breeks Says:

    oooh. i’d quite like some, please, to plaster all over the walls of the present house before i leave it for somewhere Stupid Housemate-Free.

  105. Napoleon Says:

    It’s pretty ‘orrible. Alternating brown and beige ovals with white borders containing dark brown / light brown rectangles which, in turn, contain green rectangles. The ’70s was a monstrous decade.

  106. breeks Says:


    when i was 5 we lived in a house where my bedroom was papered with walls of interlocking diamonds of red, black and white, with narrow lines between. did my head in. i loved it.

  107. piqued Says:

    *pops head round door*

    *sees Breeks and Nappers chatting happily on edge of the bed*

    *closes door quietly*

  108. ageing hipster Says:

    Only just read this. Bloody funny. I will make every effort to get my cruel cockney wit to the party next week.

    Here on the bounce from my old favourite the Guardian blog, but this takes it to a new level. Saying that, for soft wet liberals, they sure worked Anita over. Comparing her to one of those films of an upside-down talking chin was particularly savage, if accurate.

    Can I just say how commendable it is that nobody on either blog felt the need to use the word ‘shoebomber’. We’ve clearly moved on.

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    […] Once again Sir Alan has managed to scrape the barrel of business talent and get 15 arrogant idiots to make fools of themselves over the next few months. I will be there glued to the screen fascinated at how inept people can be whilst still thinking that they are the best thing since sliced bread. An amusing summary from episode one has been done by Watch With Mothers […]

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