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NewsGush: Richard not Judy

March 10, 2009

Though we all knew the day would come, it still comes as a shock to learn that Richard and Judy – TV’s very own Mum ‘n’ Dad – will most likely go their separate ways after their apparently unwatchable series on channel ‘Watch’ finishes.

This is not the end of the affair romantically, you understand. It’s strictly a professional parting. Richard wants to go and present more series about hurricanes, twisters and shoplifting, whilst Judy has her own projects to concentrate on (drinking, mainly).

Speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Madeley said: “We both feel we have done pretty much all we can do as a partnership, but I think probably we both feel the need to diversify.

“It has been over 20 years doing the same kind of thing and there are tantalising possibilities in terms of solo projects or one-off projects together.”

Their latest venture, Richard & Judy’s New Position, is reportedly facing the axe after viewing figures fell to just 8,000.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Richard and Judy and was sad to see that their rash judgement in moving to an unknown cable channel backfired.

But 8,000?

What have they done to make it sink that low? Are they hosting urine-drinking competitions? Is their new content just footage of the inside of dustbins? Do they trample pensioners over the opening credits?

Has anyone actually seen it?