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NewsGush: Delboy’s Dad

April 6, 2009

Having already tainted his copybook with The Green Green Grass, John Sullivan – writer of Only Fools and Horses – is now touting the possibility of a prequel to his finest work.

According to Digital Spy, Nicholas Lyndhurst will play a gangster in the show, which will detail the exploits of Del and Rodneys’ father, Freddy Robdal. All Lyndhurst and Sullivan need is the green light, then they’re off, apparently.

“Nick and I are both on board the train, if you like, waiting to arrive at the station.”

Other programmes that have inspired prequels include Casualty, Last of the Summer Wine and Eastenders.

They were all rubbish.

Maybe Sullivan should stop meddling with the past so we can enjoy the repeated image of Delboy, in the 80s, falling through the bar and Trigger making a face.

Because that’s what we like.

The Friday Question: TV’s Best Villain

June 27, 2008

Nick Cotton

Nasty Nick Cotton¬†(R.I.P)¬†from Eastenders was an ‘orrible piece of work. A racist bully who tried to poison his own Mum.

If you’re a sci fi fan then there’s always that twat Davros, rolling about in his demi-dalek wheelchair. What about that berk who tried to kill Gail off of Coronation Street? I hear he was a bit of a cad. I never watch it so I wouldn’t know.

Then there was Broadbent as Delboy’s nemesis in Only Fools in sitcom-land… Nasty Nick Bateman from Big Brother in reality TV world (though he wasn’t actually very nasty at all – just as thick as two short planks)… Gripper Stebson on kid’s TV…

Any more?

Who was television’s best villain?