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NewsGush – R.I.P. Reg Varney

November 17, 2008

reg varney

I hated you, Butler.

Poor old Reg has sadly passed on to the great double decker in the sky. The world has lost a fantastic comedic talent and the first man to use a cash machine in the British Isles, according to someone on here.


The Friday Question: Catchphrase

October 3, 2008

When Badger Madge mentioned Nick Cotton’s upcoming return to the Square and the fact that he will inevitably crow ‘alright ma’ just before the drum solo – she unwittingly inspired this week’s Friday Question.

Catchphrases are burnt into the fabric of the tellybox. From quiz shows to sitcoms to soap operas – characters and presenters need a hook. Some are invented for the purpose, some come about organically… but all lodge themselve in the consciousness like a tapeworm on a sphincter in spasm.

What’re the best catchphrases?
Or the ones that make your extremities shrivel in horrible agony…

I don’t believe it!


You don’t get nothin’ for a pair, not in this game…

(It’s good, but it’s not right)

The Friday Question: Trivial TV Star Information

July 18, 2008

One from Napoleon, sent to me last week:

With the welcome news that not only is Reg Varney alive, but he was also 92 last Friday (Happy Birthday, Reg), WWM wants to know what trivial facts YOU know about our most beloved TV stars.

Why do we ask? Because Reg wasn’t only the man behind the wheels of a London bus in the 60s, he was also the first man to use the first cash machine in these here British Isles.

So, what useless information on televisual superstars, past and present, do you have hidden away in that noggin of yours?

Well? COME ON!

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