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NewsGush: Her Majesty vs Blue Peter

September 24, 2008

The good ship Blue Peter continues to sail on the perilous seas of the 21st century, despite being¬†the the very definition of ‘anachronism’. Obviously, I haven’t tuned in since the days of Caron Keating (God rest her soul), Yvette Fielding and some bloke called John Leslie… so I’ve no idea if it’s been updated to fit with the times…

Are they still petting dogs on the sofa and making village train stations out of cardboard boxes?

Anyway – the big news is that her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second has invited Peter and his presenters round to her gaff for a cup of tea.

There may even be biscuits.

During the event Her Majesty will recognise four very special Blue Peter viewers, who will be given the surprise of their life when presenters Helen, Joel and Andy turn up at their doorstep and invite them to take tea with The Queen.

They will be presented with a special Jubilee edition of the programme’s highest award, the Gold Blue Peter Badge.

Invited to the tea will be the current presenters Andy Akinwolere, Helen Skelton and Joel Defries, key production staff and a selection of the longest-serving presenters from each of the show’s five decades.

I wonder if Leslie will be invited along? Or Richard ‘rock n’ roll’¬† Bacon?

Still – you can’t argue with tea at Buckingham Palace. An absolute honour. I hope I get the same treatment when I turn 50. The lucky bastards.