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The Friday Question: Host With the Most?

November 21, 2008

maggie philbin

‘Good morning! And welcome to this week’s Friday Question – brought to you today from the arsehole of the internet!’

That’s how a qualified TV presenter might open proceedings if this was a television programme – but it’s not! It’s a blog which is hidden in an unread corner of the interwebs.

Today’s question provides an open forum for discussion of TV presenters of the past and the present. The ones who give you that warm glow every time you see them.

Perhaps you fancied Maggie Philbin all those years ago and looked forward to Tomorrow’s World on that basis?

Maybe you saw John Craven as a slightly stern but kindly Uncle?

Perhaps Brian Cant reminds you of your alcoholic Dad?

Of course, the door’s always open for discussion of the opposite end of the scale.

Maybe Steve Jones makes you want to peel your own eyes off with a teaspoon so that your retinas won’t be burned by the vision of his big wooden head ever again?

 Maybe Alexa Chung’s vacant, sterile, ‘indie’ faux-kookiness makes you want to heave?

Who’s your favourite / least favourite presenter?

The Friday Question: Where are they now?

August 22, 2008

Some regular television faces fall from grace spectacularly – such as psychosexual risk-taking John Leslie. We all know why he’s no longer on the box. Frank Bough (lovable breakfast sex-slave that he was) also found the TV work was slipping away all those years ago when his gimp mask was uncovered, whilst the likes of Theakston and Deayton somehow survived getting caught with their cocks out.

But what about those we drew into our hearts only to have them disappear, never to return? Napoleon tells me he misses John Stapleton and his hideous wife, Lynne Folds-Wood. Personally I miss Maggie Philbin who, depressed at the loss of the brilliant Keith Chegwin to alcoholic shamanism, vanished in a puff of obscurity all those years ago.

Who do you miss then? Who do you find yourself asking of the heavens:

Where are they now?