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NewsGush – X Factor: Viewers Dig at Gig Rig

November 11, 2008

Have you seen that performance, in the video above? It’s breathtaking.

Now – was The X Factor fixed on Saturday night?

What were the final two even doing at the bottom of the pile?

Should Ruth Lorenzo have gone instead of Laura White?

Was it harsh and unfair that the T&A of the Spanish power-ballad mistress were deemed preferable to the silly voice of the Yorkshire lass?

No! It wasn’t!

Now get on with your lives!

I’ve met one of the blokes who works behind the scenes in the operations department of The X Factor, and he assured me that it’s all above board. Laura White was a girl with a decent voice who ruined her chances by affecting a sub-Winehouse croon that didn’t suit her in the slightest.

The simple fact is that the British public are easily swayed and love novelty. Whether it’s Daniel crooning Don’t Leave Me This Way in the most nauseating manner possible, as above, or that dullard Diana twisting her claws about and yodelling like an idiot banshee, they’ll keep in the freaks so they can have a laugh and boost the confidence of the underdog before returning them to obscurity.

So why do people get up in arms about this sort of shit?
Why do politicians mention this rubbish in parliament? 
Why does this make the front pages of entertainment websites?

Some answers:

  • Because they’re idiots.
  • In this instance, for a laugh.
  • It’s a slow news day.

Decency Prevails At The BBC

October 31, 2008

In light of the recent crisis at the BBC, Watch With Mothers takes a look at next week’s revised Friday night line-up now the corporation’s scheduling policies have been handed over to the Downeysett-On-The-Wold Over 65’s Women’s Flower-Arranging Guild …

7:00 – The One Show : New presenters Alan Titchmarsh and Rosemary Clooney interview The Last of the Summer Wine’s Frank Thornton about his collection of Royal Doulton character jugs. Also, in a light-hearted segment, religious correspondent Aled Jones calls for the public beheading of all those that would deny Christ.

7:30 – The Last of the Summer Wine: After reading in the Daily Mail about a young radio presenter’s ill-judged prank phone call that occurred four years ago, an outraged Clegg fires off a strongly-worded letter of complaint to the Director General of the BBC. Later, he and his fellow villagers burn an effigy of the young radio presenter, whooping and hollering around it like excited chimpanzees.

8:00 – Antiques Roadshow: Fiona Bruce – properly attired in a burkha – introduces another episode of the popular antiques and collectibles show, this week coming from the grounds of Hogarth House in Leicestershire. Excitement reaches fever-pitch when a 17th century wooden spoon turns out to be a 19th century reproduction! With subtitles.

9:00 – New Casualty: Shifting location away from the bloodshed on offer at Holby City hospital, we follow the exploits of God-fearing Christian medic Dr. Ballard Ballard. It’s a difficult time for Ballard, as he juggles family life with an ever-increasing workload of minor ailments at his delightful Peak District family health practice. WARNING: Contains scenes of sneezing that some viewers may find distressing.

10:00 – Have I Got Some Good News For You For Once: Guest presenter Pam Rhodes tries to keep a lid on the antics of regular team captains Daniel O’Donnell and Ben Fogle … with hilarious results! With special guests Sally Magnusson and Jonathan Edwards.

10:30 – Room 102: Comedy discussion show in which presenter Kate Humble and guest Dr. Rowan Williams extract some of the items unfairly tossed into the now defunct Room 101. This week, Dr. Williams rescues Public Information Films from the Orwellian pit of damnation created by evil former BBC presenter Paul Merton.

11:00: – Question Time: New chairperson Gloria Hunniford keeps order as panellists debate the hot political issues of the last seven days. This week, guests discuss whether there is too much swearing on television, the utter depravity of on-screen nudity, and how young people need to get their hair cut and learn some respect for their elders.

12:00 – The Queen: Her Majesty says goodnight to the nation.

12:10 – The National Anthem: All rise for the BBC Concert Orchestra’s stirring rendition of Britain’s most beloved tune.

12:20 – Close: Pages from the Book of Revelation.