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The Friday Question: Breakfast TV

October 10, 2008

Morning all! Bright and early on Friday the tenth of October, 2008! It’s a beautiful day out there so rise and shine and let’s talk breakfast TV!

It’s a difficult balance for a breakfast TV presenter. On the one hand, they have to be chirpy and cheerful, otherwise they’ll give the audience the worst possible start to the day. The last thing anyone wants to see first thing in the morning is a presenter who’s as hungover as you and looks like they’d rather be in bed.

On the other hand, if they’re too frenetic and colourful, they risk annoying the hell out of your watching eyes. So next time you switch on BBC Breakfast or GMTV, spare a thought for the poor sods as they negotiate this highwire tripwire…  

BBC Breakfast and GMTV appear to be all we have these days. Gone are the days of RI:SE (with news presented by the incredible Zora Suleman) and some might say ‘thank God for that’ – Edith Bowman was a bit much to handle first thing, after all.

After a lengthy run by anyone’s standards, The Big Breakfast died a long time ago leaving a chasm in its wake which, ever since, hasn’t been filled.

Do you miss the days of Denise and Johnny? What cartoons did you used to enjoy first thing? Do you remember Chris Evans’ bubble bursting? Was he having big sex with Gabby Roslin? If you saw Eamon Holmes in the street, would you kick his legs off? I would.

Can you give us your thoughts on Breakfast TV?

The Friday Question: Best TV Balls Up

September 19, 2008

It’s brilliant when stuff goes wrong on TV. Whether it’s a live broadcast that wasn’t planned to perfection – as above – or just a flawed concept that never should have seen the light of day, TV history is riddled with horrendous production mistakes.

For me, the current Eastenders paedophile sitcom debacle is the most interesting televisual mess we’ve got available – providing shake-your-head moments every time the ill-judged script gets rolled out by actors who deserve better.

Through the ages, unplanned material can be pulled from the archive and now stored forever on Youtube as a reminder to our childrens’ grandchildren that we were rubbish at making television.

So what’s your favourite TV balls up? 

Is it on Youtube?