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NewsGush – Grade/Commons Comment on Cussing

November 13, 2008

According to the BBC, Michael Grade and a handful of politicians are getting themselves in a bit of a tizzy regarding all the bloody swearing on the bastard TV. Frankly, they think it’s a fucking disgrace.

It seems the focus of their ire is Channel 4’s Jamie Oliver who, it has to be said, did swear a hell of a lot on his last outing – Jamie’s Ministry of Bollocks Food.

Channel 4’s Head of Programming, Julian Bellamy, said the following:

“When you watch these shows it’s very clear that the fruity language he uses is a real response to the shock and anger at what he sees [and] his passion and determination to change things.

“People know what to expect from Channel 4 and we have a duty to push boundaries.”

I’m not sure being sweary pushes any boundaries, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If you spend any time on crowded public transport, on a busy street or even at the pub you’re going to hear a hell of a lot of rude words – so why pretend in TV-land that everyone’s awfully polite and well-mannered?

 And do politicians have nothing better to do than react publically to the indiscretions and naughty words of public figures? The lazy bastards.