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Just a Thought: Death of Danielle

April 6, 2009

Finally, the soap storyline that seemed to have been limping along for several years  is finally over. Danielle finally popped her clogs last Thursday and that interminable mess of an Eastenders plotline drew its final breath after an almightly, squealing whimper – wafting from the squealing lips of Ronnie Mitchell.

Danielle arrived in the Square back in the 1930s, and since that day we, the viewership, have been left bewildered by the pointlessness of the writers’ insistence on drawing her story out for decades. We ground our teeth to splintered nubs through completely arbitrary occurrences, watched as Danielle’s character was put through the mill for no reason whatsoever and, ultimately, watched her die (in an eerily familiar death scenario) on Thursday with the story unfulfilled and women screaming in the street.

The BBC have received complaints – many of them asking for Danielle to return to the Square (as a zombie, one presumes) – so I’d like to add to the list of complainants with this post.

The heavy handed treatment of the paedophile plotline lasted about three weeks, whilst the tedious comings and goings of what would usually be a minor character dominated every episode, and I’m a little bit miffed.

Can we go back to tattoos on Adam Woodyatt’s arse and Minty trying to get it on with Josie Lawrence as soon as possible, please?

NewsGush: Delboy’s Dad

April 6, 2009

Having already tainted his copybook with The Green Green Grass, John Sullivan – writer of Only Fools and Horses – is now touting the possibility of a prequel to his finest work.

According to Digital Spy, Nicholas Lyndhurst will play a gangster in the show, which will detail the exploits of Del and Rodneys’ father, Freddy Robdal. All Lyndhurst and Sullivan need is the green light, then they’re off, apparently.

“Nick and I are both on board the train, if you like, waiting to arrive at the station.”

Other programmes that have inspired prequels include Casualty, Last of the Summer Wine and Eastenders.

They were all rubbish.

Maybe Sullivan should stop meddling with the past so we can enjoy the repeated image of Delboy, in the 80s, falling through the bar and Trigger making a face.

Because that’s what we like.