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NewsGush: Ramsay’s Cookalong Dead

November 25, 2008

Poor old Gordon Ramsay’s PR people. And a twinge of sympathy, if you will, for old scrotum-face.

First his indiscretions are made public by the gutter press and then his ratings come in quite some way below expectations. It’s not often that Gordon gets two doses of bad publicity in a week, and it feels like the world’s started turning in another direction all of a sudden.

Are people sick of his barking, bullying, self-righteous schtick? Have his vainglorious, tedious televisual displays of self-love finally rubbed his public up the wrong way?

Have the people, after all this time, finally realised he’s a complete and utter arsehole?

Not sure if you’ve seen Cookalong Live, but it’s a fine example of a presenter being prised into a format they really, really can’t handle. For a reference point, think Davina on her eponymous chatshow as she made millions change channels, as they realised there was less to her than they’d originally thought.

Ramsay is forced to be nice to people whilst working within a very limited timeframe and he can’t handle it. I watched the first episodes and found myself feigning a posh, Glasgow-inflected accent, shouting ‘Ey! Big boys! Where’re your balls?!’ as he fluffed link after link and hopped up and down on the spot in pure panic so much that my household now bursts out laughing every time we see him. ‘Hippity Hop’ we call him. Cookalong is a hop off more than it’s a cooking show.

From 11.3% of the viewership to 6.3% is quite a shocking drop over the course of three weeks, but if  you’re hoping we’ve seen the back of him, you’ll be disappointed as he, Oliver and Fearnley-Whittingstall return to our screens again sooner than you may have expected with another series of patronising lectures and book advertisements in the coming months.

Hooray! Yes?



The Friday Question – Chat Splat

November 7, 2008

Unexpected amusement there, in the shape of Dizzee Rascal being interviewed by an entertained but slightly bewildered Paxman on Newsnight this week. Certainly a better performance from Dizzee than the one on that godawful single he did with Calvin Harris.

One for their archive, to sit alongside Napoleon… sorry, Mark E Smith‘s confusing turn with Gavin Esler just after John Peel passed away.

It’s always fun when someone unexpected turns up and starts acting all crazy and twisted on a chat or news show. And it’s even more fun when someone expected turns up and behaves badly. The Word was always good for live music and an interviewing shambles (if it was good for anything) and in their golden period of idiotic interviews, their head to head with the Godfather of public appearances, Mr. Ollie Reed stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Though Rod Hull‘s was pretty good, considering that (and I think I’ve got the dates right) Snoop was on a murder charge at the time.

So – what about you?

What are your favourite, archived TV interviews?

NewsGush: Wonder on Ross

September 11, 2008

Well, looks like Jonathan ‘Get-Someone-Else-In’ Ross’s booking department have stepped up a gear. Musical genius Stevie Wonder will be his guest this week.

But, at the end of this quote, it says Jonathan Ross will join Wonder and play drums on a tune with him…

Can Ross even play the drums? Is this a joke?

In a rare TV interview Stevie Wonder expresses his support for US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“I’m saying what we need is change in America, we must become a united people. America needs Barack Obama, it’s that simple,” he says.

“When people talk about colour it makes me laugh. I see a spirit in his heart. I believe him and trust that his heart is seeing truth and that’s why I’ll be voting for him, no question. We have to grow up as a world. You have to understand that you can’t have change if you have fear.”

Stevie Wonder also talks about never being able to see: “Some doctors are working on a chip that enables a blind person to see. For me, I’m not eligible but there are thousands of people who are [eligible] and I want to make sure they get the chance.”

And Jonathan joins Stevie on drums in a medley of his greatest hits performed live in the studio.


Anyhow – no doubt Ross will manage to bring up his usual themes up throughout the interview – his toilet habits, penis size and having gay feelings for his male interviewees. Ho hum.

Can’t Frank Skinner take over?