Super-Skinny Me: The Race To Size Zero



Chubbiness seems to be a big issue at the moment. Louise out of Eternal was on TV a few weeks back, along with with her idiot husband, to talk about going to size zero as an experiment. I’m no expert on womens’ clothes sizes so this confused me. I know a size 16 is quite big and I’d hazard a guess that models can fit a size 8 or 10 at a push, so surely a zero is about as thin as a bamboo cane? What’s the point in that? I never got to the truth because I was drunk and the whole thing washed over me.
As I see it, clothes sizes don’t mean anything to me. As far as I know, we chaps couldn’t give two hoots about the size of a ladies jeans, so long as she carries herself with a bit of style, or failing that, a bit of sauce. There are lovely ladies with massive behinds, and equally there are beanpoles who are effortlessly ace. Men are far more accepting of different shapes and sizes than ladies are led to believe, in my experience. Unless they are FHM or Loaded-reading men, in which case, why would a lady care what they think?

From what I could gather, the likes of Lionel Richie’s offspring are size double zero. Have you seen the state of her? Why is she a benchmark for slimmers? Surely she’s a brittle-boned warning?

Sunday night saw Superskinny Me: The Race To Size Double Zero transmitted on Channel 4, so a chance for me to catch up on what the devil all this nonsense is about. Two female journalists, Kate Spicer and Louise Burke, underwent strict dieting and workout regimes in order to see just how tough it would be to achieve this size zero look.

As they underwent the experiments themselves rather than interviewing genuine anorexics and bulimics, I found their methods somewhat cheap. Supersize Me (which this was clearly based on – have a look at that title) was an amusing documentary in that it used the daily munching of McDonalds not as its focus, but as an alarmingly funny way of holding viewer-interest whilst Spurlock gave us the lowdown on the crap McD’s put into their food and the the way they pump cash out of consumers. The food regime element was just a spine running throughout, to give us a bit of puke-action among the stats. As was his ridiculous moustache.

Superskinny Me missed this point and neglected to give us any factual information whatsoever, apart from a handful of moments in a Doctors surgery where the two journos were scolded by the medics, which was a direct copy of Spurlock’s formula. We learned a little about the methods used to acheive weightloss – too many colonics, no food, lots of water based ‘meals’ – but we didn’t learn who was responsible for making this tripe seem like a valid and healthy way to lose weight. There were no culprits to blame for inflicting this culture of starvation on its prey. No doctors, dieticians, Hollywood agents, models, bogus nutritionists… and it was all the more annoying for that lack of knowledge.

What we ended up with, after this paucity of information, was two priviledged, Chelsea based journalists moaning about how hungry they were. Burke was bubbly but slightly dim. If you ‘eat’ only water for a day you’re likely to go thin, so stop moaning about and lazing in bed complaining of a dicky tummy. As for Spicer, she was an ex-boarding school annoyance, relentlessly pursuing her story and having a great time flashing cleavage and skinny legs throughout.

I’m not sure exactly what they were trying to achieve. They tried diets and detoxes which were clearly going to make them ill, and they acted like martyrs when the sickness struck. It was hard to elicit any sympathy whatsoever, especially when they actually seemed to be enjoying the weight loss. Upon finally squeezing into a size double zero pair of jeans, Louise was clearly delighted. It became suspiciously clear that the ladies were beginning to enjoy their weight loss and new look. The aim was possibly to prove that weight-loss is addictive, but to me this stank more of two journalists who wanted a decent story abusing themselves to try and get it – and happy accident – they lose some weight into the bargain.

This is surely a deeply stupid way to try and make a point, not least because teenage girls without the Sloane Square apartment and network of shrinks on hand are clearly going to absorb these methods of self-sabotage and run with them. Brilliant. Well done ladies, you’ve just made the situation worse. I wonder how much you got paid?

The only real way to end the show would’ve been watching the two drip-fed girls in their hospital beds, actually perishing from starvation, rather than having a paid-for holiday in the dark side of diet. An enforced food-tube direct to the gut might be a bit more trying than a morning without solid food, so stop whingeing, you bloody idiots.

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54 Responses to “Super-Skinny Me: The Race To Size Zero”

  1. proudfoot Says:

    That picture is freaking me out. Is it a horse!?

    i didn’t see the programme, but what was that Louise doing on it? She was never fat anyway. Geeky looking, but never fat.

    TV’s weight obsession thing is starting to really annoy me now.

  2. Swineshead Says:

    Not fat, no, but she wasn’t size zero, which it seems (if I’ve got me facts straight) is about as fat as my little finger.

  3. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    Phwooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrr … skin ‘n’ fucking bones

  4. Dave Medlo Says:

    As soon as this ended my two female housemates, who had been braying with laughter throughout, immediately went and bought a take-away pizza lest they end up as mentally and physically retarded as the two subjects of this documentary.

    While there were references to the Ritchie girl and the attention that magazines like Heat give to the admirably irrelevant stick figures that populate their pages, the ad breaks were still filled with numerous messages that dictated beauty, youth and, yes, skinny models to the largely femal demographic audience. If the journalists and filmmakers wanted to understand the compulsion that some women feel to be skinny, then they should have looked a little closer at their own involvement and less at the fringe celebrity influence of the daughter of a crap singer.

  5. nikki Says:

    I’ve always wanted to be gorgeous. And I am!!
    So, Its odd. Everyones obssessed with changing themselves to be thinner. But everyone is gorgeous in their own regular sized body!!!

  6. Antoinette Says:

    I am in the army and I am a size zero with a six pack. I have always been in very good shape and I have a 34B chest with an ass. I am slim but I am fit and I obtained this not from a fad diet but by running alot, and I do mean alot and along with other forms of pt I do and by eating nothing but healthy foods so all these fat ass size 12 bitches who are apparently overweight or obese who just sit on their ass and do not exercise don’t hate and for your information if you want to know if someones weight is healthy you go by BMI. I am in my BMI range not well below it like Nicole Richtie, for example. You need to check your BMI fat ass. I bet you are overweight or obese. The range for a healthy BMI is 19.5 to 24.4. Do you fit that? I very seriously bet that you do not.

  7. Swineshead Says:

    Antoinette – you’re in the army so it’s not surprising you’re in shape. Size zero you may be, but you are also a potty-mouth, and that is not becoming of a lady, you skeletal sod.

  8. Sam Says:

    Yeah i agree antoinette you are a twat and your opinion is worthy of nothing! i’m a size twelve thank you very much and obese i’m not!! So get your facts sorted ya before you open that gobby pie hole ya minger!!

  9. claire Says:


  10. piqued Says:

    I think all your sparring ladies should settle your differences by having a tit-off at my flat

  11. sam Says:

    So piqued are you one of these bloeks that like your women super super thin!! or even gobby tom boys like Antoinette!!

  12. piqued Says:

    I don’t like blokey women Sam, I like women to be slim to ‘average’ but ‘super super thin’ isn’t my bag

    Basically, I love women, especially ones with big cocks

  13. emily Says:

    to antoinette: thanks for that. Im a size 12 and i never saw myself as fat. so you can take your “fat ass” comment and stick it up your skinny-below-average-BMI arse.(because honey, unless your about 2 foot-you aint got a normal BMI! Whether you run alot or not)

    also, the average model is abpout size 6/8. Not 10/12.

  14. piqued Says:

    When you typed ‘because honey, unless your about 2 foot-you aint got a normal BMI’ were you pointing and shaking your head, girlfriend

  15. Sally Says:

    why doesn’t everyone just worry about themselves and leave others alone?
    If models want to be anorexic fucking let them and go eat some pies or something!!!!

  16. piqued Says:

    Sally, if models want to be anorexic the last thing they’ll be doing is eating ‘pies or something’

    Your language is disgraceful by the way, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  17. emelie gallagher Says:

    I’m a size zero and I still wanna drop a couple of pounds. It’s sick when I hear it and unhealthy I know, but when I look in the mirror I still see fat on my arms, legs and especially my face. I cant help it, when I’m going to eat something, it feels like my face is going to be fatter. My friends tell me that I’m way too skinny and I believe them. But when I’m gonna eat something I just think about the fat and all I’ve been doing is worth nothing. I am 15 years old and 5″6. Around 96.8 pounds. It’s so much harder to start eating now than you think. When people nagging about my weight I just feel even worse and sometimes I eat food like a madman , but then I just end up by the toilet and/or eat nothing at all the day after. Better if you just show that you care, or dont care and stop complain. 🙂

  18. piqued Says:


    You are still developing and are putting yourself in in danger.

    First off, you could be effecting your fertility, not to mention damage you’re doing to your heart and kidneys. Check the website below and get some help.

    Do remember that most blokes like a bird with a bit of fat on them!

  19. emelie gallagher Says:

    Thanks. But getting help is just another problem,. my mum forced me once to get some help, and the help is to get forced to eat. I ended up like a fat cow.

    The only thing that worries me is what you just said about the damage to my heart. I wanna loose more pounds, but still gain. Hard to explain. I’m just worried to get a heartattack if I continue. 🙂 I dont wanna lose my size zero, I know you guys thinks its ridiculous and all that, but I find it attractive and beautiful and why should it be a such a bad thing? 🙂 bye babes

  20. piqued Says:

    Proper help isn’t a question of being ‘forced to eat’. Do some research. As mentioned, it’s not just your heart that it at risk

  21. Napoleon the penis-faced General Says:

    I wonder if they have anorexia in Africa?

  22. michaila Says:

    i’m 5’6.5″ and i weight about 126 pounds. dyou think im fat? because i FEEL like a right ole lardarse

  23. Tanja Says:

    hey…I really think that a woman can be very beautiful but she is still ugly if she doesn’t have brains …then her beauty doesn’t mean anything:)

  24. kat >^-^ Says:

    haha whats that picture it looks like a cow to me or a horse lol its scary but yer Antoinette size 12 isnt fat your just big headed because u think because your a size zero everyone any sizes above that is a fat freak of nature and michaila no i dont think you are at all but does it matter its just something your put with that can be changed any time you want but dont feel bad theres always someone bigger and smaller unless you are the biggest or smallest person in the world then your stuck lol XD

  25. piqued Says:


  26. Lynda Says:

    that pic is sooo disgustingg…..

  27. piqued Says:

    ooooooh, yez it is. It poos as well. Poo Lynda, you prat

  28. Ctine Says:

    I hate how ignorant everyone is about anorexia, ednos (eating disorders), and having a basic healthy body image.

    Here’s what I have to say:

    It irks me to see so much negativity, particularly among women towards the body size of their co-workers, friends, family, celebutantes, models, et. al. and particularly themselves. People who waste their energy being nasty towards others about body size most likely have an underlying self-esteem issue directed to their own body image or personality.

    When it comes to actual anorexia and other forms of ednos, not to mention, BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder), these women are also struggling with a skewed body perception. Certainly the media comes into play as an additional feed to these disorders, but let’s face it, we live in a consumerist society.

    We are shown over a thousand images a day through advertisements and billboards, even without picking up the tabloids, or turning on the television. When it comes to these women, and sometimes, albeit, rarely, men, I am disappointed how much this disorder is glamorized. However, to get to my point ednos is much more complex for the individual, and it goes psychologically far beyond being “simply thin”.

    I don’t calorie count, crash diet, have absurd eating habits, or exercise excessively. However, I am a vegetarian of three years. And yes, I do consume enough protein daily for my body porportions.

    The reasons for my choice to cut meat are numerous. I’m not going to go into an entire spiel about my vegetarianism, but with the ongoing cruelty that everyone so blantantly closes their eyes to that occurs in the meatpacking industry absolutely breaks my heart. I feel that if the food I eat has been abused and tampered with in such an inhumane way, I can’t even begin to imagine having it sacrificed for the sake of a steak on my plate, just “because it tastes good”.

    Now, I am allegedly “underweight” according to my BMI. That being said, the BMI is atrociously outdated for these times, and thus, is completely useless.

    It’s mainly your height that should depend on your weight, and although, the vast majority of America, in general is obese, fact is, some women are just predisposed to having “the curse of curves”, according to our society, or even obesity due to genetics. Some of us are tall, thin, and waif-like, while some of us our petite and tiny. Some of us have more athletic builds, with flat chests, and some of us have voluptuous hourglass figures. Our bodies are all unique and differently shaped, and we should accept that.

    I’m not advocating everyone to just sit on there ass every evening in front of the television to eat fatty/badly portioned/fried/or packaged microwaved meals full of preservatives. But It is your responsibility to eat what is best for you, drink 8 glasses of water a day, get exercise a few times a week, and get plenty of rest.

  29. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    And I’m sure the millions of animals killed every year as a direct result of crop harvesting, pest control, and deforestation to feed your self-indulgent and ill-informed vegetarianism were only too happy to sacrifice their lives so you could pretend you’re somehow better than the average carnivore. Stick your sanctimonious moralising up your fucking arse and eat a burger – it’s less cruel.

  30. Jessica Rabbit Says:

    Why can’t we just love women for the size they are MEANT to be. I’m a size 0, my sis is a size 8 and my Mum is a size 10. We are all equally beautiful. Does size really matter? Well.. except for some body parts…

  31. Sam Says:

    Maybe the website with the same name as the tv program might help. It isn’t extreme like the documentary, but rather informative and not nearly as scary as it’s name suggets!

  32. saj Says:

    pies yuuuuuuuuuuuuum, I eat pies and cakes and so on yet im a size zero in calvin kliens not the true messure. The prob is my doc says im about as healthy as a 400lb women because i eat junk and wiiiiiish i could get some more meat on my bones (reeeaaaly i eat alot) so if a 12 comes with curves and can have babies then lets trade

  33. S Says:

    I think the confusion comes with crossing US dress sizes and UK dress sizes over. A size ‘zero’ is a UK size 4. So the “size 12 fat asses” that Antoinette talks about are more like size 16 -18 in UK sizes.

    Most models are a size 4/6 maybe 8. And ’emily’ it is possible to be a size zero and be within your normal bmi. I could be that skinny (if I tried :P) and still be within ‘normal range.

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  35. C Says:

    Here’s the thing about girls and women trying to become super skinny: many of them choose these unhealthy diets and products because they feel that they are the only way to achieve their dreams of being like the women in the adverts they see every day. It’s not that they don’t know that they are being unhealthy, no one has to tell them that, but rather the methods used in the documentary are all methods that teenagers and women have used fairly frequently. I can’t say how it is in the UK these days but as for America, we’re a country obsessed with youth and thinness. While men may drool over the women with curves at the oscars, in movies, mags, or tv women look at the extremely skinny women, many of whom have eating disorders, and want to be like them. What many forget is that even those women in ads don’t look like that. If we all walked around airbrushed like the women in print then we would all look like supermodels. After watching many of my friends be unhealthy in order to get super thing I have learned one thing: it is not truly what the ads show us that determines our self-image but our relationship to how the adverts make us feel about ourselves. The sexiest thing in the world is being comfortable in your own skin. If you’re overly worried about looking like a woman who, for all intents and purposes, was drawn perfect you will never achieve what you want. If you work on your own self esteem and can one day look in the mirror and think, “Hey, I’m actually pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/whatever” then the way you carry yourself and the way you handle yourself will allow others to see both your inner and outer strength and beauty. That’s my goal and is really what I hope for my students and sisters so that their true beauty can shine through, because I know it’s there even if they don’t.

  36. Super Botox Me « Watch With Mothers Says:

    […] Super Skinny Me, this is irresponsible programming in the extreme. I can’t, for the life of me, see how this […]

  37. dogmeright Says:

    stay juicy letter letter key red student keyboard ugly joke keyboard joke see

  38. gojhonstone Says:

    no sea tom glass boy yahoo google

  39. alice Says:

    Hi im 16 and a uk size 0, im 6ft 9in and have a modeling career. im not super super thin but i am skinny. the only problem is that my stupid agent and boss thinks i need to lose a few pounds which makes me upset because now my mum is sayinng to ditch the job. i love working as a model and making lots of money so i can provide for my family. but i am the sort of person to be forsed into loseing weight. modeling has even opend new doors for me, at my collage boys are more attracted to me, i have way more freinds and when i go shopping i can pick any outfit without trying it on and it always fits. the only reson i got so skinny is because when i was 14 i starved me self, and constently exersied. you would think i was dead by now. so any help on my dessision

  40. brandon k Says:


    i think you should carry on being a model because its what you love to do. by the way im 17 and from the uk. can i have your number???
    i think we would make a perfect match because im also a model under pressure.

  41. sam g Says:


    can i have your number im 18 and if your a model you must be well fit. sexy girl.

  42. ali Says:

    can you boys just fuck off i hate it when men presume they can just have your number. we are wemon and you can not treat us like a brand new flashy car that you brought for a bargain because we aint interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. alice Says:

    can you boys just fuck off i hate it when men presume they can just have your number. we are wemon and you can not treat us like a brand new flashy car that you brought for a bargain because we aint interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. serah Says:

    hi im a uk size 16 and still a modlee im 15 and am also under pressure
    i dont see you fuckin boys falling over me you wankas. for all you care i could be as pretty as the next girl. but all you boys wants to do is get your small cocks up girls pussies!!!!

  45. kal Says:

    alice please fuck me you sex godess

  46. mike g Says:

    alice are you

    clever like as in book smart and can you cook?

  47. alice Says:

    yes i got only As and Bs in my gcse and i can cook just about everythig.
    and i speak spanish very well. try and translate this –
    i odio a los hombres desesperados.

  48. mike g Says:

    you are the ideal women every man wants. i live in london, im 17 and am filled with packs please post up your number…

  49. serah Says:

    im very pretty why cant you boys ask for my number

  50. mike g Says:

    stop being jelouse of what you dont have it dosent look good on girls

  51. mr yemen Says:

    hi everyone

    my name is chris yemen. im 21 and a science teacher in training. i hate my job because it is very boring. the only thing that makes my job really intresting is a 16 year old girl in my class called chloe. she is the prettiest girl in the world. she has an amazing body and i cant stop looking at her. the only problem is that she is still in high school but also i dont think she likes me at all. all the other girls are falling over me because i am the hot new teacher in the school. once she asked me to help her in a topic so i said yes. the next day shae invited me over to her house for privet tutorin. i walked in and couldent speak she was wearing a low cut top and a mini skirt.

    we sat on the sofa and started to reading from a text book. it felt really wierd and i could notice a tension between us. five minutes later she kissed me on my lips i was stuned and said. chloe i cant kiss you your my student. as i walked out of the house i felt a tear run down my cheek.

    chloe didnt come to school for two weeks. when she finaly did i saw her with bones stiking out of her and i could see her ribcage. i felt so miserable for her and i hated myself for putting her in this state. a docter called chloe to have a quick chat outside of the classroom. the docter wanted to see me too.
    she finaly comfirmed to me that she was anorexic. the more she blanks me the more i want her…. help i love her.

    i will even quite my job for this girl she is speciel

  52. layla Says:

    omg is this mr yemen from st harries high school. who teaches year 11.
    dont tell me your the one who did this to chloe you fuckin dick. i hate you. how dare you do this to my best freind!!!!!!!!!!

    she wont talk to me and she wont eat anything… FIX IT

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