Big Brother 8, 21.6.07


Money guzzlers 

Shameful though it is, I’m really enjoying BB this year. So many little, niggling interpersonal relationships have been born out of the staggered entrances, which was something of a masterstroke by the cynical producers. Thanks to the late entries we have Ziggy engulfed in total paranoia and Billi reverting to infantilism over Z’s relationship with Chanelle. We also have the charmless Jonathan lusting over control-freak Nicky, Tracey stuck entirely on the sidelines (similar to the way Pete was on the periphery at this stage last year), Liam, Brian and  the twins being amiably dull and Carol going slowly more insane. Charley is going from strength to strength in terms of her self-destruction. I’m thoroughly enjoying watching her. Car crashes have never been so glamorous.

If I’ve left anyone out, it’s because they’re either dull or likeable.

So last night we were given one of BB’s little twists. Usually a complete disappointment – think of Stuart’s surprise eviction or Eugene winning half the money – this time round BB, I think, may have got it right.

In the event, the plot twist was as follows. A hundred grand, the supposed prize money, was to be given away. The three nominated contestants would choose among themselves who to give the cash to, and then BB would not tell them what was actually happening at the end of the series. In actual fact, there’s still £100,000 to be handed to the victor, but the contestants won’t know that.

Ideally, and I’m really hoping this is the case, the housemates will believe the only remaining benefit of staying inside will be the ‘journey’. Some will fake their way to the end believing in this pseudo-spiritual voyage, ulitmately losing the plot and revealing themselves to be fame-hungry maniacs, while others will show their true colours very early on and just fuck off.

Others, ie the twins, won’t understand what’s going on and stand stock-still and dribble for a fortnight. As for Seany, he’ll hopefully implode in on himself in a cloud of dusty irrelevance.

They gave the cash to Liam, by the way – the tree surgeon with the personality of a tree. Presumably they felt sorry for him.

The Ziggy / Chanelle ‘love’ thing that’s going on is actually quite fascinating. Last night we had a classic moment of male / female interaction. Ziggy, hoping to reveal a little vulnerability and have his paranoia washed away with some kind words, was speaking to Chanelle as they lay in their bed.

‘What if things don’t work out for us? They might not’ he said. The response any man might require from this little insecure outburst would be as follows:

‘Of course they’ll work out. I really like you’.

Not too difficult to grit your teeth and say that, eh ladies?

Obviously, being female, Chanelle had to seize the upper hand, thus prolonging the argument whilst victoriously spinning her beau’s world into utter confusion.

‘I don’t know why the hell you’d even ask me that?’ she exclaimed, before exiting the bed in labia clutching panties to go and muck about with the other housemates, leaving Ziggy in horrible limbo as she flirted with professional empty-head, Billi.

Chicks eh?

*prepares for claims of sexism*

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11 Responses to “Big Brother 8, 21.6.07”

  1. Badger Madge Says:

    ot happy with the 10K thing. Firstly it totally negates the end choice – the audience select the winner to recieve the money, so the fact that someone already has some money means our selection won’t matter. And what if the audience wanted Liam to win? Now there’s no way he can ebcause viewers will think, “well, he already has 10K” which is really not fair. For me, it totally zaps any kind of trust the makers have with its audience. If they can just give someone 10K half way thru the series, then what’s the point in us naming the eventual winner?

    Also, I don’t think their dastardly plan will work anyway, as most of the housemates have been quite honest about their reasons for going in – for most of them the money ain’t it. In fact, housemates will earn more outside of the house than winning it, so most of them (Charley especially I think) will just shrug and carry on trying to get famous.

    As for Ziggy and Channelle, my fave moment last night was Channelle’s “Do you think we make a good couple?” to Gerry. So many levels…

  2. Swineshead Says:

    Look at the pic BM! It’s 100k, not 10…

    I think it’s great. A no-mark like Liam would’ve won anyway – this will hopefully rock the boat a bit and make them completely confused.

  3. Proudfoot Says:

    I much prefer reading about BB to watching it. It’s like a welcome shortcut through a cultural desert of utter bullshit.

    I’m still clinging on to my desperate hope that there might be an unnoticed gas leak in the house which will lead to an almighty explosion of blood, guts, bricks and mortar. Hopefully before anyone else gets evicted.

    I don’t think you should worry about any claims of sexism, Swineshead.
    In my humble opinion, simply picking up on certain nuances in behavioural patterns between the genders alone is not sexist. It’s natural.

  4. Badger Madge Says:

    Ooops, I meant 100K. It’s just meaningless though really. Whoever wins will win more than 100K in the end anyway, but I’m just miffed that they’ve (again) negated the whole ‘we vote the winner’ malarky.

    No, It’s not sexist to note that we occassionally go a bit mental. But I don’t think Ziggy wanted reassurance. I think he’s been trying for days to work out how to get out of the Chiggy situation and was trying to let her down gently.

    I’m all for her to go off with Billy – at least he’s honest about his intentions and it’ll be hilarious to see Channel get her comeuppance.

    Oh, and is anyone else fed up with Carol’s crying? She’s a right little manipulater – there I was thinking she’s a nice old lady (with odd politcal beliefs) but turns out, she’s an evil, coniving old bint.

  5. Roszszssszzzzzzzzzz Says:

    I don’t think it will make that much difference – you’re guaranteed that sort of cash if you finish in the top 5 anyway. SO THERES.

  6. Swineshead Says:

    Listen to you lot.


    I wonder why I bother.

    *shotgun to head*


  7. Joe C Says:

    Apparently Zippy and Channel had full-blown HOTSEX in the house.

    I red it in the Daley Starr.

  8. Roszs Says:

    And, according to the Big Brother forum (someone TOLD me, alright?), he’s dumped her now.

  9. Proudfoot Says:

    Who really cares what they do?

    There are too many gossiping voyeurs in this cunt-tree.

    I’m off to buy an axe.

  10. Napoleon Cockaparte Says:

    I take it the administrator of this site got pissed last night? I assume this is the reason no further posts have appeared? A disgrace!

  11. Swineshead Says:

    I duly apologise.

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