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NewsGush – Secret Millionaire’s Bad Apple

October 22, 2008

When I first saw thieving arsehole James Benamor on Secret Millionaire I did find it weird that Channel 4 were championing a cunt who ‘sells loans to those with bad credit ratings’.

‘But he’ll be giving money to the kinds of people he rips off in the first place’ I cried, as my better half kicked the TV in half with disgust.

And it turns out the truth is worse – and we can thank the BBC for smelling the rat and using it as the basis for an investigation into the shyster’s ways.

His companies, which include Tenant Loans and Advantage Loans, offer to arrange loans for people with a poor credit history.

Half-a-million customers have signed up in the past year and many of them pay a £50 brokerage fee.

But when the paperwork comes through, the clients don’t get the loans they were expecting. Instead, they are simply sent the phone numbers of other banks and lenders.

I’d laugh at Mr Benamor’s misfortune in being exposed if only so many folk hadn’t been buried deeply in the shit, partially because of his exploitative business practices. It beggars belief that people sit at their desk and work out the best way of rinsing some of the most desperate people around for everything they have for their own personal gain.

What a twat.

The Secret Millionaire was ripe for the axe anyway – let’s hope they pull it as soon as possible.