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The Friday Question: Quiz Easy

February 13, 2009

University Challenge

It’s a simple question this week.

We want to know which gameshow you watch regularly, in the certain knowledge that you could conquer the entire thing, round after ridiculously easy round.

Do you sit and score yourself whilst watching University Challenge, smug in the knowledge that you’d beat the hapless dons hands down?

Do you watch Mastermind and clench your fists when the participants miss a sitter?

Can you get EVERY Catchphrase, sitting half-drunk in your bedsit, watching Challenge TV on the cable connection you nicked from next door?

Which quiz show could you easily conquer?

The Friday Question: Catchphrase

October 3, 2008

When Badger Madge mentioned Nick Cotton’s upcoming return to the Square and the fact that he will inevitably crow ‘alright ma’ just before the drum solo – she unwittingly inspired this week’s Friday Question.

Catchphrases are burnt into the fabric of the tellybox. From quiz shows to sitcoms to soap operas – characters and presenters need a hook. Some are invented for the purpose, some come about organically… but all lodge themselve in the consciousness like a tapeworm on a sphincter in spasm.

What’re the best catchphrases?
Or the ones that make your extremities shrivel in horrible agony…

I don’t believe it!


You don’t get nothin’ for a pair, not in this game…

(It’s good, but it’s not right)