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Reality / Eastenders

May 1, 2007


Did you happen to catch Eastenders yesterday? Eh?

Bradley, the one who looks like a slapped arse, and that girl I can’t remember the name of had a conversation about science fiction. They even mentioned Return of the Jedi, and Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. You see what they did there? They made a cultural reference that was supposed to connect the show with the wider reality of the real world … ooooooo, clever Eastenders!

So, despite being a place where Skoe is the lager of choice, where non-existent magazines fill the shelves of the Mini-Mart, where everyone knows everyone else and make all their major announcements in the local pub, where everyone does their banking at the cash machine of a fake bank in Walford station, where all food is purchased at a corner shop, where no-one has a washing machine, where bottles of wine are purchased in the pub and not from an off-licence, where clothes for a night out are bought off market stalls, where everyone has money without ever seeming to do a job, where everyone reads The Walford Gazette but never The Times or The Sun, where General Elections are ignored, where major sporting events are celebrated without anyone watching any sport, where murderers run free in the streets and where having an affair can be conducted out in the open until the penny drops in the pub … despite all this shit and more we are supposed to see some connection with reality because one of the characters mentions Return of the Jedi?

The writers of the show couldn’t even get their dangerous new dabbling with the real world right for cryin’ out loud. Bradley asked the girl I can’t remember the name of who was her favourite – Luke or Han? She replied ‘Luke’ and Bradders just nodded. Eh? Anyone in the real world knows the answer to that question and it aint Luke Skywalker …  

… stupid bastards.