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One Minute Review: Activia

January 11, 2008


 Ooooooooh – Danone…

Nell McNell McAndrew, who as far as I can recall is famous for absolutely nothing apart from being inanimate and having a face that refuses to shift from an expression of gormlessness, wanders around a bright white set punctuated by a lot of green things – green fridge, bowl of green apples, green sofa etc… and tells us we can sort out our ‘bloated feeling’ by consuming Activia.

Next time this advert’s on TV, notice how much of the screen is taken up by green stuff. Everything’s bloody green. When it finishes, your eyes take half an hour adjusting. Norris from Coronation Street appears with his face in a lime green hue. Phil and Fern have got olive-tinted jowls. Saturday Cooks is submerged in an ocean of chartreuse.

It’s all too green. Too, too green.