Just a Thought: Who Will Win The Apprentice?


Week 2

Hint: It's definitely NOT this one

Hint: It's definitely NOT this one

We’ve all seen episode two then, and there are already some interesting developments. Let’s take a look at how you lot were thinking last week so we can compare, contrast, ridicule and roll our collective eyes.

WWM firebrand’s immediate choice for the win, based on the fact that he disagrees with my assertion that he looks like Spender. Napoleon ignored all explanations as to why Phil was hopeless in week one and sticks with his tip. Mel ‘fears’ Phil will win – whether that’s a solid backing of the miserable sod is to be confirmed. Another supporter of Phillip is fourstar – usually a rational man but here showing that he’s veering over to the side of the weird.

Picked by Ugeine who admitted he picked a name out at random. Noorul was picked out by Nick for special criticism in the boardroom when he chillingly mentioned that he ‘made it his business to follow’ him. Scary words from the mole-eyed observer there – making for an ominous outlook for Ugeine’s pick. Nick of the T also picked Noorul for some reasoning based on The Number One Womens’ Detective Agency which I didn’t understand.

Both Lord Milky and the living liability myopiniononstuff (aka Dave) opted for Debra without really giving any reason for their selection. Debra did nothing this week, or at least was barely filmed, meaning that the Producers have dampened her early fireworks ready for a dry out and combustion later on in the series. ‘Debra’s a cow’ Clarry added, helpfully.

Sue De Nymh‘s suggestion was that Kate ‘the bellini’ Walsh has the golden ticket, even though all we’ve seen from her so far is wonky-mouthed flirting and idiocy.

Offensive Mango went for the fiery redhead with the crazy accent, simply ‘because her name is Paula Jones’. I’m not sure that’s how it works.

Your host Swines is going for voluptuous elf, Yasmina – because she’s mad bossy, snappy and has a sense of humour. Badger, Claire last year – it’s clearly time one of these strong-women types won.


Oh dear! Who backed Rocky – and must now be regretting it. Do we give her another chance? Is Who allowed to pick another contender or is she out of the game, going home in a black cab, getting her hair done for the Adrian Chiles show?

Doesn’t count!

Amusing as it may be, suggesting the management is neither big nor clever. Who was it that played silly buggers and said Alan, Nick or Margaret should win?

Breeks – that’s who. And even worse, Telemachus went for the bloke in the shopping centre who berated Howard in week one – an individual who will clearly be long-forgotten by about week four. Like Rocky and Anita will be forgotten. Business is business.


Who’s not been picked yet? And why?

  • Ben
  • Howard
  • James
  • Kimberly
  • Lorraine
  • Majid
  • Mona

Your thoughts please…

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40 Responses to “Just a Thought: Who Will Win The Apprentice?”

  1. vones Says:

    I’m going with Majid. He has a beard. I have a beard. Solidarity among beard – wearers. Also he hasn’t been too bad so far.

  2. Swineshead Says:

    You have very different beards. Bearded folk are very inclusive.

  3. Nick T Says:

    *makes Noorul banner*

  4. fourstar Says:

    I was also a Phillip apologist last week (does that make myself and Napoleon ‘Phillipinos’?) and I am sticking by it, right until he makes team leader and finds himself in the untenable position of having to complain to himself about himself whilst telling himself what to do.

  5. Nick T Says:

    What is wrong with Naps?
    Is it botty related?

  6. Swineshead Says:

    Sorry fourstar – you’re in there now. Your response was too subtle for my thick head.

    Nick – I’m sure he’ll tell you when he’s back. It’s not really my thing to talk about other people’s business (unless they’re shamed TV stars).

  7. Nick T Says:

    I’m listening to Larry Addler.

    It’s loovley

    *whistles The Continental*

  8. offensive_mango Says:

    Paula Jones! The key to Clinton’s impeachment!

    I once spent an evening drinking with Paula Jones (the original) in Little Rock. She was wearing a brown leather miniskirt, and she came over to our table because she noticed that my best friend and I were with two burly guys, and apparently some other guy in the bar was harassing her, so she wanted to say that our burly friends were her bodyguards.

    I mention the brown leather miniskirt only because she got a little drunk and I consequently saw her panties.

  9. Nick T Says:

    Rhapsody in Blue now, not Rapsody ha ha ha

  10. Excelsior! Says:

    I liked Phil in episode 2.
    Yeah he moaned alot, but to be fair to the man, he was moaning that the shit idea was shit. A comforting, solid geordy voice in a world gone mad.

    Blonde lady is my Most Likely To Do A Nuts Covershoot choice.

  11. breeks Says:

    the very act of choosing someone will mean i have to watch this shitted programme.



    i choose bbc. bbc to win.

  12. Nick T Says:

    You can do what I do breeks and skim watch it on the iPlayer.

  13. ugeine Says:

    Scrappy doo.

  14. Swineshead Says:

    Breeks – you’re a trouble-maker.

    Offensive Mango – I am clearly a thick.

  15. Excelsior! Says:

    I never watched Apprentice before WWM made me.

    *suspects Swineshead as being in the BBC’s pocket*

  16. Swineshead Says:

    You can do what I do breeks

    Eat omelettes and moan about fridges.

  17. breeks Says:

    sh – i am not. i am merely conversant with other options than those you presented.


    conversant. big word, that.

  18. Nick T Says:

    Just a thought, could Dr David Starkey be related to grumpy ex skiffle merchant Ringo Starr?

    *throws fridge at SH*

  19. Mel Says:

    To Clarify, I think Philip will win, as he strikes me as in a similar vein to Lee McQueen and that nob Simon. I say i fear, beacuse I think he will win, even though i am not sure yet who my favourite will be.

    I definitely do not want flatface Debra to win at all. I do know that already

  20. Swineshead Says:

    Simon was alright. I liked Simon.

  21. Mel Says:

    He wasn’t very eastside though eh? *remembers that awful trainers video*

  22. Who Says:

    I am gutted that I picked such a loser, so early on.

    I think they should mess with the format Big Brother style and sneak some old contestants into the new series. F’rinstance, I’d like to see that Badger up against Yasmina, arf, arf!

    *slopes off, very ashamed*

  23. piqued Says:

    Put me down for Siralluns, he always wins, always

  24. Nick T Says:

    I’ll go for that northern badger bint. Is she still in it?

  25. Nick T Says:

    Where’s everyone gone?

  26. ugeine Says:

    I’m here Nick.

    Want to make out?

  27. Nick T Says:

    Eastside or westside?

  28. ugeine Says:

    *clocks AK*


  29. badgermadge Says:

    I pick Maj.

    Purely because his name sounds like Madge.

  30. Do I Not Like That! Says:

    I will go with bottle blonde from the girls and from the boys I will also go with Majid.

  31. myopiniononstuff Says:


    Week 2 of my POPULAR look-a-like funtime for the two people who give a damn. I know who you are.

  32. Nick T Says:

    I quite fancy that beard thing…

  33. ruudboy Says:

    I’m going for Kimberly, on the basis that she hasn’t actually done anything yet, so they could be planning to feature her a bit more later on.

  34. Swineshead Says:

    Logged for next week, Ruud. Is that you, Mr Van Nistelroy?
    If so, I hate you.

  35. extremelisteningmode Says:

    Yasmina. Rarely amongst Apprentice contestants, she appears to have talent.

  36. scantregard Says:

    I’m going for Ben – he has so far cunningly disguised his complete lack of any ability by using mad metaphors – pouring shit from a boot if the instructions were on the heel, anyone? – and not being able to hide his wonder that a group of teenagers were hungry and would pay for any old crap – I do believe he actually refered to the youths as a cash cow.

    That coupled with his ill-fitted city-boy braces in episode one (and the fact that his status has almost certainly gone from “trainee stock broker” to “unemployed trainee stockbroker”) make him my pick.

  37. Lord Milky Says:

    To give a reason for my choice, I think Debra stands a good chance as I have the sneaking suspcion that she will “do a Claire Young” – get a bollocking early on and then slowly modify her behaviour to placate Sir Alan, whilst fluking a few good results for her team.

  38. The Functioning Alcoholic Says:

    So much for beardies http://functioningalcoholic.wordpress.com/2009/04/08/the-apprentice-2009-majid-nagra-youre-fired/

  39. Swineshead Says:

    Dangerously close to spam…

  40. Nick of the T Says:

    There’s a fair bit of spam on here already. MP3 download stuff

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