Just A Thought: TV Coverage of G20 Protest


By Mel, who doesn’t have a log-in…

I’m a bit angry about the television coverage of the protestors in the lead up to this week’s G20 Summit in that London.

The coverage, apart from a very few notable exceptions – Newsnight’s piece on the meeting between the Climate Camp and the Metropolitan Police last night being one – leads us to believe that anyone who chooses to protest today will be a terrorist and will be treated as such by the Met.

The coverage, which I suspect is largely police-led content, screams at us about how there’ll be trouble, how there are police officers being drafted in from across the country and how they’ve been all dressed in their riot gear since sometime last week in preparation for the trouble that’s bound to happen. Then couple this with the usual yoghurt-knitters who want to fill the Bank of England with “resonant Himalayan chanting” and other such nonsense and it makes those who wish to exercise their democratic right to demonstrate their displeasure with the World’s leaders (well, some of them anyway) as violent idiots hell bent on wrecking things and causing trouble, just because they can.

Whatever our opinion of the French, they have a history of protest, as has been demonstrated recently. The police there don’t gear up for trouble and as a result there is none. By and large the recent strikes there have been civilized, peaceful, adult affairs. There were no hysterical and veiled threats in the press and the public were treated as exercising their rights within the law.

Why do the press, media and the police in the UK brand everyone that wishes to have their say as terrorists and rabble rousers? Do they have so little faith in the public that they fear violence and vandalism every step of the march route? Or is this simply a case of the police, through the media coverage, saying “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”?


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78 Responses to “Just A Thought: TV Coverage of G20 Protest”

  1. Mel Says:

    And 11 people have been arrested for traffic violation so far – for driving up threadneedle street in an armoured car. Maybe they were expecting trouble…

  2. Excelsior! Says:

    The british public get the police they deserve. Have you been in any city centres come friday/saturday night?

  3. Excelsior! Says:

    Though having just watched the beeb news, it did kind of focus on the minority who were chanting for the bankers to be burned on a pyre. Better news then them as likes to protest with a quiet cup of tea i suppose.

  4. Nick T Says:

    Balls Ex, balls.

    The police chiefs just can’t handle big crowds.

    Look at the coal miners strike, Notting Hill Carnival et al

    I know, I know it was in the middle ages but I’m middle aged!!

    They end up becoming targets and fugures of fun.

    Not like the poor bastards that have to handle you pissed kids on a saturday night, with your ipods and decimal coins!!

    *shakes fist*

    *falls off zimmer*

  5. JonR Says:

    i’m thinking of heading down to one of the protests later on my lunch break, the nice thing is i can write the Tube fair down as a business expense and reduce my tax liability for 08-09.

  6. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    History tends to show us Yesterday’s terrorist is today’s freedom fighter.

  7. Nick T Says:

    They (the police) were at a loss at the protest against terminal 5 remember.

    Where’s Swampy when you need him?

  8. ugeine Says:

    I was thinking along the lines of this when I was watching Sky News on Lunch. All frenzied shaky footage of people protesting, sensationalist style ‘will their be violence?’ voice overs, etc. Mind you, they haven’t offered an explanation of who the protesters are and why they’re protesting, and the news reader kept on making sarcy little remarks such as ‘’Well, most of them are here to protest’…

  9. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    Whilst I do agree with your basic sentiment, the G20/ 8 meetings do attract anti capitalist demonstrators as well as many other varyingly peaceful groups that do not agree with capitalism. I do not think the news has suggested that all protestors are terrorists, but do recognise that this meeting is in the midst of an economic crisis, and that there are people who are anti-capitalist.

  10. indy Says:

    malmö hosted the global social forum last year and media were keyplayers. twenty photographers surround and take photos of one troublemaker that throws a stone at a bunch of policemen, while 500+ persons walks by peacefully with homemade signs.

    having said that i personally find it quite amusing with threats of burning bankers. bankers are parasites that do not produce any real value. fact.

  11. ugeine Says:

    What’s the difference between a pizza and a banker?

    A pizza can feed a family of four.

  12. Excelsior! Says:

    JonR – stick it to the man with his own money! Yeah!

    Nick – your right really, my Boozed Up Britain arguement wasn’t particularly a serious point.
    What is serious is that you STILL haven’t confirmed whether cheesecake counts as a prpoer cake in terms of a favourite cake.

  13. indy Says:

    i spent half-an-hour of my london trip shouting at my natwest office. i consider that a powerful protest against capitalism. bloody isa account interest rate…

  14. Nick T Says:

    Ex, that is because you have asked me on this blog and not my own.
    Your excuse as to why you haven’t is flabby to say the least.

  15. Swineshead Says:

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but it seems it’s alright to tell you lot that we’re moving over here:



    Hopefully very soon.

    But business as usual over here until we’re all set. I wouldn’t bother commenting on anything over there – it’s all being wiped when we stick the old content up there.

    But worth a look, eh?

  16. Excelsior! Says:


  17. ugeine Says:

    Change is good!

    SH IS the new Obama.

  18. vones Says:

    BLAME ME. I made Swines sell out with promises of money and floosies. He shall recieve neither.

  19. ugeine Says:

    Epic Win Media!

  20. breeks Says:

    can you make the new one look EXACTLY like the old one but better?

    G20 sounds like a bathroom cleaner you buy from the pound shop.

    last night mr breeks and i sat over a bottle of italian red (not literally, you understand) and tried to name the G20 countries. got quite interesting. and slightly ridiculous. countries that do belong VS countries that should belong.


  21. Swineshead Says:

    So – coming soon…

    Unless the G20 outlaw the enterprise in their meeting tomorrow.

  22. ugeine Says:

    I’ve been told I’m not getting a bonus this year and my car’s been written off. I might rob an Icelandic bank.

  23. Excelsior! Says:

    What if Nappers comes home but we’ve all moved.

    It’ll be like a Lassy film.

    (he’s not, you know, seriously ill is he? It’s ok to joke yes)

  24. Nick T Says:

    Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!!!

  25. Nick T Says:

    Are you going to delete your comment SH?

  26. myopiniononstuff Says:

    I would like to see the Spanish in the G20, Breeks. And Sweden.

    1000th Deal Or No Deal Tonight! Can they get the £250,000!

  27. Nick T Says:

    23 comments on my cake blog !!


  28. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    Swines, I have checked out the new offices and it looks good. Can I have a seat by the window please?

  29. piqued Says:

    Actually Mel, the protest coverage is worryingly lacking in the news today. It’s almost as if the police don’t want the media to publicise the demo for fear of stirring interest and swelling crowd numbers

    Of course that wouldn’t happen

  30. Excelsior! Says:

    Breeks – Jamacia should be there purely because for Jamaica based jokes.

    I kissed a girl from the Caribbean last night
    Didja make her? (jamaica)

    No she wanted to.

    And saying beer can so it sounds like bacon with a shit Jamaican accent.

  31. myopiniononstuff Says:

    OMG! The Apprentice is on at the same time as England vs Ukraine. WTFBBQ!!??!!!

  32. Swineshead Says:

    DINLT – you’ll go where you’re put. And you’ll be happy with it, alright?

    Nick T – you’re an arsehole – I think I made that clear earlier.When are we doing my celebrity interview? I’m free now.

    *brushes long, flowing hair*

  33. piqued Says:

    ‘OMG! The Apprentice is on at the same time as England vs Ukraine. WTFBBQ!!??!!!’

    For fucks sake

  34. Nick T Says:

    I’m moving offices next week and will have my desk next to a window.

    I’m getting plants!

  35. Nick T Says:

    I mentioned next tuesday afternoon but you where too busy primping (?) your ego to reply.

  36. Excelsior! Says:


    I had sex with a girl from the Caribbean last night
    Didja make her? (jamaica)

    Yes thats why im being held in this prison on a rape charge.

    Not as funny.

  37. Swineshead Says:

    Nick – interview?

    *waits by phone*

    Piqued – stop bullying cross-dressing racist Dave.

  38. Nick T Says:

    You need to specify your cake Ex

  39. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    No problem Dave, England Ukraine takes precedent and will catch up with The App. tomorrow.

  40. piqued Says:

    I wasn’t bullying him SH, I was merely in sympathy of his TV dilemma


  41. myopiniononstuff Says:

    I don’t know whether to shout racial abuse at the non-white Apprentice contestants or the non-white England players, Piqued. Or which dress to wear.

  42. Swineshead Says:

    I will watch England with a pal then hurry home to watch Apprentice on catch up, then reach for the crack pipe.

  43. Excelsior! Says:

    There Nick its done.

    My magnus opus on cake ready for your perusal.

  44. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Catch up?

    Tomato catch up? (Ketchup).

    Jimmy Carr (Jamaica)

    I’m off to line a pond. Bye byes!

  45. Nick T Says:

    Have you downloaded Skype yet?

  46. Nick T Says:

    No one uses the “phone” anymore grandad.

    *flies off on jet bike*

  47. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Jane Fonda is well fit in The China Syndrome! And the film’s too good to be shown at this time of day, you bastards.

  48. Nick T Says:

    Crazy name crazy guy http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/4252496.Sex_pest_clambered_into_bedroom_window/

  49. Swineshead Says:

    No Nick, But I can do that when it’s needed.
    You up for doing my celebrity interview nowish then?

    *teases eyebrows*

  50. Swineshead Says:

    Christ – I’m actually getting sunburnt at my desk…

  51. breeks Says:

    i won £50 on the lotto on the weekend, btw.

    is argentina in the G20?

  52. myopiniononstuff Says:

    Yes, Breeks, it is.

  53. myopiniononstuff Says:


  54. Nick T Says:

    No SW I am at work.

    After this week I will be off for two weeks

    I do wish you would read my emails…

    There is now a great cake question!!!

  55. piqued Says:

    Breeks, £50 eh

    Bit greedy isn’t it?

    It’s people like you who are responsible for the financial mess we’re in now


  56. Swineshead Says:

    I blame Nick and Bree entirely for the financial crisis. With their 50 quids and their cakes.

    LOOK – A NEW WWM layout!!

    Look everyone, it’s bright and bold!




    *fades away*

  57. piqued Says:


    He just got a bit upset you see

  58. Nick T Says:

    See ug, see what your video nasties do?

  59. Swineshead Says:

    Long Sutton – which houses a butterfly park where Geoff Capes displays his budgies.

    You can have that for free, yeah?

    Nick – just got Skype – it looks like a pretty smart application. I am coming to this late, as you can tell.

  60. piqued Says:

    SH, serious question. How come you don’t have a Lincs accent?

  61. Nick T Says:

    Skype is amazing.

    It’s like Star Trek if you have a webcam.

  62. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    I’m on skype too!

  63. Swineshead Says:

    Piqued – It comes back to me when I talk to Lincs folk but neither of my parents are from Lincolnshire, so it’s not ingrained.

  64. Swineshead Says:

    Let’s all get into a Skype lather.

    I am SwinesheadWWM on there.

    Maybe my pseudonym thing is going a bit far….

  65. breeks Says:

    skype scares me – there is nowhere to hide.

    £50 was great, thanks, on a £6 investment.

  66. Nick T Says:

    I shall be interviewing SH next week for my podcast.
    But don’t tell anyone, its a big secret…..

  67. Nick T Says:

    Just turn you sexy webcam off breeks, or put a pic infront of the camera

  68. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    Windows messenger is fine for European calls, but skype really comes into it’s own for good quality calls out of Europe.

  69. breeks Says:

    get him to sing a manic’s song for you. he loves those.

  70. Swineshead Says:

    I was drunk that day, Breeks – and as I recall I was trying to prove a point that you all missed.

  71. piqued Says:

    Oh, okay SH

    (you haven’t asked me why I don’t have an LA accent cos I comes from LA in Las Angoles, in America)

  72. Nick T Says:

    I chat to my brother in Sydney, it’s magic!

  73. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    This is worth a protest too.

    What they should do is have a bar b q and all the leaders bring some produce from their country. Of course that would be too sensible!

  74. Nick T Says:

    That “goats cheese starter” will be a tart I bet. It’s the newest thing from Brake Bros for vegies and very unimaginative.

  75. breeks Says:


  76. Nick T Says:

    With your £50 you’re half way there!

    If you comment on my friends brand new blog you may make his day, unless you are nasty and then you will make him cry.


  77. Mel Says:

    I am back from meetings now, and you lot are discussing skype?

    What about the dicscussion about how the media are setting up the protesters for violence? I particularly like this shot (from BBC, but link nicked from the guardian live blog) http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/45623000/jpg/_45623824_rbs_window_pa_2.jpg

  78. Mel Says:

    PS Swines, the new site looks purdy.

    I just had a quick look

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