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The Friday Question – Killer Combos

March 20, 2009

Friday Question - Killer Combos, image by BP Perry

After carefully examining the available evidence, your Honour, WWM has concluded the Armstrong / Miller / Mitchell / Webb cross-contamination incident which occurred on last week’s mainly mirthless Comic Relief was surprisingly good. Indeed, the pairing was such a roaring success (well … it was in the context of the rest of the pig shit on offer that night anyway), it’s got us wondering what other television super groups we’d like to see grace our screens.

Would the epic teaming of Loadsofmoney, Kevin’s Teenager, Stavrakebabros and Wayno and Waynola Scum in the same sketch produce comedy gold? Or would it go down about as well as setting light to your own farts would at a family funeral?

Would Paxman and Humphries bating the same politician at the same time be the greatest political interrogation tag team the earth has ever seen? Or would they end up bickering amongst themselves, leaving their quarry to slink back to Westminster unharmed?

And just how much of a disaster would Jim Davidson & Ben Elton’s Big Break actually be?

So, come on, WWMers! Let’s have your ideal television mash-ups! Who do YOU think should team up to produce television magnificence, and who do you reckon would go together about as well as a shit and pickle sandwich?

Over to you …

NewsGush: Paxman vs Sugar

March 18, 2009


In a fight to the death – who would your money be on?

I’d back Paxman – he’s got the height, the steely gaze and the mental dexterity to bring the bearded Sugar to his little knees.

What’s more, this isn’t just some fantasy I’ve baked up to distract you from your work – this is the real deal! Paxman and Sugar have seen the sorts of showdown rappers have in the pages of hip hop magazines and in their cleverly constructed rhymes, and they’ve decided, despite their advancing years, to have a slice of the diss pie.

According to Digital Spy, Paxman started this battle when talking to the Radio Times.

Paxman reportedly said that the show was full of “know-alls” with “nothing to say”.

Sugar saw the opportunity to hit back.

Sir Alan said: “That’s the pot talking to the kettle, isn’t it? I mean, he’s the most unpleasant person going.

“I’d like to get into a debate, without him having a day to think up questions to make people seem awkward. I’d like to see how clever he is then.”

He added: “Jeremy Paxman has never interviewed me. I’ve never met him. But I’d like to be thrown in a room with him to debate something someone throws at us rather than him having a crib sheet hiding under the table.

“In my opinion that is cheating, honestly.”

That’s fighting talk, Mister!

I mean, ‘Sir’.

Sorry Sir Alan.

The Friday Question – Chat Splat

November 7, 2008

Unexpected amusement there, in the shape of Dizzee Rascal being interviewed by an entertained but slightly bewildered Paxman on Newsnight this week. Certainly a better performance from Dizzee than the one on that godawful single he did with Calvin Harris.

One for their archive, to sit alongside Napoleon… sorry, Mark E Smith‘s confusing turn with Gavin Esler just after John Peel passed away.

It’s always fun when someone unexpected turns up and starts acting all crazy and twisted on a chat or news show. And it’s even more fun when someone expected turns up and behaves badly. The Word was always good for live music and an interviewing shambles (if it was good for anything) and in their golden period of idiotic interviews, their head to head with the Godfather of public appearances, Mr. Ollie Reed stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Though Rod Hull‘s was pretty good, considering that (and I think I’ve got the dates right) Snoop was on a murder charge at the time.

So – what about you?

What are your favourite, archived TV interviews?