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Just a Thought – The End of an Era

September 16, 2008

It happened yesterday while those of us old enough to have been around when the first episode aired were at work. Or signing on.

The last episode of Grange Hill went out yesterday and good ol’ Tucker Jenkins (played by Mark Fowler in a Todd Carty disguise) returned to see it off.

For me, this stirred memories of Sunday mornings when BBC2 would repeat the old school episodes… That youngster drowning in the pool. The teacher with the big beard punching the other teacher (without a beard). Some lads hoping to keep a ‘school horse’. Danny Kendall being bullied by a scarily realistic Adolf Bronson. Gonch. Zig. Trev. Benny. Alan.

Goodbye to the rolling hills of the grange. WWM salutes you.

The Friday Question: TV’s Best Villain

June 27, 2008

Nick Cotton

Nasty Nick Cotton (R.I.P) from Eastenders was an ‘orrible piece of work. A racist bully who tried to poison his own Mum.

If you’re a sci fi fan then there’s always that twat Davros, rolling about in his demi-dalek wheelchair. What about that berk who tried to kill Gail off of Coronation Street? I hear he was a bit of a cad. I never watch it so I wouldn’t know.

Then there was Broadbent as Delboy’s nemesis in Only Fools in sitcom-land… Nasty Nick Bateman from Big Brother in reality TV world (though he wasn’t actually very nasty at all – just as thick as two short planks)… Gripper Stebson on kid’s TV…

Any more?

Who was television’s best villain?