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Who Has Eaten Gilbert’s Grape?

January 24, 2007

Big girl out of Gilbert's Grape

This was one of those DVDs that come free with a newspaper – I can’t remember which one. Anyway, it dropped out of the paper and landed on my floor. ‘Have you seen this?’ my good lady asks me.‘I haven’t’, I reply. ‘Any good?’‘It’s not bad at all’.And so, one Saturday evening after a few drinks, we settled down to watch it.

From the title, which, lest we forget, is ‘Who Has Eaten Gilbert’s Grape?’, one would assume that this was some kind of mystery thriller. It’s an open ended question. I expected some kind of murder-mystery scenario based around the premise that someone had stolen Johnny Depp’s fruit snack. I hoped this mystery would be resolved. It wasn’t, at least, not explicitly. This film calls for an intelligent and questioning viewer.

After one hour and forty five minutes of watching an obese lady hugging a mentally deficient and snotty Leonardo DiCaprio I was growing annoyed. When would the grape appear? And why on Earth was Depp canoodling with Mary Steenburgen? Why was this Hollywood superstar hanging around with an insane family of oddballs? And who had removed Leo’s brain?

Finally, towards the closing moments, the loose ends began to tie up.

The obese woman who broke the floorboards, it would seem (though we never graphically saw evidence) ate the grape. I think Johnny Depp must have poisoned it, as she died as a result. He then set fire to her and they all celebrated by going somewhere nicer.

Worth watching if you are a fan of twisty turny grape-theft films that leave you utterly bewildered.