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Songs From The Shows!

March 6, 2009

Just to round the week off, regular reader and useless lump, Nick of the T’s had a pop at singing a few theme songs with the title of the song cleverly inserted, as we suggested the other day.

Using only a bedroom recording studio and his own idiocy, Nick’s recorded us:


Bless This House:

And Sunday afternoon favourite and ridiculously overlong in this version, The Antiques Roadshow:

Much obliged Nick.

Readers: Stand by for more Songs From The Shows from Napoleon and Swineshead next week.

Have a good weekend.

Songs From The Shows – The Soaps

March 4, 2009

Ever noticed how theme tunes are constructed so that you, the viewer, can sing along at home?

We have.

That’s why we bring you the first outing in a pointless series called Songs From The Shows, in which Napoleon and myself aim to illustrate how to join in when your favourite theme songs kick in.

First up – The Soaps. Here’s Coronation Street:

Can you see how it scans and marries into a thing of beauty?

Let’s have a listen to Eastenders:

Amazing, ain’t it?

Any requests?