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NewsGush – X Factor: Viewers Dig at Gig Rig

November 11, 2008

Have you seen that performance, in the video above? It’s breathtaking.

Now – was The X Factor fixed on Saturday night?

What were the final two even doing at the bottom of the pile?

Should Ruth Lorenzo have gone instead of Laura White?

Was it harsh and unfair that the T&A of the Spanish power-ballad mistress were deemed preferable to the silly voice of the Yorkshire lass?

No! It wasn’t!

Now get on with your lives!

I’ve met one of the blokes who works behind the scenes in the operations department of The X Factor, and he assured me that it’s all above board. Laura White was a girl with a decent voice who ruined her chances by affecting a sub-Winehouse croon that didn’t suit her in the slightest.

The simple fact is that the British public are easily swayed and love novelty. Whether it’s Daniel crooning Don’t Leave Me This Way in the most nauseating manner possible, as above, or that dullard Diana twisting her claws about and yodelling like an idiot banshee, they’ll keep in the freaks so they can have a laugh and boost the confidence of the underdog before returning them to obscurity.

So why do people get up in arms about this sort of shit?
Why do politicians mention this rubbish in parliament? 
Why does this make the front pages of entertainment websites?

Some answers:

  • Because they’re idiots.
  • In this instance, for a laugh.
  • It’s a slow news day.