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Response: Heinz Advertisement Withdrawal

June 24, 2008

Though we here at WWM are not noted for taking a stand on current affairs, may we just say that the decision by Heinz to withdraw its commercial for New York Deli Mayonnaise after receiving two hundred complaints is, to put it politely, A GREAT BIG BAG OF SHIT.

Not withstanding the fact that the advert – which depicts a mother magically transformed into a New York deli chef thanks to her marvellous mayonnaise – has nothing to do with ‘promoting a gay lifestyle’, just what, WHAT(???), the fuck do Heinz think they’re playing at withdrawing it even if it did?

I thought we’d got past listening to the lunatic rumblings of a bunch of squirming, middle-class buffoons who find the idea of homosexuality uncomfortable? Apparently not, if their idiot, knee-jerk reaction to a handful of gripes written by prejudiced fools is anything to go by.

Shame on you, Heinz. Shame on you for withdrawing an advert that didn’t actually ‘promote a gay lifestyle’, but should now stand as a symbol for the shit homosexual people still have to deal with from an ignorant bunch of tosspots stuck in the fucking Dark Ages.