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The Friday Question: Opening Music…

January 30, 2009


A show’s theme tune often defines it. Eastenders wouldn’t be what it is without that striking piece of synth magic, latterly recorded as ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ by Anita Dobson, because it scanned. Similarly, Coronation Street relies on the moaning horns it opens with, instilling warmth in the pensioners and students who watch it. Emmerdale probably also has a theme tune, but I can’t be sure as I never watch it. Because it’s rubbish.

Sitcoms also have had some crackers. I’m thinking of Dexy’s singing ‘Because of You’ at the start of the generally awful Brush Strokes, or the wailing jazz mess that sees Bottom in.

Then you’ve got drama – Minder with Dennis Waterman singing the feem toon, B-B-Bread, that intensely unfunny bittersweet scouse comedy-soap, with the lyrics everybody inexplicably remembers.

In my startlingly attractive eyes, the best ever theme tune featured on Dear John, the barely remembered sitcom in which a divorcee struggled to find love among a cast of stereotypes.

What about you? Does the rousing, clattering orchestra of Black Beauty get you going? Maybe it’s the ominous computer purr of the Crimewatch jingle that sets you off? Or you might be the type who gets off on the hard-rocking music that accompanies the snooker…

What’s the best TV theme music?